Our Stories of Anne

Name: Mary and Michelle
Email: Cust68@yahoo.com
Age: 21
Ahh, Anne. She has always played a key role in our lives. Anne sparked our interest in apples, which lead to the creation of the annual apple farm festival held yearly in suite 310 at Clark University. During this festival students indulge in hard apple cider, other apple products, rasberry cordial, while partaking in the watching of a 12 straight hour Anne marathon. This has for four years repeatedly been the single most best days of our lives. Thank you Anne for all the memories, for all the apples...for everything. And thank YOU for this beautiful website. Perhaps it will inspire some of you little people to create your own magical festival in honor of Anne and apples. Remember as Anne probably believes, an apple a day could have saved the beloved dear dear Matthew life. What a sweet, dear man. (05/06/00)

Name: Lindsay
Email: bornforalasak12@aol.com
Age: 12
The movies about Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea, and Anee of Greeen gables the continuing are my favorite movies i just watch them over and over again. Every time i watch it i say the same words Anee does and my parents just role there eyes. I think Anee and Gilbert make a wonderful couple and think they should be amrried in real life. I have started reading the books also they are as wonderful as the movies. Keep up the good Work. I hope there will be an Anne 4 (05/01/00)

Name: Miriam
Email: cutieteen15@hotmail.com
Age: 15
I was born the year the first anne came out. My aunt taped it off of the tv and sent it to our family. I have been watching it ever since then. I guess I have been watching it my whole life. I love the movies and the books. Every time I watch it I see something new. Although I have watched it over 100 times. I was even in a Anne of green gables play. I love Anne and Gilbert as a couple that is one of the main reasons I watch it. when i was little i named my stuffed animals after AoGG. I just love Anne of Green Gables 1,2,3 and I had to tell you.!!!!!!!! (04/17/00)

Name: Catherine
Email: catherine.barker@excite.com
Age: 23
I first met Anne when I was 10. It was Christmas time and I was sitting by the fire with my Grandma when Anne of Green Gables came on the television. I thought it looked good but could never have foreseen the impact it would have on me. It seems hard to describe in words what impact Anne has had. The film captured my heart and I was interested to read the book. I was delighted to discover that there were a whole series of Anne books. Anne is a wonderfully inspiring character - determined, kind and always seeking out the best in people. Her relationships with the other characters are an aspect which captured me, paticularly her relationship with Gilbert! Anne's story has been a part of my reflection on life, as my friends will tell you! She comes to understand that home is the dearest place in the world and her heart will always rest there, a lesson which I too have learnt. Her relationship with Gilbert is also inpirational, to love someone so close to you, but not realise until it's almost too late is all to true. It is fate which deals her hand in life and her belief in this keeps her strong. Anne is a character with so many edges, she has one to which we can all relate. Her determination to succeed, even when all seems to go against her, is a comfort and a site of encouragement to others. I sincerely hope the Anne stories will bring as much humour and joy to future generations as they have so far. My only qualm with Anne is her comment on Catherine with a 'C' looking smug, although, if faced with Miss. Katherine Brook, I would have been tempted to do the same! Anne has also proved inspirational to naming my cars! my first old banger of a car was named 'Marilla' and my current car is named 'Gilbert'. Perhaps I should name the next one Anne! (04/16/00)

Name: Tara
Age: 17
I first meet Anne when I was 13 years old. I first picked up the book out of curiosity, and thought "Well, I'll read the first chapter and see what it's like" I started reading, and absoulutly fell in love with it. Anne, that wonderfulfully, sweet,imaginative,idealistic darling of a character was a living breathing character for me, and I wished and wished that I could have lived when Anne had! I read and collected all of L.M Montgomerys books, and Anne almost became an obsession for me! She taught me to view the world in a wonderfully new way, and that me being an idealist and hopelessly romantic was not a thing to be ashamed of at all. I Also adored Anne and Gilberts' romance and vowed oneday, I would find my 'Gilbert'. I then discovered that Anne films had been created and immediatly adored them! For once, the film had lived up to a book! I thought the representations of the characters were perfect, and I feel in love with Gilbert even more! Anne of Green Gables has become such a wonderful special thing in mine and so many others lives, and I hope this story of the sweet, hopelessly endering Anne will live on forever! (04/15/00)

Name: Vivien
Email: vivien816@yammail.com
Age: 13
I saw a "Anne of green gables story book"on the table about four months ago,I herd my friend talking about Anne before, so I began to read the book.When I finish the book,my mom told me that we have the movies of"Anne1"and"Anne2",and she let me watch it.When I start to watch the movies,I began to love it!!I loved the story and the actors.I like the friendship with Diana,and the romantic with Gilbert,it's wonderfal !! I learned to smile and how to talk to people, that let me made alot of friends.This is the greatest movie I ever seen,and Iwill love it forever. (04/01/00)

Name: Rebbeca
Email: tjlm301@hotmail.com
Age: 14
About 5 or 6 years ago,my Grammie presented me with the 8 book set of Anne of Green Gables.I was ever so happy.I looked at the cover and envied the long red hair and the sparkaling gray eyes,wishing that I was the beautiful girl.I started reading the books and coudn't understand them.A couple years ago,I found the collection of books,brought them inside and started to read them.I was hooked.My mom told me about the Anne movies and I own all of them.Anne has opened my mind to see all the beauty in the world and see all the "kindred spirts"I still love Anne and always will. Rebbeca (03/22/00)

Email: moocowmom20012001@yahoo.com
Age: 36
I first met ANNE back in 1994.My sister had her movies and later bought me a set because i enjoyed them so much. Anne kept me laughing or crying and brought back memories of my first love. I did get angery at her with the way she treated Gill.I was really glad she realized her true feelings. Mathew was a favorite of mine also. Marilla was very sturn but loving. I felt like Anne was a very kindred spirit.I have shown her to many friends and loved ones. Even my 10 year old daughter and her friends loved it.They watched it over and over. I have not seen the continuing story yet. I do plan buying it to go with my collection. This has been the best movie I have ever seen.I hope there will be more to come. God Bless you all. #1 Fan .....TERESA RATLIFF (03/19/00)

Name: emma weatherhead
Email: emma.weatherhead@au.bosch.com
Age: 24
Ever since I can remember, I have loved Anne dearly. Almost like the sister I've never had. From reading the books as a young child, to my first experience of Anne on the screen. Her raw emotion, expressed so passionately through the screen production brought tears to my eyes. To finally watch the "continuing story" was a dream come true, as I was finally able to see Anne and Gil together. It seemed so tragic that we were never able to experience them together as a couple. It broke my heart. Anne will always be in my heart. I have grown up with her, and as I now marry my Gilbert, I will think of her, from my own Green Gables. (01/31/00)

Name: Anne
Email: Dramafiend@aol.com
Age: 18
When I was about four or five years old, my parents, because my name is Anne spelled with an "e", decided to read the entire Anne of Green Gables series to me, and I instantly fell in love with the characters and the plot of this absolutely marvelous series of books. A year or so later, I watched the miniseries versions of "Anne of Green Gables" and "Anne of Avonlea," and the world of Anne became all the more real to me. For me, Megan Follows IS Anne Shirley, and Jonathan Crombie IS Gilbert Blythe. They were just perfect in their roles, and they portrayed exactly the kind of innocence that I think Lucy Maud Montgomery intended for her characters to have. As an aspiring actress, I am very impressed that people as young and inexperienced in acting as Megan Follows and Jonathan Crombie were at the time that "Anne" was made, could be so wonderful. I think that the roots of my love of acting can be found in my obsessive-compulsive watching of the "Anne" miniseries throughout my childhood and early adolescence. I can't express how much I love Anne of Green Gables. Because I was introduced to it at such an early age, I think that it has shaped the way I look at the world. I have always been a hopeless romantic. For a ridiculous number of years, I was in love with a childhood friend of mine (named Skippy, which isn't quite as romantic-sounding as Gilbert!), I think mainly because I felt that my situation with Skip mirrored Anne and Gilbert's love-hate-childhood friendship relationship. I am also extremely idealistic, just like Anne (I'm a Myers-Briggs INFJ, which means that I'm a certified idealist), and I also loved to write stories as a little girl. "Anne of Green Gables" has meant so much to me. It is really a part of me; a part of my personal history, or mythology, or whatever you want to call it. Anne is like an ideal form of me-- I think I will always unconsciously aspire to be like her: innocent, idealistic, childlike, ever-hopeful, romantic, artistic, inspired... she's my heroine. And now I just need to find Gilbert, my hero (and dye my hair red) :-) ---Anne (01/20/00)

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