Our Stories of Anne

Name: Melissa
Email: melissa72@email.com
Age: 26
I saw the first Anne movie when it aired on PBS in 1985/86. I fell in love with the story and the portrayals of Anne and Gil by Megan and Jonathan. I still cry when she turns him down...Then the second movie came out and I cried when Gil comes down with scarlet fever...Now my parents have given me all the movies on videotape - I don't have to rely on the taped over copies of PBS from 15 years ago anymore!! Great story - I've gone back to reading all the original LMM Anne books I read and fell in love with as a child. (09/03/00)

Name: Hwan
Email: hwanito@yahoo.com
Age: 16
The first time I met Anne was when I was 13 years old. My mom and I were at a video rental store one day, and my mom picked the Anne of Green Gables movie and the sequal, and told me that when she was a little girl, we read the book, and she loved it. By the looks of the movie cover and the summary, it really didn't look like a good movie, but we rented it anyway. That night, I liked the movie so much that I finished the 2 movies, which took about 4 hours. The next day, I borrowed the book and finished it that day (it was summer time). Ever since then, I became a big fan of Anne of Green Gables and recommended it to my friends. Anne's inspiration about being a teacher has also made me want to be a teacher. I really couldn't even believe it myself, but I really want to be like Anne. She has given me hope that anyone can succeed... (09/02/00)

Name: Shannon
Email: flowa_powa_girl@hotmail.com
Age: 11
Hi Everybody! Well lets see... the first time I saw "Anne of Green Gables" was probably when I was three or four. You see, my older sister who is now eighteen, got the first Anne Movie when she was about seven or eight. We would watch it all the time, but I really didn't understand it. After years of watching it for as long as I can remember, I put the pieces together and now understand it completely. By the time my sister's b-day rolled around a couple more years ago, my aunt and uncle bought her the sequel. And just this year when the continuing story came out, we taped it. Now I watch it all together. I love the name Ann(e). That is if it's spellt with an e. My sister and I fight about who will name their baby Anne. Now we've decided that the first person to have a girl ( hopefully me) can name their daughter Anne. But if she has a girl first and calls her Anne, my daughters middle name will be Anne. Anne is a great character. She is determined, which is one reason why I like her. Also by watching the first Anne movie at the beging (where she is reading " Lady of Shallott") has given me also a great love for reading and writing. Just this past month, I read the " Lady of Shallott". My sister helped me out abit. I even know the first movie of by heart, and some of the second one. I think Anne is wonderful, and in my opinion Megan Follows has earned the title " Anne of Green Gables". (08/29/00)

Name: Angela
Email: scully136@hotmail.com
Age: 16
I recieved my first Anne story as a gift for my 11th birthday. It was actually AGG, A. of Avonlea, & A's. House of Dreams. From the moment I opened it, I couldn't stop. I finished all 634 pages of it in 2 weeks. I had finally found someone exactly like me. Everyday until i read that book I was ashamed of my hair color. For one, my parents and my sister all have dark brown or black hair. I was tired og going out to places and having to hear the same question "How'd she get the blond hair? How strange!" and hearing my parents answer "She's adopted." It got old very fast. Also, I was one of 2 girls in my class with blond hair. Everyone else's was brown or black. I was very tired of the blond jokes, many of them were not very flattering or nice. I had always longed for dark hair. But when learned that Anne waslonging for the same thing, I didn't feel alone and I was pround of my hair color (especially when I saw what happened to Anne when she dyed her hair). The day after I read that part, a brown haired girl came up to me and told me a blond joke. I promtly said right back "What's the difference between a bruenette and a bag of garbage?" (The garbage gets taken out once a week!)I realized that I had to be myself, and that was better than looking like a bunch of girls I wasn't too fond of. Also, my great aunt had a mirror that ran the length of her living room. From a very young age, I had a "friend" named Samantha, who was my double, and we were doomed never to meet because of the glass that separated our worlds. I was constantly trying to act older by using big words and imagining I was a beautiful young woman who was graceful and charming, totally unlike the clumsy andbig mouthed me. Anne and LMM inspired me to write. I can write some of the best compositions in my class, and have been writimg like that since Anne walked into my life. I was told recently that I reminded someone of Anne, and it was quite possibly one of the best complements I have ever recieved. Before I even read Anne, I had named a tree a few houses down from me that was always there when I was feeling lonely and wanted a playmate. All I had to do was glance at this tree that was over 100 years old and know that my problems were not as great as that tree, or as bad as what this tree might have seen. I fell in love with the Anne books and all the characters. The movies are every bit as wonderful. Since the day I saw Anne of Avonlea and read all of Gilbert's propsals, I decided to myself not to marry anyone less than perfect. In other words, anyone who does not make me feel as wonderful as Anne did in those books. Considering all the guts I know are in high school, I'll be looking for quite a while. But I'm glad that there are other Anne lovers out there and that we all are connected by the same person. If LMM could see today that she made such a difference in so many lives, I think that she would be not only suprised but touched that so many women of so many ages can still connect and bond over that dizzy red head we call Anne. (08/27/00)

Name: Jackie Donohue
Email: BlueEyes612@hotmail.com
Age: 18
I love the "Anne" series for many reasons that have developed over the years, but originally it was because I too had (and still have :) ) red hair and was known for getting into the oddest situations as a child, as well as having a vivid imagination. I could relate to her, although I actually loved my red hair from the beginning, whereas Anne grew into it. Entering high school, I actually became best friends with a girl who had long black hair and was very cultured - like Diana! She too loved the Anne series and our close friendship grew up around that! We often call each other Diana and Anne, however it is important to note that my friend and I both have the cultured spirit of Diana and the wild and imaginative spirit of Anne inside of us, equally almost. My friend's name is Donata, like Diana; my middle name is Anne (with an "e"). We are definitely "Kindred Spirits" and I hope that we always will be. Anne has taught me so much. In a few days I leave for college in Washington D.C. and I am so nervous. But if Anne can do it, so can I. I hope that I share all the success that she had, just as I share her name. (08/17/00)

Name: Meg
Email: dmpat@summit.com
Age: 36
A funny TRUE "ANNE" story: One day my husband and I were watching an episode of "Little House on the Prarie" when we saw Laura raise her toe up to her face. My husband gasped and commented that no one could really do that! I laughed and told him that when I was a kid, I could put my foot behind my head. "No way", he laughed. "Way", I replied. "NO WAY", he insisted. "WAY" I insisted. Well finally, he said that he would bet me anything that I couldn't do it now. I told him that he was on and that,being a major "Anne" fan, if I did it, he had to take me on a trip to see Prince Edward Island and Green Gables. So what happened? Well,he is a man of his word and we had a WONDERFUL trip! PEI was everything that LMM claimed it to be, and my husband had a hard time keeping me from buying a Summer home. If you ever get a chance to go...GO...even if you have to "bend yourself" a little to get there! (08/17/00)

Name: Amanda
Email: AASRWCS@aol.com
Age: 14
Well, I absolutly love Anne, and for all you other Anne lovers out there I have an Anne fan club. Go to: http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/amandasanneclub to become amember. Hope to see ya there. (08/16/00)

Name: Ann
Email: guints@gurlmail.com
Age: 19
My mom bought my sister the "Anne of Green Gables" book several years ago. I can't even remember when that was anymore. Anyway, I'm the one who ended up reading it and then becoming a big Anne fan. I convinced my mom to get me the whole Anne series 1-8, but some got lost when I moved from California to the Philippines. I have almost re-completed my collection. A couple of weeks ago, I was in a secondhand bookshop and came across three of the books I needed. All I'm missing now is "Rainbow Valley." As for the movies, the only one I got to watch was the first. I borrowed the video from a friend and wanted to keep it myself. I think it was the first time I saw a movie that was every bit as good as the book. (I'm still trying to get my mom to buy me the video. I wonder how much luck I'll have convincing her to get me the sequels!) By the way, I was rather gratified when "Anne of Green Gables" was mentioned in the movie "You've Got Mail." You know when Meg Ryan had to close her book store and on the last day, a lady was reminiscing how Meg Ryan's mother sold her a copy and to "read it with a box of tissues." I kept thinking, "Yes, exactly!" The best thing about Anne, however, is that she warms the heart with her zest for life. She finds joy in the simplest of things. I hope Anne continues to spark the imaginations of young girls everywhere. She is truly a delightful heroine. (08/16/00)

Name: Elis
Email: elisv@aol.com
Age: 22
My mom, a librarian, watched and taped Anne the first time it aired on PBS. I was 10 or so at the time, and not really interested in the program until Anne began screaming at Rachel Lynd. I had found my own kindred spirit, and we were all hooked. For years, my sister and I wore out the tapes, putting them on every time we were home sick, or had a snow day. We knew scenes by heart and used Anne-phrases in conversations like a private joke. I don't know how many times I told my mother that I couldn't possibly do something becasue I was in the depths of depair. Just last week I was home visiting, and we watched the 3rd installment, then the first two to cheer ourselves up-start to finish in one day. I think it must be ingrained in us; we laugh at the funny parts every single time, and choke back tears every time Matthew falls down in that cow field. Just after seeing the 3rd installment, I poked around online and was surprised to see such a following. I'm glad to know there are other kindred sprits out there:) (08/16/00)

Name: Chris
Age: 24
I was first introduced to the Anne movies when I was about 12 years old. It was Autumn, my favorite time of year, very inspiring. I remember my mom dragging me into the living room to watch it - I didn't want to. Oh, how glad I am that I did. I immediately fell in love with the story. I identified with this young redheadded girl whom nobody seemed to understand. I felt when I watched Anne, I was emersed in HER world, and all the troubles I had at the time were forgotten, nothing else mattered. I longed to have the simple troubles of green hair, instead of people teasing me about my banana curls. I even made up my mind that when I grew up, I wouldn't settle for anyone that wasn't as perfect as Gilbert. And I haven't! I'm marrying him in two months, and he's tickled to be referred to as my Gilbert. In any event, Anne became my childhood hero, my inspriration. I found myself, as I grew up, modeling myself after the Anne that Megan Follows portrayed. I longed to be as gregarious as she was. Evertime I found myself faced with a challenge I felt I simply could not bear, I would think like Anne, and I would get through it. I can't even begin to explain how she has influenced my life. She taught me to stand tall and smile in the face of adversity - and how to be snippy - effectively. :P It's been 13 years and I still watch Anne faithfully, every October just as the leaves are turning, just as I remember it was the first time I watched it. I've also been re-reading the book series, which brings me closer to Anne as she matures and has her own children... It may sound silly to have a fictional character as a role model or a source of inspiration.. and believe it or not, I -do- know it's fictional! :P ..but I don't think there's anyone out there in this day and age that could serve as a better role model for a young girl than Anne. (08/15/00)

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