Our Stories of Anne

Name: Jessica
Email: jadennis@hotmail.com
Age: 15
While I was reading my Anne of Green Gables book, I flipped to the very last page of the book where they usually have a list of other books the author has written. Also listed was the AOGG movie, and Anne of Avonlea movie. What caught my attention was that listed among the two movies was yet ANOTHER movie: Anne of the Island. It noted that Megan Follows portrays Anne in it, also. How come I have never heard of this movie until now? Has anyone else seen it before? I'm thinking about ordering it, but since I haven't heard anything on it, I didn't know whether it was a good movie or not. But, I suppose that anything with Anne and Gilbert in it is worth watching :) If anyone has any information on the movie "Anne of the Island", please send me and email. I would MUCH appreciate it!! (05/06/00)

Name: Sarah Myles
Email: SarahMyles@hotmail.com
Age: 11
Hi Anne is my best friend! I have two of the movies I am going to get the third one! on June 20 i can't wait! I wish I could meet Megan Follows or Jonathan Crombie! All the actors are the same they don't care about what their fans wish for! I wish they could visit me on my birthday November 24! I'm brown headed and have so many freckles on my face it looks like i have a blob of chocolate on my face! Every day I get teased I am also dumb next week is the grade six testing and I know I am going to fail! My only hope is Ann with a 'e'! (Megan Follows) Thank you, sarah M, Toronto Canada (05/04/00)

Name: megan smeltzer
Email: msmeltzer3@hotmail.com
Age: 16
I have loved the anne of green gables movies for as long as i can remember. Anne has always been such a great role model, and gilbert what can i say about gilbert, well he is what every girl dreams of. Me and a few of my friends always talk about finding a man like gilbert. He is awesome. this year i read all 8 books, and when i finised it felt like i was loosing a member of the family. Any one who has not experienced Anne is missing something. I still have not seen the 3rd movie and i can not wait, even if it is nothing like the books, neither was anne of avonlea. (05/01/00)

Name: nathan
Email: keithwallstreet5@hcis.net
Age: 12
when i was young and i saw anne of green gables and anne of avonlea,i loved them!for years i did not think about them until the seris "avonlea" came on disney channel.when it went of iwas sadthen it came back on the air.anne reminds me of myself in alot of ways,she touched my life.i love the "lady of shalott",i am skinney and very talketive and imaginative and we both are kindred spirts.i love anne with an E,and i always will. (04/30/00)

Name: Priscilla
Email: moonbebe55@netzero.net
Age: 11
i think a lot of people in class loved the movies when we saw it well i know i did i read a every book there is i luv "Anne ( with an e heheheh) Of GreeN Gables" (04/28/00)

Name: roberta
Age: 29
I first watched the series when a friend of mine taped it and sent it to me over in germany. I thought it was a very good story and I am waiting to the day that my daughter will be old enough to enjoy it. It is a delighful story that will live throughout time. (04/26/00)

Name: Kate Conway
Email: markmacgal@aol.com
Age: 27
I love this story. I feel everyone has anne, diana,and a gilbert in their live. Whenever I am down or need too feel better, I watch the tape,and I cry and laugh. When the tape is done, I feel better. Thank you for that, I feel in the relationship with anne & Gilbert I have found that everyone has someone like that, and i never give up hope of finding my Gilbert. (04/24/00)

Name: Anna
Age: 16
Anne and I are kindered spirits. I know her since I'm a little girl and she's always been like a friend to me. I try to see life like she does, and it helped me a lot of times! I laugh and cried with her, I really love her. Some people think that I'm crazy, but they don't know Anne! Anne is real, she's in all our heart and she will always live that way. Because kindered spririts are always together by soul and heart. (04/20/00)

Name: Genevieve Duchesne
Age: 16
I first met Anne when I was four years old, I wathed cartoon about her. I didn't miss one episode. I loved her right away. I'm sensitive like her, honnest like her. I read the books about twenty times each, I love all about them. Anne is my friend, when i'm not feeling good, I read Anne's books and there's always something to make me laugh. I can just say thank you Lucy Maud, thank you for created Anne. (04/20/00)

Name: Kerry
Email: simons005@yahoo.com
Age: 25
I have 33 copies of Anne of Green Gables tucked away in a special trunk purchased just for that purpose. My boyfriend thinks that I am nuts. I love Anne. The books and movies have really had quite an impact on my life. I quote the movie all the time...esp. fine kettle of fish..I've even been thinking of getting a small tattoo of her! This isi a great site, I was really happy to come across it. Thank you. Who else almost had a heat attack when the Anne 3 news broke loose? I know I did.. (04/19/00)

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