Our Stories of Anne

Name: Kelly
Email: Sugarangel1394@aol.com
Age: 14
i LOVE Anne stories soooo much!! Shes opened my mind more to my surroundings!!! Her imagination is amazing!! It showed one girl who was hopeless got a chance and really suceeded and she is so fun to read and learn about. I adore the movies and love the books. Her and gil's love story is the sweetest romance ever! (08/22/2001)

Name: Andie
Email: classicsreader@hotmail.com
Age: 26
I first saw Anne is college on the Disney Channel and have loved her ever since then. Anne's Avonlea Site @ http://www.geocities.com/andie_84097/annesavonlea.html (08/21/2001)

Name: miss charmaine ang
Email: fatlittlepiggy@excite.com (not fat!!!)
Age: 16
it's been EXACTLY 2 years since i've discovered anne. she's the role model in my life. the movies are the best i've ever watched. why do i say that? because they're so inspiring. the anne books are so wonderful, they narrate anne's journey in life, from the time she was a teenager to the time her youngest daughter becomes a teenager- you get the idea. besides that, other factors that gives the movie it's distinctive flavour are all too outstanding- megan follows, shuyler grant, jonathan crombie, etc rocks! plus, the theme song and other background music is awfully melodious! PEI is my dream island. and to add to the list, sullivan has introduced the animated series of AOGG! at this point in time, i hope you readers are not dying of a saccharine overdose, because i really want to heap praises after praises on anne. i certainly bless the time i first watched anne of green gables, on the 20/08. (08/20/2001)

Name: Deb Prescott
Email: lemeas@yahoo.com
Age: 45
I am so grateful to Kevin Sullivan and all the folks who worked on that first Anne. It helped me through a rough time. I know using a movie as a councelor isn't a good idea, but this was what was available to me at the time (when the first Anne was first shown on PBS in the US). I learned what it was that was a missing peice of the puzzle of my life through watching that movie. There will always be a big soft spot for Matthew in my heart as a result. hugs to all the cast and crew and Kevin Sullivan too. ( i wish the next movies could have stayed closer to the books, but i know that time and money play into that). (08/19/2001)

Name: Melissa Urann
Email: missy-mouse@juno.com
Age: 16
The first time i watched anne was when i was about 5 or 6. the moment i watched it i fell in love with anne and gil. I would always try to stay home from school so i would have time to watch anne. Gil is the perfect man of my dreams. And i wish i could be just like Anne. I hope to have a set of twins when i grow up and name them anne and gil. Every time i watch these movies i get goose bumps and my heart just gets touched every time. my body shivers every time gil and anne are on the bridge and he proposes and she finaly accepts. This is my favorite movie in the world. all three i love them all. The one thing i wish before i die (which hopefully won't be for a while) is to meet Anne and Gil. That would be so cool, and to get pictures with them. ahhhhh what a dream. (08/18/2001)

Name: in-love with Gilbert Blythe
Email: gilbert@hotmail.com
Age: 16.5
oh! Well, the all series of the "Anne" books has changed my life almost completely. I fell totally in-love with Gilbert, & ever since I found that out, I'm looking 4 him, because, I want 2 find my Gilbert so much. Besides, I love Anne & I love the love she & Gilbert has. I think Anne is the sweetest girl I ever knew, & wish she'd exist, because I think we can b really good friends, kindred spirits. I'm completely obsessed with the Anne books (only the books) I talk about them almost every day, try 2 find my images of Anne & Gilbert & the other characters in the books (I found Leslie, Roy, Gilbert & I think Marilla & Anne 2) I draw pictures of them, think of songs I think will suit them ( even new songs!) & many more obsessive things. Anne, Gilbert & their friends had changed my life, 2 a fantastic way I never thought I'll walk on. But 1 thing I don't like- the movies. I think they're disgraceful because they're nothing like the books! The books r beautiful, & I think that if somebody would've made a movie based on them, that would b a splendid movie! It's a shame that it wasn't done. (08/15/01)

Name: adrienne
Email: ozadrie@hotmail.com
Age: 15
i love Anne its the best movie in the world and i love gil especially with anne!!!~ (08/14/01)

Name: Sarah
Email: unofficial
Age: um. . .
When I was a young girl my grandmother gave me the first Anne book for Christmas. I began to read it but could not understand the long words and complex sentences, so I put it down and forgot about it. I had never heard of Anne or L.M. Montgomery. My reading material mostly consisted of Nancy Drew and Boxcar children mysteries. When I was nine my grandmother passed away, leaving a deep hole in my life. We had been truly 'kindred spirits'. I was hurting and grieving silently, and one day I found the Anne book in my closet with the inscription on the cover, "To my dear graddaughter with love from Grammie." I read it from cover to cover in one day. I was hooked. I got the whole set of books at a garage sale once for 25 cents and I read them and read them and read them until now I have them nearly memorized and the covers are nearly worn off. I probably have read each one at least twenty times. I like Anne because she is so much like I am . .imaginative and all, and Marilla reminds me of Grammie, who was my bosom friend in everything I did. . I didn't watch the Anne movies by Sullivan until a few days ago when it was on public televiosion. I really enjoyed the first one and though the second didn't follow the Anne of Avonlea book, I still liked it and Megan Follows was just gorgeous as Anne, especially in the dress she wore to Diana's wedding. I wish they had put Miss Lavander in it though. .I liked her house, 'Echoe Lodge' and little Paul Irving and all and I would have liked to have seen them in the movie, but still I enjoyed the shows very much. Anne is very real to me, more real than some people I know. I love her and will make sure that my daughters, if I ever have any to call my own, will be acquainted with her just as I, and shall never forget Grammie, who introduced me to her in the first place. (08/13/01)

Name: Anne
Email: Hinagiku75@aol.com
Age: 17
Anne has touched my life greatly just because my mother loved Anne books as a child and an adult so when I was born Anne became my namesake. I was introduced to her at a time when i can't even remember...as a baby my mother read her books to me and I've loved them ever since. I even introduced the books to my best friend in 2nd grade and at recess we would sit and read together...and we've stayed friends since then, now that's what I call a kindred spirit...Anne has had a great influence on my life as a namesake and a friend and I will always love her no matter what. (08/13/01)

Name: Marion
Email: coconut_box@hotmail.com
Age: 14
My friend first introduced me to Anne when I was in grade 3. At first I never paid much attention to her but then one magical day during the summer, I picked Anne up and became so engaged with the book that I could never stop. Not knowing that there were other books of her, I read Anne of Green Gables over and over again and never grew tired of it. When I did find out that there were more books on Anne I was in a big rush to get them. Ever since then, I've always been the dreamer of my family. So into daydreams and reading that its as if it was my life. I've always wanted to go to PEI but never had the chance too. I promised my older sister that one day we'll go together and experiance seeing the real thing for ourselves, since she too, loves Anne. Anne is truely the best character and friend you could ever find. If only friends were like her these days, but friends like her are rare, and yes boys like Gil are hard to find. ^_^ And with every step I take along my rode of life, I'll know that no matter how lonely or upset I get I just have to be strong like Anne and realize what a great friend she is, to all of us. (08/12/01)

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