Our Stories of Anne

Name: Lianne
Age: 15
I learned about Anne just a few weeks ago by watching it on television. She just blew me away, she's really great for a fictional character. She's is a true role model for me and for girls and women around the world. I learned about Green Gables by the television I used to watched when I was little called "Road to Avonlea". Now, I just can't get enough of her courage, enthousiasm for life and her fun loving personality. (07/18/01)

Name: Anna
Email: bluejayway_2000
Age: 16
I first saw Anne when I was 9 years old and I loved it. Every time I was in a bad mood I just turned on Anne (We taped it)and I felt happy again. The actors are great, the invirement and the story! I sometimes wished that I lived there with Anne, Marilla, Matthew and the rest of them. I was a little bit disapponinted on the continuing story. thanks and goodbye (07/16/01)

Name: Kathrin
Email: willow77@web.de
Age: 23
I'm from Germany and I knew Anne since I was 10.I always loved her and I'm so happy that I ordered the original Tapes...I'm looking forward to the 4 movie!!! (07/13/01)

Name: Megan
Email: meglet84@yahoo.com
Age: 17
I met Anne only a few years ago. I'd always heard so much about them so I rented the first video from the local video rental. I was captivated immediately. Since then I bought the first two videos and I'm hoping to get the third one someday. I have found many kindred spirits thanks to Anne. NOTABLE MENTION: I would encourage anyone who enjoys L.M. Montgomery books to read The Blue Castle. I thought it was excellent! (07/12/01)

Name: Rebecca T.
Email: bekah_renee_@hotmail.com
Age: 13
I have been watching Anne since I was 8 years old, And every time you watch it the more you comprehend! Watching Anne makes you feel that there is someone Like Gilbert out there for You. (07/11/01)

Name: christina
Age: 14
soon i will be going to p.e.i with my parents to visit avonlae and green gables i have wanted to visit these places sence i was a child i have always thought that anne of green gables was a thouching story that children and adult of any age sould see i may not have lots in common with her when it comes to familly but my friends say my imagination is just like her and i am proud of that becausee i think anne is a very good role modle for children who dream of being something someday> (07/11/01)

Name: Shelby
Email: shalex01@home.com
Age: 9
I have a split life. Unlike Anne, my parents do not live with each other so it is hard for me. My brother is like that two. He is 4. We both live with our mom's and go to see our dad's quite often. I love my family together our not. (07/11/01)

Name: Caitlin
Email: batedserenity@aol.com
Age: 16
My friend came over one day and sat me down on the couch and i watched Anne of Green Gables for the first time.. i was sucked into the beauty of this lovely trap Lucy Maud Montgomery has left open for us. anne is a hero if i've ever seen one! and a role model for me and my friends (i've made each one a friend of anne as well). anyway, i am throwing an anne of green gables party out at my summerhouse on a bay. i have lots of space and time... does anyone have any ideas of what i could include that would make the pary a little more anne-ish? so far i have raspberry cordial, tea cakes, plum pudding (without the sauce haha), and necklaces of pearls for everyone as favors. we also plan to recite our favorite poetry on the beach at night, and set someone afloat in one of those blow up rafts as the lady of shalott. any other ideas would be appreciated and welcomed!!!! thank you!! and happy reading! (07/08/01)

Name: Helen
Email: helenyjin@hotmail.com
Age: 13
I first met anne just last week. I fell in love with the movie the moment I saw it. I especially like Gilbert or John Crombie. (06/27/01)

Name: Kim Anne M.
Email: jsusfrksdct@yahoo.ocm
Age: 14
I've always Loved Anne of Green Gables, every single time I watch it there is always something new that I see in Anne that is just like me, and is so in all of the Anne of Green Gables movies. It is just a wonderful story and I hope that nobody ever trys to change it, like they do with so many other movies. (06/21/01)

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