Our Stories of Anne

Name: Lena
Email: BarryLD98@aol.com
Age: 20
OMG, I am soooooooo thrilled to find that sooo many people love Anne as much as I do. It all started when my uncle bought me Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea, and Anne's House O' Dreams in one book...I read the whole thing and fell absolutely in love with it...Their "wholesome island upbringing" and how they had such fun acting out plays with each other, and...how close they all were...for the longest time my family wanted to go to PEI for a vacation...and I should still like to go now. When I heard about the movies, my mother & I bought them immediately & still watch them over and over...despite the long 9 hours...the time totally flies by. Anne's touched me...in that...she's sooooo loving, and she looks on the world with such adoration as I am sure God intended us to...to see the beauty or "poem" of a log floating down the river as Anne does. The sunsets and sunrises and moon, etc. as Anne paints them for us. And of course, I love the romance between Anne & Gil. I was so upset when Anne refused Gil (in the book, when I first read it) and when I saw the film, I thought the director thought maybe he'd be clever & have Anne & Gil NOT get married...but, as it all worked out in the end, I was quite thrilled. Anne & Diana have an ideal relationship too...so close...much closer than sisters even! And...just, the whole thing...is just...awesome. I know I'll never get tired of those stories...and I DO hope Sullivan produces a much better Anne 4. Sorry for rambling! But, I'll stop now! (08/08/00)

Name: Emily
Email: emywaz@aol.com
Age: 18
My family and I have know Anne since as long as I can remember. I grew up watching these movies! My sister and I memorized The Lady of Shalot (that's my favorite scene when Anne is in the boat)! The movies have such an overwhelming warmth to them that's it will always be comforting to watch...even when I'm away at college. I had a teacher very much like Miss Stacy. I am aspiring to be a theater Education major at school partly because of Anne. Imagination, strong friendships, being true to yourself and having people love you for who you are not how you look...what better massages could you possibly get from a timeless, beautiful story such as Anne! I love and will always love this collection! (08/06/00)

Name: Tom Hull
Email: thull1@kc.rr.com
Age: 53
I stumbled onto "Anne of Green Gables" while watching my local PBS station one day back in approx. 1986. For many years now I have had the videos to both that movie and "Anne of Avonlea". I tell people I consider these to be the two most beautiful movies I've ever seen. I watch my two videos fairly often. I like to watch them both on the same day; always a Sunday. I usually start around 8:30AM and with a break for lunch and other things, I usually end around 5:00PM. It makes me feel uplifted and that bad thoughts have been purged from my soul. It reminds me that life is a beautiful thing and that there is always hope when things seem to be going wrong. (08/03/00)

Name: anonymous
I was first introduced to Anne at 14, whenit aired on PBS. Since then I have watched both movies numerous times and purchased several books for friends and family. Anne of green cables made it acceptable to be a young women who wasn't just interested in her looks. A young girl who liked adventures and got the guy too. (07/29/00)

Name: Cathy
Email: bradygal@aol.com
Age: 30
I read Anne of Green Gables when I was 9. It still is the best book I ever read. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard about the additional 7 books which detailed Anne's life. If I could I would make it mandatory for all girls to read this story. (07/26/00)

Name: Tayra
Age: 29
I was introduced to Anne when I was 15, when I saw the first film on PBS. Since then I have seen both films over and over, applying her wit and philosophy to my own life. I finally read all the books when I was 26, and fell in love all over again. Gilbert has always been a template for "Mr. Right" and am proud to say that I married my Gilbert. If it weren't for Anne keeping my head straight and heart open, I don't know where I'd be. (07/25/00)

Name: Raeann
Email: brsnook@net-link.net
Age: 52
I first read Anne as an 8 or 9 year old girl in the 1950s, living in the tiny rural community of Flowerfield in Michigan. I attended the red brick one room school across the street from my grandparents, with about 15 students and I went to the tiny white church next door to my house. My mother had read Anne also as a child when she attended the same little school. I loved to read, had a vivid imagination and talked too much! I certainly related to Anne! I was sure I could grow up to be a teacher in that school. (Since my world was not that much different than Anne's, at that age I did not forsee a world so different.) I have since obtained and read many times all the sequels to AOGG and numerous other LMM books. I was delighted when the first two Anne movies were made in the 1980s. My mother and I both enjoyed them immensely. I recently had the joy of sharing the movie with my six year old granddaughter. I am a bit disappointed that the new Continuing Story strays so far from the original books. My dream is to visit Prince Edward Island. (07/25/00)

Name: leila anne jenkins
Email: jenkinsleila@hotmail.com
Age: 24
i first met anne when anne of green gables made its debut on PBS in the USA. I have watched it over and over. Althoudh i own both Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea I still watch it when it comes on television. I own all her books and bring to mind her quotes every day. (07/19/00)

Name: Sophie
Age: 16
I was first loaned the video by an American friend of mine when I was about 10 and I loved it so much and so did my family. My friend and I Robyn recognised each other as true kindred spirits and as she has the red hair and I the very dark hair we would play Anne and Diana for hours when we were younger. We could (and still) can re-enact the vidoes nearly line by line! Our "party piece" was the Josie, Anne, Gilbert and the picket fence/ridgepole of the roof scene! I have read all the books and have watched the videos so many times. So many of my happiest childhood memories are from Anne of Green Gables books and videos. Still looking for Gilbert! Sophie (Diana) (07/18/00)

Name: Shannon
Email: yellowpie50@hotmail.com
Age: 17
I was first introduced to Anne when I was in seventh grade. I am into theater, and I got the part of Josie Pye. Later one I was on a family trip, and as I love to read, I found myself at a book store and they had a bunch of classics on sale. I bought Jane Eyre, Great Expectations, Egar Allen Poe, and Anne of Green Gables. I love the story, so I went and bought the whole collection. Then I bought both of the movies and was crazy about them. I will probably watch them for the rest of my life. I was also nice to be able to relate to someone, and Anne was perfect. I love to read and since I was little I have always wanted to be a write or an actress. Well, that's all. (07/17/00)

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