Our Stories of Anne

Name: Kristie
Age: 14
I first met Anne Of Green Gables when I was eleven. I saw the movies and it immediately became one of my favourites. I watch it all the time when I feel as though I need a friend, because Anne is one to me. I can relate to her in the way that she is stubborn, intelligent and has a passion for writing. I am all those things. I feel as though Anne Shirley is one of the greatest characters ever created. The way she releases all her love to charm everyone in Avonlea is so magical. Anne of Green Gables is wonderful and I hope everyone gets the chance to 'meet' her. (07/16/00)

Name: Erika
Email: natzkeel@wfrv.cbs.com
Age: 24
I first read Anne of Green Gables in the 4th grade, as I had read mosst of the normal classics like Little Women, Huck Finn, Ect., This was the one book that it took me loger than a week to read because I read 1 chapter a day. I identified with the Anne from the book very closely. After reading the book I saw the film version from PBS in my 5th grade class on Fridy afternoons. A friend and I picked up on how close the kinship was between Anne and Diana Barry, and how they refered to each other as Kindred Spirits. This after so many years it has recently come into our lives again, We both just recently married OUR high school sweethearts and both of us in our words to each other after all these years used those same two words that we always said to each other in what seems a long time ago. Anne may be 10 when she has comes into anybody's life, but she also is very grown-up compared to those of us we read it when we were 10 or 40. I cannot wait to have children so I can share the adventures of Anne and her family with mine. (07/14/00)

Name: Mystical Chicken
Age: 21
I first read Anne of Green Gables when I was Anne's age, about 11 or so. (Or maybe 10, I donno). I immediately fell in love with it... mostly because I longed to have red hair!!! (I had just seen Disney's The Little Mermaid and fell in love with Ariel's hair) I didn't read Anne of Avonlea or Anne of the Island for a long while, not until I was about 17 or 18. Since then I've read almost all the Anne books, not including Rainbow Valley and Rilla of Ingleside. I was up in Victoria B.C. in March (just before my birthday! Hey I have something in common with Anne!) and bought the fourth and sixth book in the series, (I already had the fifth) so now I'm going to order the last two online.

And while I'm posting I've thought of some similarities between Anne Shirley and Shirley Ann Manson of Garbage.
1. Anne Shirley was born in Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia means "New Scotland" in some language, I forget which. Shirley Manson was born in Scotland.
2. Anne Shirley. Shirley Ann (Manson). I know, it's not spelled with an E, but it's pretty much the same name.
3. They both have red hair and gray-green eyes.
4. They are both given to temper. (Shirley Manson "has a mean right hook," says one of her bandmates, I think it was Butch Vig)

That's all the similarities I can think of right now. However I'm sure I'll think of about 20 more about 6 minutes after I post. (07/12/00)

Name: Liz
Age: 15
I was ten years old when I picked up Anne of Green Gables. Five years later, the series is still my favorite collection of books, and I never tire of reading them. I love Anne because I've always felt like I could relate to her, her trials and tribulations,her hopes and her dreams. I feel like I know her character so well, that when I have problems, I'll approach them from the "What would Anne do?" point of veiw. As a teenager today, it's not easy to keep you focus on your goals and dreams, to hold on to your morals, and to remain an individual in a world of temptations and pressures, but somehow, when I read the stories of the character I love, my heroine, it doesn't seem quite so hard anymore. (07/10/00)

Name: Kristie
Age: 13
I watched Anne Of Green Gables for the first time when I was eleven and since then I have watched it over and over. Anne Shirley is by far one of the greatest heroines to have ever been created. The way she speaks, the things she says and does and the way she charms everyone and makes everyone love her is so magical. Although I have seen it many times, I still laugh and cry in the same spots and I feel as though Anne Shirley is one of my best friends, I know her so well. LM Montgomery is a genius for creating her. (07/09/00)

Name: Erika
Email: MESilko@AOL.com
Age: 28
When I was twelve years old, I watched Anne on PBS for the first time. It was like something magical for me. I couldn't wait for the next week's portion to air. Then when I was twenty, I bought myself the entire series of Anne books and poured over them. The next step was to buy the movies for myself. I have worn them out. Knowing all of this about me, my husband, then fiance, planned a honeymoon that was to be kept secret from me. The wonderful man,who knew it was a dream for me to see Prince Edward Island, took me there. His words are "I'll never forget the look on your face as we crossed that bridge." To him that look was reason enough for the two day drive. As we stopped our car, I remember thinking I am actually standing in a place my heart has dreamed of. When we went to Cavendish to tour Green Gables, NOONE ELSE WAS THERE. We toured all by ourselves. I've talked to others that have gone and not been able to get in because there were so many people there. It made my dream all the more special. I was able to savor visiting the place where Anne "came to life." We will go back one day. Maybe for an anniversary. It's almost like visiting home. (07/08/00)

Name: alison
Email: GREENROOM@aol.com
Age: 25
I first met Anne when I was 13 and Fell i love with her I can't recall how many times I have watched it but I know every time I do I cry in the same parts like when Anne tells gilbert she can't marry him when Matthew dies etc. Anyway I feel in a lot of ways I am like Anne fiesty and a love for life etc and last year I believe I got married to my Gilbert. Anne has entertained and thrilled my family ffor years and I hope that she will be able to do the same one day for my daughter! (07/05/00)

Name: Andrew Hope
Email: andrew_hope@yahoo.com
Age: 54
My wife and I have just returned from a week in PEI, we visited Green Gables and Avonlea, visited the grave of L. M. M. in Cavendish, went to see the musical and we loved it all, hope to go back next year. A wonderfull walk on the cavendish beach too. You have to do the trip. (06/28/00)

Name: Johanna
Email: jonna.kontio@fin.xerox.com
Age: 21
I just love Anne stories. I was eleven when I first saw Ann in tv and nothing has ever touch me same way. I would love to go in Anneīs world but I canīt, and the sorrow makes me sad and wake. I never find my on Gilberth but I love my husband. I`m from Finland so Iīm sorry of my english... (06/16/00)

Name: Sally
Email: morgaine61@hotmail.com
Age: 23
I saw her on tv first. I had a gorgeous Anne of Green Gables hard backed book that was beautifully illustrated, although i am not sure where this is as I have moved overseas since then, and 7 years on there are still some unpacked boxes!!! i hope I find it. (06/15/00)

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