Our Stories of Anne

Name: Catherine
Email: catherinehall4378@yahoo.com
Age: 22
I can't even remember the first time I read Anne of Green Gables. But I do have the whole set and have read each at least twice (although I've read Green Gables at least 4 or 5 times). I have the movies and absolutely love watching them. I can never get tired of them! I think what makes Anne such a wonderful character is that she is so full of life. She always manages to pick herself right back up and follow her dreams. She never lets anyone stand in her way. I am a hopeless romantic and I tend to be a dreamer just like Anne. So when I read the books or watch the movies, I see so much of myself in her. Both the story and the characters make you smile. (06/14/00)

Name: Christy
Email: ccd@n2hotwater.com
Age: 37
The women in my family have enjoyed having slumber parties and watching Anne for years now. Once, I had an "Anne" slumber party for friends, and over 20 women and daughters showed up. We stayed up all night watching every minute, and I served "cordial". Someday soon, all my girl cousins, aunts and mom, plan to charter a bus to P.E.I. and Nova Scotia; that way we can smell "Anne" as well as enjoy her through sight and sound! (06/13/00)

Name: Janine
Email: Janine.Bose@telebel.de
Age: 24
I don t quite remember the age I first watched Anne on TV. I ve loved it ever since. At the beginning I didn t know how many Anne fans there were. I was really exited when I found out that many of my friends loved her too. I don t know how often I alredy watched the my Anne videotapes, she s simply a great character and I love Megan being Anne and of course all the other actors and PEI of course (06/04/00)

Name: Irene
Age: 22
I don't remember when I first met Anne. it was perhaps when I was 9 or something. I was reading a lot and my mother recommended me to read Anne of Green Gables. Anne I and II was shown on TV shortly after that and I loved those. I just watch them again and again. My hair is red like hers. Anne is the most interesting and lovable character ever created. I wish I really knew someone like her. And I am so happy that there are so many people there to love her too. (06/03/00)

Name: Jenny
Email: gpicha@earthlink.net
Age: 20
You know i've actually watched the movie 100's of time starting when i was 10. my mom read the book to me and now i'm reading it too. I can say most of the lines and when i listen to the sound track i actually know whats going on with the music. When ever i see or read her, its like a friend is visiting and i love it. I have tons of friends to that just love Anne of Green Gables. i can't wait to see Anne 3 when it comes to the states. (05/24/00)

Name: Melissa
Email: Melissa__Morton@Hotmail.com
Age: 13
It's funny how I came to read about Anne. My grandma gave me a bunch of old books (that she had got from my Great Grandma) and among them there was Anne of Green Gables. Well one day (a day when I had nothing else to do) I took down the books and decided to read one called Anne of Green Gables. As soon as I started reading it I was hooked. (It took me less than a week to read). Then I realise I had the whole set and I read every single one (including the Chronicales), saw both the movies (Megan Follows is a wonderful actor) and am now waiting to see the new one. (05/22/00)

Name: Bethany
Email: bec_37@excite.com
Age: 15
I first saw the "Anne" movies on TV when I was a very little girl. We taped them, and I watched them all of the time. When I was about a fourth grader my mom bought the whole series (the best present ever!) and since then I've read them all three times. I got my two best friends hooked on them too. We'll get together on weekends and have "Anne" parties. Anne is an inspiration in my life that I don't know what I'd do without. I just pray that I possess some of her amazing qualities. Also, that some day a Gilbert will fall head over heels for me. (05/16/00)

Name: julia crimmins from Ireland
Email: juliacrimmins@hotmail.com
Age: 22
for these of you who are interested, the music which is played at the christmas ball in anne1 is Johannes Strauss. the waltzes are snitches of: wine, women and song. Vienna blood. The most afordable cd's of Johannes Strauss and his family's works, of any composer of waltzes for that matter, are those available on Naxos™. they are sold in most music shops at IR£5.00 each or cheaper if you buy a set.I dont Know how much this is in Can$ or Us$. (05/13/00)

Name: Christine from Canada
Email: underwater79@hotmail.com
Age: 20
When I first saw tne Anne books, I thought "who would read that? there are no pictures!" A few years later, I read one, and now I'm a dedicated "Anne fan." I've read (and almost own) every single Montgomery book, and when a new collection of her rediscovered short stories comes out, I buy it. Anne, Gilbert, their children, Emily & Teddy, I love them all. (05/10/00)

Name: Kari
Email: billkathy@uswest.net
Age: 17
I first saw the Anne series when I was about 5 years old. I don't remember much, except the falling in the mud, the snake, and the famous breaking of the slate. Many years later, my twin sister and I received the two movie sets as a birthday gift. To this day, those were, and always will be, the greatest gift that we have ever received. We watch them annually with our best friend and every time we watch them, we dream about visiting Prince Edward Island (even though it was not filmed for very long there). I love the Anne series and I am looking forward to seeing the third sequel. This is a movie that every girl should see! (05/07/00)

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