Our Stories of Anne

Name: Lisa
Email: kingskidgirl@hotmail.com
Age: 36
I was introduced to Anne (via the movies) by a good friend of mine, 3 years ago. I recently watched the first 2 movies on Public Television, and fell in love with Anne, et. al. all over again! Now I own the first movie, and am certain I will have it memorized soon! ("....willows whiten, aspens quiver...little breezes dusk and shiver...thro' the wave that runs forever by the island in the river...flowing down to Camelot.....") What really impacted me is how Anne has such an influence (positive) on those around her. My favorite examples of this are from the second movie. Anne's influence on Mrs. Harris is comical, and sweet. The most touching, however, is the struggle she has getting through to Miss Brooke. The way she tries and tries to be kind to her, and the way she refuses to give up on her is a tremendous inspiration to me. How much easier it would have been to avoid her as much as possible! Of course, Anne is a fictional character....but her attitude can still be wonderful example to all of us. I have found a bosom friend who loves the movies also...but I'm still waiting for my "Gil" : ) (10/26/2001)

Name: sally
Age: 34
my grandmother gave me Anne when i was about 8,i loved the story and i loved Anne,i must have read AOOG about a thousand times before i realised that there were more.The first copy i had is long gone now(pages began to fall out)and i read the whole series again and again.Although i am the mother of two children i still enjoy the books.My daughter prefers "Harry Potter" good but not Anne, still she only young! there's time yet. I have all the vid's but prefer the books as i like to imagine the characters for myself.Although Megan does come close and i love the "Fishing for lake trout"scene. I loved "Anne" at 8 and i shall love her when i'm 80. (10/22/2001)

Name: Mercy
Email: mercy_angel777@hotmail.com
Age: 21
I guess we all obtain dreams & possibilities, the character Anne Shirley has truly ignited this passion within me. I love her flair & excitment towards life, we make the most out of our lives, by putting into it a little kindered spirit and most of all...a lot of Heart. Its rare to see quality life/family movies in our society today, Anne of Green Gables gives us that hope! (10/12/2001)

Name: 자은
Email: lovelyjaeun22@hanmail.net
Age: 17
정말 재미있고 유익한 프로인것 같다~ 난 어렸을때 부터 이 빨간머리 앤 이야기가 참 좋았었따~ 잊지 못할 것 같다~^^* (10/10/2001)

Name: Jenny
Email: zuviel@freechall.com
Age: 22
It's the most wonderful drama that I have ever seen. I'm a korean girl. I first saw it a few years ago then here in Korea, it is braodcasting one more time. Even though I'm not a teenager,I was excited with it. (10/07/2001)

Name: Tiffani
Email: goin2hevyn7@htcomp.net
Age: 15
I mostly noticed in the movie how when the other girls, such as, Josie Pie, Ruby Gillis and so forth and so on... would talk or say bad things about the others, Anne would not make one comment so a big gossip session wouldn't start! She kept her mouth shut! Anne of Green Gables is a wonderful story. I've made one pen pal from Denmark, and we love to talk about Anne! She may be a fictional character, but she is a real being to me! (10/06/2001)

Name: nancy moreno
Email: nancymoreno@elsalvador.com
Age: 30
Desde la primera vez que vi la pelicula me quede impresionada y me enamore de esa linda historia. Desde esa fecha he buscado interminantemente los libros en espaol y no los he logrado encontrar. Por favor necesita de una alma caritativa que me diga en que sitio puedo encontrarlos!!!!, sera mi sueo hecho realidad!! Necesito contactar a alguien que hable espaol!!!!. Por favor que alguien me ayude...PLEASE!!! (09/25/2001)

Name: Jenna
Email: aslanrules@yahoo.com
Age: 12
I first read the Anne of Green Gables book a few months ago. I loved it so much I took the book everywhere and read it any chance I could get. Every night i would read some and before going to sleep I would imagine myself in Annes place. I have always had a good imagination but after reading Anne of Green Gables it became even better. Just today in school we had to finish a story and I couldn't think of anything. Then I thought of Anne and I set my imagination on ful blast and thought up a great story in minutes. After reading the first Anne book I rented the movie. I loved it! I cried in at least three parts. I love movies and books that make me cry! I wanted to rent the second movie right away but I figured it wouldn't be worth while to read the book. I borrowed the second book off a friend and am reading it now. I would love to visit Prince Edward Island. Then it would be much easier imagining you were Anne, I mean you can still do it but it's kind of hard when your Anne of Pennsylvania. (09/22/2001)

Name: Marie
Age: 13
Hi, I love the 'Anne' books! I own all of the books in the 'Anne' series, Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea. My favorite book is Anne of the Island, and my favorite movie is Anne of Green Gables.I love when Gil comes into the picture because I think he is so cute! I can't wait till I 'find MY Gil'! I don't think that I would be as imaginative (I hope I spelled that right) as I am today without Anne. Thank you for letting me talk. Bye! (09/21/01) (09/21/2001)

Name: Jerry
Age: 13
The first time I saw anything about Anne was a musical and I loved it!Then me and my family went to P.E.I and visited her house.When we got back I was channel surfing and found that the 2nd part of the first movie was playing.The next week the second movie was playing the first have of course!But the week after I went to camp so I could not watch the 2nd half but 4 my b-day(Aug 28)I got all three movies. (09/20/2001)

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