Our Stories of Anne

Name: Heather
Email: horsebob80@hotmail.com
Age: 14
I have the hole series of books.Of Anne but i have only 1 movie of Anne wich is Anne of green gables.Wich i love.I am now trying to get the rest of the series. For a good price.And the movie i have of Anne i coped from Tv and the end of the movie is not there so I don't no what it ends as. (04/08/2002)

Name: Anne V
Email: Candybox02@aol.com
Age: 14
When i saw anne of green gables for the first time i thought it was the best movie i had ever seen! and it told me that to want a guy to like you u just have to be yourself. (03/25/2002)

Name: Andre'a Celeste Lazaro
Email: vestalrose@yahoo.com
Age: 45
I suppose I'm a little old to be reading the Anne of Green Gables books, nevertheless she has touched a cord deep in my spirit. She makes me laugh, she makes me cry, she transports me to a time & place where life was beautiful & simple & caring & chaste. Now I always keep my eyes & heart open for a kindred spirit, & suddenly life as become so.....romantic & thrilling! Often when I find I'm in a perplexing situation, I ask myself, "What would Anne do?" I even keep a list of Anne virtues such as: Do ones duty. Study hard. Influence others for good. Strive to do your best. Have ambitions. Be aware of the beauty around you. Be optimistic. I love Anne Shirley. When I get to the place called Tommorrow of which Little Elizabeth often spoke, I am convinced I shall see Anne Shirley & Gilbert & Matthew & Marilla & Rebecca Dew & Dusty Miller & Paul Irving & Lavender Lewis & Little Elizabeth & fairy queens & elfs & other creatures in a place with scope for the imagination. (03/16/2002)

Name: Rachel
Email: rachelnay@yahoo.com
Age: 17
When I first saw the Anne movies I loved them. I mean LOVED them! Fromthen on I was quoting Anne and Diana, getting the soundtrack and videos, the doll, and planning a trip to PEI! They are my absolute favourite videos. I feel like a kindred spirit to Anne. I have read all the L.M Montgomeryy books I can get my hands on. Since watching the videos I have found to best friends who love the videos as well. We are kindred spirits. I can't seem really to put into words how I REALLY feel about the videos and books. It is kind of spoken heart to heart by Anne fans, dontcha think. Needless to say I didn't like the 3rd video one bit, since I liked the 1st 2. I was so dissappointed. You can read what I thought of them on the other forum. Also Anne helped me get into poetry more. i am a poet, and it helped to open up my outlook. I am now a reader of Tennyson. He is my favourite!! Thanks ANNE! (02/23/2002)

Name: Bettina
Email: huggable_babe91@hotmail.com
Age: 14
I became fond of Anne since 12 years of age, but at first, when I got the video for my 9th birthday I just really hated it, and I didn't bother watching it because the name "Anne of green Gables" really annoyed me, lol. But then I saw the movie on pbs, and I loved it! I was really surprised when I realized the name of the movie was anne of green gables. And that's when I realized that I had the movie. I would watch it over and over, and I still never get tired of it. After that, I watched the sequel, I think that it was really romantic at the end when Anne finally accepted Gilbert's proposal. Soon after, I read all the Anne books, they were really good. But then, I saw the third movie, which had nothing to do with the original story whatsoever. I really wish that they just followed the original criteria, when Anne would lose her first born child, but later have those 6 children. I hope that if there is a fourth anne movie, they would go back to the original story and stick with that. But I will always love Anne of Green Gables. If I never discovered it on television, I probably would still hate it! (01/31/2002)

Name: Sara
Email: RedAngel023655@yahoo.com
Age: 19
I met Anne when I was about 13. My mother died when I was about 3 and I never really got the chance of knowing my father very well. At the age of 11 I was sent to go and live with my grandmother. Which like Marilla didn't really have the touch with children. For Christmas when I was 13 my aunt gave me the Anne of Green Gables videos. She said that Anne reminded her of me, partly because of my red hair and also because I was living with a old woman who hadn't had children in her home in over 20 years. Well I watched Anne and I immediately fell in love with her. The very next day I went to the library and found the Anne of Green Gables book series. I read every one of them. It was then that I began to enjoy reading. I had finally found books that I could relate with. Well now my grandmother has passed away. The day that she died I felt the same way that Anne did when Matthew died. Now I am in college and I get through by knowing that "Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it." Whenever I feel like the world is caving in on me or when I need inspiration I just plug in the Anne of Green Gables movie or start reading the series and I get the feeling that I can accomplish anything. I have a Diana and a Gilbert in my life like Anne did. And like Anne and Gilbert we have quarreled and are trying to work things out. I am so greatful that Megan Follows did Anne of Green Gables. She brought Anne to life and I couldn't imagine anyone else playing the part of Anne Shirley. Thank you Dawn for doing such an excellent job on this website and for giving all of us kindred spirits a place to share our feeling and a place to enjoy the wonderful place to go when we are in "the depths of dispare." Sara (01/27/2002)

Name: Sarah
Age: 26
Gosh...I first saw the movie Anne of Green Gables when I was about 10 or 11 years of age. After seeing the Anne movie, I fell in love with it. This is my all time favorite movie...even to this day. Just the bond between the characters, the simple life style, Anne's thoughts, Gilbert, Kindred Spirits...etc. My girlfriend and I adore this movie...we consider ourselves Kindred Spirits and can relate well to the kinship between Anne and Diana. I hope someday I'll find my "Gil" just the way Anne found hers. (01/24/2002)

Name: Leslie
Email: Kanslayer@wanadoo.fr
Age: 22
I saw anne for the first time in 1997 and i was greatly affected, I love this story an i will never forget cause it's change my life. But i live in France and it's not very famous here so i can't speak about this with my friend so if anybody want to mail me i'll be very happy. Sorry for the mistakes but i don't speak english very well. Bye A bientôt ! (01/20/2002)

Name: Louise
Email: louise@sparkle492.fsnet.co.uk
Age: 29
I first discovered Anne when I was about 11. My Grandmother always told me how wonderful the books were and I eventually started to read them and immediately loved everything about the stories. Then the Kevin Sullivan films came along, and they just brought everything to life so exactly, that I used to watch them over and over. I still read the books about once a year and watch the films every so often. I wasn't so happy with the 3rd film, but I suppose even a bad Anne film is better than none at all. I just wish they had stuck with the original storyline which is wonderful as it is. (01/19/2002)

Name: Melanie
Email: mjm.smith@btinternet.com
Age: 22
I remember watching Anne with my grandmother when I was a little girl, and I even went to a fancy dress day at my school when I was about 7 dressed as Anne - although I don;t think anyone else had a clue who I was supposed to be!!

All throughout my life I have always turned to both the books and the videos whenever I feel down or as if the world is against me, and they have always made me feel that nothing is as bad as it seems. I even made the best friend I have through the fact that we both grew up watching the films.

Many thanks to Lucy Maud and those who have since immortalised Anne - she really has played a huge part in my life and I hope when I have children that they will love her as much as I do. (01/15/2002)

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