Our Stories of Anne

Name: Bae Sanghee
Email: bb3142@hanmail.net
Age: 19
I first met Anne when I was 7 or 8 in animation. It was aired by KBS1. I don't like her at this time. But when it re-aired when I was 12 I really enjoyed it. Imagine about Prince Edward Island. And her family, Ifeel comfortable & peacefull. I saw this drama '95 on same channel. I was very happy to see real person playing Anne & Gilbert& Diana. My country had hard time in this age, so I couldn't think to live in that age. BUT Anne let me know that there was good times & happy people not only severe times & comfort women somethings. I think I could met her in greengables living in there with mattew, marilla & dating with Gilbert. She inspired in this way.^^; (06/18/01)

Name: Hilary
Age: 17
I first found Anne when I was about 8. I watch the movies all the time, and I am just now finishing up the book series. I love the life Anne lived, and I now want a cute little country home to raise my children in. But first I need to find my Gilbert. The actors in these movies where born for the characters they played. I've made my friends discover Anne, and I will try to with everyone I meet. (06/16/01)

Name: Miriam
Age: 15
I have known Anne ever since I was born. My sisters watched it when I was a baby. My mom used to get mad at me because I used to watch it all day over and over. I think I have watched it atleast over 200 times. I also just got anne 3 and love it too. OH and I have to mention Gilbert. He is the model for who I want my husband to be. I, like anne, write and all my stories have anne as the heroins name. I always wanted to have the name anne and I know I am going to name my daughter anne. (06/13/01)

Name: Pablo
Email: pablo_garcia_gomez@hotmail.com
Age: 33
Una historia adorable. En momentos de depresión del alma, Anne te devuelve los valores que hemos perdido en esta sociedad actual. He visto la serie un monton de veces, y he leido todos los libros, lastima que en España solo han puesto los primeros capitulos. Y Megan Follows borda el papel de Anne. (06/07/01)

Name: Claire
Email: clairebear334@hotmail.com
Age: 19
I "met" Anne when I was about 6 or 7 and fell in love with her and Prince Edward Island. We had it taped off the TV and one day it got taped over, I hadn't seen the videos in years until I went to go buy the whole set a couple years ago and I'm still in love with the story as much as ever. I was said in my Gr. 12 yearbook that I was "Most Likely To" change my name to Anne and move to Prince Edward Island!!! I've introduced my friends to Anne and they love her just as much as I do (we also LOVE Gilbert!)If ever I'm feeling down I just pop in one of the video's and I feel better automatically. Watching and hearing the music just melts my heart. (06/01/01)

Name: Katariina
Email: katariina.siimes@aktivhansa.fi
Age: 21
The first book I ever read was Anne of Green Gables. I fell in love with it because she was a daydreamer. Just like me. She was a kindred spirit from the first moment. As I read the book I found out that I liked Marilla more and more all the time. I got the feeling that she was strickt but fair and underneath the hard cover was a gentle soul. And I was right. I sort of adopted the whole village as my family, not really having my own. (Don't get me wrong, I'm not an orphan, just that my folks were never around and I was the only child.) I always wished I'd have grandparents like Marilla and Matthew. (Even tho they're siblings) When I saw the series I fell in love all over again. And the actors were outstanding. I couldn't possibly imagine anyone else play Marilla but Colleen, bless her soul. And Megan, Jonathan, Richard and all the others... Truly an experience not to miss. (06/01/01)

Name: Brianne
Email: AnnesGreenGables@aol.com
Age: 27
Anne first entered my life when I was twelve years old. I devoured every book that L.M. Montgomery ever wrote. Anne was my her heroin. I wanted to talk like her and dress like her. I always knew that I was born during the wrong time period. Her zest for life and beauty inspried me. I know that there are many other kindred spirits out there that share my love for such a beloved character. (05/30/01)

Name: Chantalle
Email: msssnshn@yahoo.com
Age: 19
I began reading the books as soon as I could read, and my mom rented us the movies all the time. I always cried at the end of the second one when they kissed. I was so happy that they were finally together, but I kept saying that there has to be more, that just can't be the end of it. I was finally given the first two for Christmas 2000 and then found out that there was a third one and just bought it for my birthday in May of 2001. I still want there to be more of course, but I loved it so much. She has touched my life in a way that I could never explain. The only problem is that I want the same thing to happen to me, but I know it won't. Romance is never the same in real life as it is in the movies. But I laugh an cry so much when I watch these. In fact, I just finished watching the entire series again today. I just love them so much. (05/29/01)

Name: Jennie D
Age: 34
I first saw Anne of Green Gables on PBS in my 20's. I loved it so much that I had to name my daughter's middle name "Anne". (05/25/01)

Name: Robin
Age: 23
The first time I ever saw anything about Anne was the first series of movies in the 8th grade (my english class to be exact). I am soooo happy we watched the movies. I remember the whole class just loving the movies. It was years later that I happened to be watching PBS and noticed that there were more Anne movies. I was able to locate the movies under the PBS website and I am again very happy that I made that investment in buying them. I will make sure that when one day when I have children they will get to see and enjoy these movies as much as I have. Thanks! :) (05/17/01)

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