Our Stories of Anne

Name: heeseon
Email: hssohnm@hanmail.net
Age: 19
When I first met Anne on TV, I was deeply moved by her imagination. At first I tried to resemble her, in terms of wording, behavior, and the way of thinking. I don't want to make friend with her but to be like her. All of her had a great effect on me, when I was innocent. From that time on 'Anne of Green Gable' became one of my treasures. I learned how to lead a happy life, know the value of something and especailly choose the best one among them. I will never forget what she tought to me. I love her, and I love myself. And I am happy to find this home. I enjoyed all. (08/10/01)

Name: Holly E. Minter
Email: holly@lunenburg.org
Age: 23
Anne has been my inspiration for over a decade. I began writing at age 11 because of Anne, and, like Anne, I will continue to perservere until I get my book published. Anne made me want to be a good and moral person. She taught me to believe in myself and to be strong and to care about other people. She also taught me that I don't need to seek happiness outside myself--happy begins within. Anne is a wonderful role model for young women. I read all of the Anne books and was thrilled when the Sullivan films came to PBS. I don't believe that anyone in the world could have done a better job of portraying Anne than Megan Follows. Her look, her expression, her emotional quality, her actions, her voice, her sweetness, her charm and her unconventional beauty all converge to create the perfect actress to play L.M. Montgomery's Anne Shirley. Kevin Sullivan was very fortunate to find such an actress to grace his film. I believe that it is almost solely the work of Megan Follows that has made the Anne films the popular works they are all over the world. I can only hope that someday I have a little girl with whom I can share the joy of Anne of Green Gables. (08/06/01)

Name: anne4ever
Age: 42
I absolutely loved Anne from the moment I watched the first series. After I watched the two series I tracked down and read the books. What a treasure, it made me so proud to be a Canadian and it instilled in me a deep love for my country and its people. There are those of us that can still be inspired by acting alone and don't need violence, sex or computer generated special effects to enjoy a movie. The acting and the filming of the first two series was nothing short of brilliant. I could watch them endlessly and still laugh, cry and become giddy with emotion each and every time. Unfortunatly Anne 3 the continuing story was a devestating disappointment that I wish I had never seen. I will leave Anne and Gil's love story to my imagination and take solice in the books. Lucy Maud's writings have brought so much joy to my life it breaks my heart to know that her life was so bleak and joyless. However, she lived through Anne and for that we are eternally grateful. (08/02/01)

Name: Clittia
Email: Clittie2000@yahoo.com
Age: 37
When I was a little girl, I remember my grandmother reading me all of the Anne books. Those summers I spent, without my mother, I felt close to Anne because she also did not have a mother to call her own. Then, to my surprise, I happened to be watching our small television, and I saw and advertisement for the television premier of Anne of Green Gables. I was so excited, I danced around the room. I watched the first 10 minutes, and instantly I was in love with Gil. I think he is the most remarkable actor in the world. I truly believed he WAS Gilbert. To this day, I still watch all the Anne movies on a weekly basis faithfully. I really think these movies and books helped me enjoy my childhood even more! Thank you, Have a wonderful Day!! Love Always, Clittia XOXO (08/01/01)

Name: Dora Lee Wallace
Email: wallace_shawn_dora@hotmail.com
Age: 21
Anne and I are truly kindred spirits, of the race of Joseph! I first saw the Anne of Green Gables series on PBS when I was somewhere between eight and 11 years old to the best of my memory. I remember sitting all day watching the movies. I was captivated and have been to this day. I own all of the books except for Rilla of Ingelside, Further Cronicles of Avonlea, and Christmas with Anne. i plan to purchase those books, as well as the movies in the near furture. I find myself sitting for hours wrapped up in L.M. Montgomry's writing. Her characters have made my life a more pleasent one. Why, because I can read the books, picture the characters and scenes so vividly that when I am out and about the world I see things that remind me of her dipictions, and that makes me happy. I can't fully explain how the story of Anne, Gilbert, her House of Dreams, and children have touched me, but I can say that they have made my life more pleasent. Thank you Mrs, Montgomery, Thank you Anne. (07/31/01)

Name: kheka
Email: kheka@tbaytel.net
Age: 29
I was introduced to Anne many years ago. She was as spirited as I was back then and I felt that she was just what I needed to let a little steam out. My parents always encouraged my reading, especially Canadian Authors and a book where the heroine learns about herslef in a positive way. These stories have lead me to have one of the largest L.M. Montgomery Collections here in town and I boast that I have read almost everyone of them at least 20 times. Anne's story opened by eyes to so many things growing up. My temper, my living environment, the home essentials and as I grew up, to the plights of the orphans and to the problems with the child welfare system here in Canada. There have been times when things seemed to reach rock bottom, I would pull out the Anee book or the video and laugh like I never though that I could stop. I have no children of my own to teach about the wonder and imgaination of LM and her books but I have two neices that are loving the wonder and excitement that I can share with them as they grow. Anne has been an inspiration and a kindred spirit to me. I look foreward to the day that my husband and I get o travel to PEI and "know not just believe" that there rests the soul, energy and spirit of LM Montgomery. To see the Anne house and feel the water of the brook and watch the play and touch the roads that inspired her many stories. These things are what makes the stories of LM Montgomery endless and etenal. These will be around for ever as long as we continue to keep children and youth interested in reading and writing and imagination, and never let that go. (07/30/01)

Name: Jessie Warrener
Email: jessthemess30@hotmail.com
Age: 15
I discovered Anne when I was 7. I had some book tokens and I was heading over to the usual children's classics when I saw my favourite name among the titles. Anne. (I had a baby doll called Anne at the time.) I never stopped loving Anne and I never will. When everything goes wrong I think of her and I always smile. (07/29/01)

Name: Jean
Email: donkeyearz@heehaw.com
Age: 14
I just leart about Anne in my literature lesson and the whole class thought that she was very special...she has such a strong character and is very stubborn...but that is what makes her so special!I really like the book and am now trying to get the whole collection of the Anne series!=) (07/25/01)

Name: Abby
Email: abby.barker@ns.sympatico.ca
Age: 42
I love the Anne of Green Gables series, at least the first two. The character are so real one could not imagine anyone else in the role. Nor can one not believe that Anne of Green Gables is not alive and living in PEI. This series is a treasure and no matter how many times I watch it, it still enchants me completely. (07/23/01)

Name: Sheilgh
Email: skategirl78@hotmail.com
Age: 16
My dad just passed away and i feel like Anne did when matthew died, but my mom told me to be like Anne and go after my dreams and never wonder IF... She said that i have to go and be a lwayer and do what ever I want. Anne is such a good role model and when i was young i used to want to be her. (07/19/01)

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