Our Stories of Anne

Name: Hannah
Email: dramachick4444@hotmail.com
Age: 14
I was introdused to Anne a year ago. I loved the movies so much I got my Dad to get them for me fo Christmas! I own all the movies, I'm in five Anne clubs, I as pretty much obbsessed. My family all think I'm crazy but I can't help loveing Anne! I live in Texas and it is do hard to find a kindred spirit. If you know what I mean... So if there are any kindred spirits that can relate, e-mail me! (07/10/2002)

Name: Helle Laigaard
Email: sunshi@ofir.dk
Age: 18
first I will be writing in danish...
Mit første møde var da jeg ca gik i 5 kl. og jeg sad i en ferie og kede mig så jeg tænte for tvét og der var hun denne undelig pige som synes at være en virklig dejlig person... efter det fik jeg blod på tanden og begyndte at undersøge hvordan jeg kunne få fat på denne serie, dette kunne ikke lykkes da jeg boer i danmark og de ikke er her mere, men jeg fandt dem på det lokale bibliotek og der har jeg lånt dem tidt siden intel jeg optog den da den kom igen,....

Venskaber tro jeg er blevet stærker efter jeg har set denne serie og min verden er aldrig den samme, da jeg tænker og drømmer mere om verden ligesom anne... for jeg tror der er en lille Anne i os alle og det er derfor vi så godt kan lide serien.... (07/07/2002)

I first met Anne when I was in the fifth grade. I was on vacation and I was bored, so I [tænte for tvét] and there was this nice girl who seemed to be a truly wonderful person. That whet my appetite and I began to search for the series. I wasn't lucky enough to find it where I lived in Denmark, but I found it at a local library, and I have borrowed them often.

My friends think I have become a stronger person since seeing the series, and my world is never the same when I think and dream of world like Anne does. For I believe that there's a little Anne in all of us and that's why we like her so much.

Name: Jean
I first met Anne when i was a baby,so i don't remember our first meeting. I have been known to relate just about any kind of thing that happens to people in real life to Anne I have watchted her and Gil and Diana and all those great people a lot and still do. For some reason or another they bring me comfort. I feel like they are my close personal friends and maybe that is why this movie have stuck with me. I think that is why people love this movie and want to watch it again and again because not only do you re-vistit your friends, you see the most amazing love story that ever could be. I will cherish Anne and all her friends forever. (06/16/2002)

Name: Audreanne
Email: www.anneofgreengablesgirl92@yahoo.com
Age: 10
When I was about eight years old my mother started reading Anne of Green Gables. I really loved the book! when I got into fifth grade, I had read the first three books of Anne. I had just moved to a new school and had no new friends there when the day came you could bring in your favorite movie and I brought in Anne. The whole class fell in love with it! Because of Anne every girl in the class came up and bragged about Anne to me! I now have tons of friends because of Anne! By the way, my nickname at school is Anne Shirley and I tell everyone to spell it with an e and then I give Anne's speach! (06/01/2002)

Name: Brittany
Email: anne_of_pei@hotmail.com
Age: 13
The Anne story is indescribable. I love her and all the characters. Its just to good to be true. (05/02/2002)

Name: Kim
Age: 13
I have watched the Anne movies over and over again since I was 3. They are such wondeful heartwarming stories. And Gilbert is such a ideal husband. The movies are perfect and I have learned alot of lessons from them. The stories will forever be in my heart. (04/29/2002)

Name: Doralyn Goodwin
Email: doralyngoodwin@hotmail.com
Age: 21
"You know I pride myself in speaking my mind...." I was first introduced to the movies when I was 11 years old. I have watched those moview more than any other movie. Quotations from those moview come up all the time in our house, especially, "ANNE! Anne Shirley, you get in here this instant!" and, "Twenty lbs of brown sugar," and "EAT!!," and "Would you please call me Cordiellia?" and "That girl's next to a perfect heathen." My bosom friends (You "Anne Girl(s)" and I love the Anne movies and they have been a big part in our lives. Last summer a couple of my girlfriens from England, and I learned almost half of, "The Lady Of Shallot." It's not only Anne that is so swell, Rachel Lynde, Marilla, Matthew, Dianna, Gil and Kathryn Brooke are also amongst my favourites. If it weren't for Anne, my life would be a "perfect graveyard of buried hopes." (04/29/2002)

Name: Hillary
Email: hillton1000@aol.com
Age: 14
Hey, I am sooo disapointed that there will not be a 4th movie, so I am writing one myself. At least I can fantasize. It really isn't very good but it is fun. Would anyone want me to send it to them when I'm finished? E-mail me with the subject fake anne script. Don't expect too mush (04/23/2002)

Name: Vincent
Email: themagicalsinger@hotmail.com
Age: 15
Anne Of Green Gables have been a long ride and now I going to get the whole series of all the book I have just finished anne Of Green Gables and I'm doing it as a book report. (04/17/2002)

Name: Jilly
Age: 3
I love Anne of Green Gables. She's inspired me in everything I do. As you can tell I am very gifted, I have already learned to use a computer by age 3. This is a monumental feat, at least in my eyes. I read my first Anne book at age 2 months. I had only been reading for 3 days, so it was quite a challenge. Nonetheless I finished it, and it changed my life forever. Ever since that day, every single thought and decision I have made I have always asked myself "What would Anne do?" and it gets me through the day. Thanks for such wonderful books, I hope they keep coming! (04/16/2002)

Name: Gloria
Email: harvey_14@hotmail.com
Age: 19
The first time that I read the Anne books, my life changed. I destinctly remember the part in Anne of the Island in which Anne finds out Gilbert was dying...I was so moved by this part that I was bawling! But i couldn't put the book down, so through my tears I read along as Anne spent the night in turmoile...as i did since I really thought Gilbert was going to die...I was in 6th grade at the time! But luckily he didn't...or I don't think I would of ever stopped crying! Never had a book before that or since then touch me like that. It really is everything a book(s) should be. And the movies are just as good...and watching the movies after reading the books, I can honestly say that the movies really made the books come to life...something so rarely done. (04/10/2002)

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