Our Stories of Anne

Name: Steffi
Age: 27
I love the Anne Story very much. The books and the videos are so nice. I like Anne`s character and her life. I like Gilbert, Diana, Marilla, Matthew and each other. It is a very good story. And I want see more and more. (11/12/00)

Name: Leila Anne
Email: jenkinsleila@hotmail.com
Age: 24
I first met Anne when I was 9 years old. A friend had come over the house to visit. We were trying to find something to watch on the television and we came across Anne of Green Gables on PBS. I had never even heard of it but my friend had. So we watched it at her request. I fell in love with it after the first 20 min. Whenever it aired I watched it over and over. Then when Anne of Avonlea came on I was in heaven. A couple years later I purchased both tapes. Since then I have watched them both more than 25 times each. I know the dialogue word for word. I also own all the books. I am looking to expand my library to include first edition printings. I also will be redecorating my room this winter in Anne decor. As soon as the Sullivan boutique opens I will add a Anne print to put on my wall. I was able to find a border that depicts similar scenes to that of Cavendish. As you can see I absolutedly love Anne and always will. I plan on visiting Anne's Land in Canada. I will go by myself so I can take it all in. I also want to purchase some dresses from wwww.senseandsensibility.com. They specialize in making customized dresses from stories from Lucy Maud and Jane Austen. I hope to wear a dress to Canada and take pictures. (11/08/00)

Name: Sarah
Email: snowight@hotmail.com
Age: 24
Around the age of 9 I received the 6 box set of the Anne books from an Aunt. I fell in love with the books immediately. I could tell you how many times I have read each book, way too many to count. I have also seen all the movies, and I must say that the books don't completely satisfy me, after reading the books; especially the 3rd one, but that's another story. If anyone knows of where I can find an early edition copy of the first book, please email me and tell me thanks. God Bless! (10/24/00)

Name: Ammaron Taula
Age: 13
She has inspired me more than any other character ive known she is a real kindred spirit and a great bosom friend she has a good sweet personality and a pretty smile that just makes me wanna smile too.she is a true friend. (10/24/00)

Name: A Kindred Spirit
Email: day-dream-believer0721@home.com
Age: 16
I was first introduced to Anne when I was nine years old. My Aunt gave me the boxed set for christmas and I just fell in love with Anne, Diana, Matthew, Marilla, Gilbert, and all the rest of the well loved characters. I re-read the series every year and for me, it's sort of a way to keep in touch with old friends! I have always wanted to visit PEI and L.M.Montgomery's home. Who knows? I may be able to get there some day. I also love to sew and make my own clothes. I have been trying for ages to find copies of the patterns used in the "Anne" flims with Megan Follows. If there's any one out there can direct me along the right path, email me...I would greatly appreciate it! (10/18/00)

Name: Dianne Henderson
Email: dianne905@excite.com
Age: 22
I first read Anne of Green Gables when I was about 13, I think; almost the same age as Anne when she first moves to Green Gables. Since then I have read every book in her series (from Anne of Green Gables to Rilla of Ingleside) about once a year. Anne is my favorite storybook character of all time. Some of the qualities that she possesses are the kind that I wish I had. She's imaginative, intuitive, and compassionate. She's not afraid to speak her mind but at the same time she's tactful. She's almost become real to me because I've read her story so many times. She seems to be the kind of gal pal that every girl would want to have; someone you can go on picnics with and have pajama parties with, but will be a real friend to you as well, and like you for yourself. There is no trace of falseness or mean-spiritedness in her. I've really enjoyed Anne through the years--recently I bought the whole Anne series for myself because I frequented the library so much to get the books! The more I read Anne, the more like her I want to become. I've learned lessons of patience and being a true friend as a result of observing her fine albeit fictional example. This website is wonderful, by the way! I loved exploring it. Thanks for such a great webpage devoted to my favorite storybook character ever. :-) (10/18/00)

Name: christine smith
Email: fuzzybeacon@yahoo.com
Age: 9
anne of green gables has inspired my life because through the tough times she always has a good attitude.Im reading anne of green gables for my book report and i fell in love with the book.Marilla tries so hard to love anne but anne always messes up.Anyway i adore anne so very much. (10/15/00)

Name: Elyse
Email: Elyseayotnom@Hotmail.com
Age: 16
Hi, I have knwon Anne for as long as I can remember. I truly feel like Anne is a real person and my friend. These movies have and will always be my favorites. I can't wait to watch and spend time with Anne. I have found one other person that loves Anne as much or more theI do and because of that we have truly become kindred spirits. (09/23/00)

Name: Jessica
Email: Jekka10480@yahoo.com
Age: 19
I love Anne of Green Gables. I was introduced to Anne of Green Gables when I was 10 and have enjoyed them since. These books and movies have defiantely bridged a gap between people my age and younger to people my age and older. Almost every genration knows Anne and she is a character to be cherished. (09/21/00)

Name: Beth
Email: daniel.mott@3web.net
Age: 24
The Anne series has had a huge impact on my life. I first encountered Anne of Green Gables when I was about eight or nine years old. My mother was talking about a story of a young girl who was always getting herself into scrapes. She said she thought, since I was an avid bookworm, that I would enjoy reading the book "Anne of Green Gables." She was right, I did. Especially since it was set in Prince Edward Island (which is my much loved and much cherished home). I instantly fell in love with the story and have made it a point to read the entire series from beginning to end every year since. When I was eleven years old I met a young girl my age who had long red hair. She and I became best friends and would jokingly call ourselves 'Anne' and 'Diana'. We were very close and told each other everything (a fact that her husband once jokingly complained about). Then last July she was killed in a car accident. I was devastated (I still grieve for her). A few months later I turned on the television and the Anne Sequel was playing it was at the scene where Anne and Diana where walking together after Gilbert and Fred had left them. Watching that scene absolutely broke my heart because it reminded me of the two things that I no longer had that I loved very much. The first was my much beloved Island (my husband and I moved to Toronto, Ontario a year and a half ago - a move I didn't want to make) and the second, and most heartbreaking was that I'd lost my 'Anne' - my 'bossom buddy', my 'kindred spirit'. I couldn't even watch or read my Anne books because they hurt me so much remembering that I no longer had a friendship like Anne and Diana had. As time went on however my love for the series was renewed and I've gotten back into the story again. Now whenever I'm homeme sick or missing my friend I'll pull out a book or put on one of the movies and imagine I'm a little girl again, laying in my hammock (my favorite reading spot as a child) with the salt air off the ocean blowing across my face, deeply engrossed in my favorite story without a care in the world. (09/05/00)

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