Our Stories of Anne

Name: Izabel
Email: ifigueroa@fdbl.com
Age: 24
I really cant explain the type of impact all the Anne series had done for me. I guess when i feel really down, i can pop in the movies and totally lose my self in there world. SOmetimes I wish life could be so easy like it is in the Anne movies. :-) (01/07/2002)

Name: mindy
Email: mindyotis@hotmail.com
Age: 14
first of all, i got to know anne when i was about 11 years old. At first i didnt like it but, soon after i just had to watch it every day. I remember coming home from school and watching it the full 2 hours or so, every day!! Anne had a huge impact in my life, because of anne of gg, I had something to look forward to, i had an interest that was always there. Anne to me seemed as real to me as anyone. I had a case of depresion that year i got to know anne. she helped me with dealing of it, i had no friends at all and during recess i would go to the library and check out an anne book and read it outside or i would pretend that anne was a real person and we played. i started smiling again. And soon next year thats all i talked about, Anne. i have yet to get my friends to like anne. they all love Harry potter and thats all they talk about, i dont mind because thats there interest. but they wont let me have anything to do with her, we are putting on a play we made ourselves and we each had to pick our favorite character they wont let me pick anne. if any of you know how i can perswade them to just watch or read anne of green gables, please let me know!!! (12/30/2001)

Name: Kristin
Email: nikkic_1998@yahoo.com
Age: 27
I fell in love with Anne of Green Gables back in 1986.I was only 12 years old. At that time it was being shown as a mini-series here in the U.S. on PBS. I missed the first episode and began watching the second episode, when Diana gets drunk on 'Rasberry Cordial' and the girls can never be friends again. I finished watching the last 2 episodes then waited so I could see the 1st episode. Anne reminded me so much of what I wanted to be. I was a very imaginative child and would be caught daydreaming constantly. I was so excited when they came out with the sequel. I enjoyed it too, but the first movie is still my favorite. I read the original Anne of Green Gable book and enjoyed it. I haven't gotten the chance to read the others but I may go to the library and check them out now. For Christmas, my husband bought me Anne 3(the continuing story). I had not seen it and I must admit it was a departure from the original movies. I enjoyed the movie but I believe the first Anne of Green Gables will always be my favorite. To all the Anne lovers out there. Keep on dreaming and you will find your 'Gil' and your bosom friend. (12/29/2001)

Name: Meghan
Email: theprescotts@sympatico.ca
Age: 23
Well as a young girl I fell in love with Anne of Green Gables. I saw the movies first, and felt that I identified with Anne so much that if I had met her we certainly would have been kindred spirits. I so empathise with Anne, and the book series is my absolute favourite. I still cry over the movies and the books, and I laugh outloud when I'm reading the books.

My husband proposed to me at Green Gables located in Toronto, Ont. (They shot most of the outside footage there) We had our honeymoon in PEI and stayed part of the time at the White Sands Hotel. That was a dream come true. So, I have my "Gil," and of course my bosom friend will always remain so even though we live thousands of miles apart. Anne is so special because every girl who is of the race of Joseph can identify with her. The essence and spirit of Anne is something that this crazy world we live in lacks, and it's nice to be able to go back in time and "retreat" from this present world. If you ever go to PEI be sure to visit L.M. Montgomery's home where she wrote the first book. The property is an inspiration, and the place is owned and run by her grans niece and nephew. God Bless, and thanks for this site! (12/07/2001)

Name: Lise
Email: lise_bisgaard@hotmail.com
Age: 15
The Anne-books are my favorite books. She's my heroine and if I do a mistake I often think: What would Anne has done in a situation like this? I live in Denmark, and our Danishteachers love when we bescribe the things which surrounds us - the Anne-books have helped me to find words to describe the wonderful world we live in. Anne is the greatest girl in the whole world! (12/01/2001)

Name: Emily Mcandrew
Email: keystone@qtm.net
Age: 12
Anne is my heroine, I first read the Anne books when I 10. But the full impact of how much Anne really means to me didn't hit me until this year. I have read LOTS of books over the years but none has satisfied me as much as Anne. As Anne would say it gives me a "queer ache" to read the books or see the movies. Unlike many characters in books, Anne is imperfect.She makes mistakes like any real person. I believe that this is why so many people come to love Anne with all their heart. (11/21/2001)

Name: Leanna
Email: lmmd@email.byu.edu
Age: 19
I fell in love with Anne when I was a little girl. My cousin and I had rented the movies on a whim. Little did I know that it would change my life forever. Anne of Green Gables is the classic movie that inspires friendship and gives a feeling of warmth and love. After that my entire family became engrossed by it. We have marathons in which we made Rasberry Cordial and Marilla's Plum Pudding, and most of all share each other's memories. I was able to purchase the porcelian doll while in Walt Disney World, one of my prized possessions. This movie has brought all of my friends and I closer and we relish the good time spent watching it. I must say that when I found this website I was ecstatic. I have been downloading pictures and sounds nonstop and include a picture in each of my emails and what not. I think Anne of Green Gables is a wonderful movie and I recommend it to everyone. I am grateful for the impact a bright, red headed, imaginative young girl has left on my life. She will always be a part of my life, as well as all my future posterity. May everyone feel of it's magic like I do. For Kindred Friends are always together in spirit. (11/20/2001)

Name: Sophie Renwick
Email: sophie.renwick@coutts.com
Age: 26
I am a 26 year old 'Anne Fan' who fell in love with the whole Anne of Green Gables story when I came cross the the mini series on television in the UK about 18 years ago, I still remember the tears I cried that day! Many of my friends have since grown to love the story that Megan portrayed so beautifully. I only hope that I will get the chance to visit Prince Edward Island one day and I am glad to learn that there are other mad devotees who share this site - My friends and I sometimes think that we are the only ones! (11/17/2001)

Name: Marco
Email: zadaron@hotmail.com
Age: 28
My first encounter with Anne was on tv. I saw the tv series long time ago, when i was a kid. I remembered Anne when i saw the first two books a few days ago, while i was shopping. I bought them and red both in one day. Now i am looking for the other books. I am really looking forward to read them. I am not a kid, but i think nobody is too old to love Anne. (11/09/2001)

Name: Un-hee Do
Email: snowcountry@hanmail.net
Age: 19
When I was 16, I meet Anne. anne changed my heart. I could not help loving Anne and green gable. When I met Anne first time,by animation(made by Japanese) After, I read book. And suvural days before,I watched this drama. Everyday I want to be Anne.I want to go Green Gable. Anne was a part in my heart forever. I regret my English. I am Korean girl. I will thank to read my writing somewhere in the world. (11/08/2001)

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