Our Stories of Anne

Name: Gwen
Email: Pittmon@nol.net
Age: 13
Anne changed my life in a number of ways. Kindness had the biggest impact on me, and I thank Anne greatly for it. (01/17/00)

Name: Nawshin
Email: nawshin81@hotmail.com
Age: 19
I first saw "Anne of Green Gables" when I was 9 or 10 and read the book shortly thereafter. I fell in love with Anne Shirley (not to mention Gilbert Blythe.) Ever since, I've wanted to be like Anne, imaginative, ambitious, and idealistic. I've wanted to find a place as enchantingly beautiful as Avonlea and an admirer as handsome and charming as Gilbert Blythe. And I've also had hopes of becoming a writer someday. Anne is my inspiration. What I love about Anne most is her idealism. It's so hard in the face of modern realities to keep your childhood ideals and dreams alive. I sincerely hope that, like Anne, I'll never grow old in my heart and lose sight of my dreams. This is the best Anne fan site I've seen yet. If you're a fan, please feel free to email me. I'd love to meet other Anne addicts. And maybe even find a kindred spirit. "It's just that, I went looking for my ideals outside myself, and discovered it's not what the world holds for you, it's what you bring to it." --Anne Shirley ("Anne of Avonlea" 1987) (01/16/00)

Name: Loressa
Email: loressak@yahoo.com
Age: 19
I absolutely love the Anne of Green Gables series. I've only seen the first two, but as soon as I heard there was a third, I've been dying to see it ever since, and that was a couple of years ago. The first time I saw the movies was on TV when I was younger, I think maybe about 8 or 9 years old. They would be on TV once a year or something like that, and finally I got my own copies and I've watched them over and over again. When I was about 13 and 14 I would watch the movies and try to fix my hair the same ways Anne wore hers as well as make my make-up look like she did too. I loved the clothes she wore too. I've always loved wearing beautifull dresses, and I would have been in heaven if I had been able to wear some of the things she did. I love everything about the movies. And I always get into them emotionally every time I watch them, feeling like I'm a part of Anne's life and feeling the same ways she does...her disappointments and successes. Every time I watch them again and get to the end, all I can think about is getting to see how the story ends, mostly getting to see Anne and Gilbert get married. I've read the books, but to me it doesn't really matter how the third movie changes from the story line of the books as long as Anne and Gil get married and as long as the charachters are the same and as long as the movie has good acting in it. All I can say is that Anne is great and I can barely stand waiting until I get to see the third movie! (01/09/00)

Name: Rebekah Drabenstot
Email: cinderella_46321@yahoo.com
Age: 20
I was 9 years old when I first met Anne. We watched the movie in my class at school and then I read the books. When I was in sixth grade I received the set of all eight Anne books for Christmas, and I fell in love with Avonlea and Anne, and especially Gilbert. I have read and reread those books until they are dogeared. But they are still very special to me. I wish that Lucy Maud Montgomery were still alive so that I could thank her. She has done an excellent job. Thank You! (01/04/00)

Name: Charmaine Ang
Email: maine_maine_25_06_85@hotmail.com.
Age: 15+
I hail from Singapore.After practically scouring the internet for all it has on'Anne of Green Gables',I noticed that Anne Shirley has legions of fans who come from countries such as Canada, Australia and Japan, just to name a few. I'm not exactly sure, but I seem to be the only one who comes from Singapore. Perhaps it's because AOGG is not very publicised here. I know that it airs on the PBS channel and Disney Channel abroad. But it is only available on cable(Hallmark channel)here, and the first and second movie airs only occasionally. Praise the lord and thank him with all my heart that my father had subscribed to cable network (in August '99)

A few days later, I stumbled upon AOGG-It marked the turning point of my life. 20/08/99, and I was in a very sorry state- one of my pet hamsters had died the day before. After burying it, I decided to watch television for a while to get my mind off the grief and sorrow. Anne and Marilla appeared on screen. There was something in the way in which Anne gazed longingly into the flower she was holding, shook her head wistfully and said:" Oh Marilla, how much you miss!" that got me captivated.The autumn trees that lined the red road on which Anne and Marilla were walking on were sooo beautiful, a refreshing change from the concrete jungle in which I live in. I had been watching out for more of the 'Anne' movies from then, but I only managed to catch 'Anne 1', 'Anne 2', 'RTA (Sarah's homecoming)' and 'Jane of Lantern Hill'.(All Sullivan's films.)

'Anne of Green Gables' was filmed in the year I was born (1985). So many years have lapsed, and I had watched so many different kinds of movies, ranging from thrillers to suspense to comedies. But ultimately, all of the Anne movies rank first in my heart, and I know it will never change. Like Megan Follows, I am an 'INFP'(check Megan's website for it's meaning)and I think very differently from the rest of the people. Support and encouragement? I can forget about it.Because of my weird temperament and personality, friction resulted, and a cold war broke out in my home. At this adolescent age where I'm seeking to find out the meaning of life, no one was there to really guide me.Then Anne came into my life and with her a heartwarming story of care, determination, romance and a life well-lived presented itself in front of me. Not only were the acting and filming impressive, it also came with morals and values like ' Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it,' and 'to despair is to turn your back on God.'

I have always shunned modern technology, because frankly speaking, I suck at knowing how to operate them properly. I had always regarded the internet as 'a dizzy labyrinth of information' until recently. On the 26/11/00, I finally worked up the interest to surf the net, even though it was already a hit around the globe as far back as '95. First website visited- Megan Follows',and it branched out interminably fromthere.Before that, I used to guess things, like "How old is Sarah Polley now?" and "Are Megan Follows and Schuyler Grant married?" The internet gave all the answers to satisfy my overflowing curiosity.The internet is a wonderful encyclopedia of knowledge. It is AOGG I thank, for the internet became my friend whilst I was surfing through the delightful AOGG websites. Technology such as the television and VCR are wonderful too, for they are the devices which link AOGG to me.

Looks like I have to stop here, for this would soon end up as a novel. I had intended to keep it short nd sweet, but couldn't. Because what I wrote was straight from the heart, and anyone could visualise the well of emotions I intended to pour out in this 'short' forum. No summarising is acceptable, I feel. You know, young Singaporeans my age would be busy throbbing their eardrums with heavy-metal music, but I'm different. Just now I played the AOGG theme song under 'sounds' in this website. I don't know why, but the tears just welled up in my eyes. I was overwhelmed with warmth and happiness, I guess.To me this mere short song was like music from an angel's harp. I am a Chinese, and majority of the Chinese teenagers in Singapore like to imitate the Japanese- being hip, cool and happening. When I asked one of them who happened to watch the AOGG movie about her views, she said it was good, but boring. How could anyone say that? Anne was the character who inspired me to cast my forsaken life behind me Such a significant stepping stone in my life deserves no lesser than neverending gratitude.

I chose a very nice date to type down a very nice forum-01/01/01. Really hope you readers don't get mad at me for being so longwinded. Have to go now, school reopens tomorrow, got to get enough sleep. Until then, wish all AOGG fans sweet dreams. Byeeeeee.... (01/01/00)

Name: Candice
Email: BlueFroggie19@aol.com
Age: 20
I first started reading the Anne books when I was younger and then when the Mini Series was showing on TV I was stuck watching it. When the Anne of Green Gables and the Anne of Avonle VHS came out I got them both. I love the Anne and Gil flirting. It is so cute and I would always yell at the TV when Morgan Harris asked Anne to Marry him b/c I wanted Gil to marry her!! I love the movies. I got the DVDs for christmas and I was reading some of your Bloopers on here and a few of the bloopers that u list about the Picnic with Anne and Diana meet about the Revernd and mrs. Allen, if you ee the deleted seens you will understand the whole then sitting for tea and at the three legged race. (12/30/00)

Name: clarice sambo
Email: clariceluv@hotmail.com
Age: 22
I first saw Anne on the Disney channel, I believe when I was eleven years old. The first thing that caught my attention was when she broke that slate over poor Gil's head! I was hooked evey since then, from the Green Gables, to the Avonlea series. It inspired me to read the book.I think that I related a lot of things that was happening in my life at that time, to the book. I loved her optimism. I wanted to be just like her. I also had this fairy tale vision of love and when I looked around and saw that things don't always go as you plan, I didn't get to distraught over it, because my friend Anne had went through some of the same trials. As I get older, I realize that even though authors write fictional stories,they get their ideas from things that has happened in their life. So I still wait for the day that my Gilbert will come into my life. I can't wait to see Anne 3! (12/23/00)

Name: Lauren
Email: shermanator16@hotmail.com
Age: 18
I first watched Anne of Green Gables when I was nine years old. I fell in love with Anne, Gilbert, and the rest of Avonlea. I then read all seven (or eight?) books in the Anne series and moved on to other Montgomery classics- even though I'm older and "grown up," I still see Anne as one of my best friends and romanticize the Gilbert/Anne relationship- I want love like that! (12/19/00)

Name: Sarah
Email: heartofocean1912@cs.com
Age: 14
I met Anne in the moives when I was about 3 years old. My sister was 14 at the time, and she showed me Anne1 and Anne2. I fell in love with it. Anne has been a good friend of mine herself for the last 11 years, and I watch it 4 or 5 times a year. I cry at certain points each time, and I still root for the same things, even though I know what's going to happen. I still root for Anne to win the Avery Scholarship, and I still root for Gil and Anne to marry. I still cry at the end of Anne2 when they kiss on the bridge. Anne has brought smiles and tears and hopes and dreams. I'm a writer, so she has inspired ideas and thoughts and wonderful characters. No character has ever touched me this deeply. It's becaseu she's not really a character anymore. She's a person now. Megan Follows has made her a person, and I love HER for that too. Anne will always be in my heart. (12/11/00)

Name: Jardon
Email: j_thomassie
Age: 14
Anne has touched my life in a way to get the most out of life .(to live it up)i love the series and i hope you make a fourth it has inspired many peole i know including myself. (11/27/00)

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