Our Stories of Anne

Name: Valentine
Email: brandyd0@hotmail.com
Age: 38
I met Anne when I was about 9. I've shared the stories with my daughter and had many a tea party with Anne and Diana. I will be eternally youthful because of a certain little red-headed orphan girl. (09/14/2001)

Name: ENS Joshua Gillespie
Email: ENS-Joshua.Gillespie@CNET.NAVY.mil
Age: 23
I was first introduced to L M Montgomery as a child when my mother read the first 'ANNE' book to my sister and I. Despite my personality as a "guy" guy...its always nice to retreat to a time when things were simpler and imagination was the key to a whole world of experience. Since becoming an officer in the Navy, I have found literature to be a relief from daily stress and the rememberances of the "Anne" stories a pleasant contrast to the frequently stark and UNIMAGINATIVE world of today. (09/13/2001)

Name: Brooke Woodard
Email: rkbkmw@juno.com
Age: 12
I first saw Anne because my mother loved to watch the movie. I used to think the movie was boring! I can't beleive I used to be that way now! When I was about 10, I watched the first and second movie, and I loved them! They became my favorite movies! When I was 11, the third movie came out. We now have all three on tape, and I love to watch them!:) I haven't read any of the books yet, but hope to get started really soon! Well, I guess I'm kinda like Anne, because I talk alot, and have a BIG imagination! I also get into trouble easily(!). That is my story with Anne. OH! She has also enspiered me to become a teacher and writer! I also LOVE to read! Love, Brooke E. Woodard (09/12/2001)

Name: Leona
Email: Star00318@aol.com
Age: 20
When I was little I always watched Anne of Green Gables. I decided to take French so I could some day live in Canada. Now I think I would rather just visit, since I did not do so well in French class. While watching AOGG I always felt like I was in Avonlea. It is definitely one of the best movies I have ever seen. (09/09/2001)

Name: lee su min
Email: opop_kr@hanmail.net
Age: 15
hello!! i from korea. so i don't English well ^^;; this home page very very good!!>_< i like anne!! hmm........ The Anne of green gables is very exciting!!! and a little sad. but i like that. 아아.......여기서 부터는 한글로 쓰겠습니다.......ㅠㅠ i'm sorry.ㅠㅠ 누군가 한글을 읽을 수 있는 사람이 있다면, 그분에게 해석을 부탁드리고 싶군요.......ㅠㅠ i really like Anne. 앤을 처음으로 만난건 학교의 도서실에서 였죠. 아무책이나 골라서 읽어보자는 식으로 고른 거 였는데, 그때 제 손에 들어온게 바로 Anne이였습니다. 처음에는 약간 지루함을 느꼈지만, 얼마안가서 책을 손에서 땔수 없을 정도로 재미를 느꼈습니다. 앤이 다른 책과는 달리 저에게 큰 영향을 준 이유는, 어딘가 모르게 저의 어린시절을 생각나게 하기 때문입니다. 저는 어린시절을 기억해내는 걸 정말 좋아해요. 그치만 보통때는 잘 생각이 나지 않기 때문에 슬픕니다.ㅠㅠ 그치만 앤을 읽고 있으면 너무나도 생생하게 기억이 나서, 음.......뭐랄까......... 정말 행복해요.^^ 그 마음속에 스며드는 따뜻함이 좋아요.^^ 정말 좋아요.^^ i'm so happy.^^ (09/09/2001)

Name: stephanie Klaton
Email: robert.kalton@ntlworld.com
Age: 15
we were on holiday and thefilm came on tv and i could not see the end because we were flying back to england and i rent videos out but never found the full vertion (08/31/2001)

Name: Lisa Nicole Jimenez(Guisto)
Email: cantonlisa@yahoo.com
Age: 23
The first time that I met Anne, was when I first saw it on tv /wonder works program,with my family. I was still in elementary school when it first came out. Anne has made a great deal of an impact on my life. Because of her I found out what it's really like to fall in love and to be in love. I really admire her in so many ways. In someways I am just like her. Also because of Anne, I have made some several close friendships /relationships with my friends and my sister. She has made a huge impact on my life. My favorite passage from the movie is when she reads the poem The Lady of Shallot. I cry almost every time I watch the movies of Anne. I have a daughter of my own and I hope some day in time that she learns to love The Anne Of Green Gables stories /movies as much as I have. I married a Gilbert Blythe of my own too. I am smart like anne is, I am polite and kind like anne is, I am cute like anne is too. I have a huge heart just like anne does too. I am also funny at times. And most of all I am always a kid at heart just like anne and always will be too. The first time I fell in love with Anne was when I first saw her on tv /the movie Anne of Green Gables. Anne will always be the role model of my life and the movie Anne of green gables will always be my favorite movie of all time. from now untill always and forever eternity. (08/28/2001)

Name: Caitlin Fitzgerald
Email: Popis 1 girl
I am exactly like ann I have defiance and spunk and I would never show my feelings in front of a boy if un nessercy. Im doing better in school because ann was such a hard studyer. I dont Know how to explain it but it has touched me soo deply in my heart that it has changed me inside and out. My mom always yesterdays child and know i know which yesterday i come from. I also make good mean scarcastic remarks to snobs and i am also very fashion concentious and I care alot about what other people think of how I dress and if Im in style or not. (08/26/2001)

Name: Debbie
Email: deejane@yahoo.com
Age: 28
I watched anne, when she first appeared on television in the uk. The three of us (my mum, sister and myself) would all sit on the sofa with a big box of tissues, and sob with tears of happiness at this joyfull story. I have just finished watching Anne of green gables again and thankfully their was nobody as another box of tissues was need. She has made such a big impact on me that I went out and bought the complete set and I just love the poem Lady of shallot. (08/23/2001)

Name: Steph
Age: 15
me and my sister love watching Anne together. It has brought us so much closer. We always recite quotes and relate our situations to those in the movies. Even our parents love sitting around, watching with us. Wherever I go there are others who love and cherish Anne and her story, leading to great conversations and kindred spirits (08/22/2001)

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