Our Stories of Anne

Name: lee-ann
Email: lkierste@is2.dal.ca
Age: 22
Anne has influenced my life in so many ways. I was about 8 years old the first time the original Anne movie was aired on CBC. I had already read almost all of the books because my older sister was already in love with her. I felt such a kinship with her, as I was also a redhead, a Canadian, and a Maritimer (I'm from New Brunswick). Over the years I have watched the movies so many times I wore out my first tapes (I have most of the words memorized now), and almost no one will watch these movies with me now because I have a tendancy to quote. Anne's adventures and winning spirit cheer me up whenever I need it, and I have spent many Sunday afternoons curled up watching the "events of her life" as portrayed in the movies,and rereading the books by LMM. I hope this story will continue to touch people for generations to come. (04/14/00)

Name: Jenny
Email: RoJoJune1@aol.com
Age: 19
I first met the Anne movies when I was in 7th Grade I believe. My friend had the movies and we started watching Anne of Avonlea. I didn't get to finish watching it so I had my dad rent it for me from the video store. I loved it and when I knew there was one done before that I knew I had to watch that one too. So, technically saw Anne of Avonlea before the original. I love them both though! :) I recently pulled them both back out to watch again. I love the stories and the characters so much! Some of the lines Anne says just crack me up.I have actually read the books Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea. I have the whole set! (I am determined to read them all.) I must say though that I love the movies a bit more, but the books are nice to read on a warm summers' night.:) (04/14/00)

Name: Melissa
Email: triple_m@bellsouth.net
Age: 31
I first met Anne on PBS. I was around 18 years old. I loved the movies and decided to check the books out of the library. I laughed and cried as I read those great stories. I fell in love with LM Montgomery and set out to collect all of her books. I really love Anne. Sometimes when I was in my early twenties, I would have a problem and I would sit and think "what would Anne do?" Also anytime in my life when I am down or need to be cheered up, to watch the movies or read the books always picks me up. (04/08/00)

Name: British Fan
Email: r.gibson@rgu.ac.uk
Age: 25
I am a very big Anne fan, and was introduced to the stories when they were first aired in the UK. I was surprised to read the bit about Missing Scenes, as I saw each of the scenes which were claimed to be omitted from the British TV version. It isn't true! I can tell you that Anne was rather coy when she appraised Gilbert after the 3 legged race, and that we loved the bit when Diana and Anne jumped on Aunt Jo, and the way in which Anne apologised afterwards. Honest - we didn't miss all the scenes - and we really did enjoy the one where she smashes the slate!! My friends and I really enjoy the Anne stories - indeed, as we don't know when Anne 3 is released in the UK, we have ordered the video on the web, so that we can have an "Anne Weekend" when we watch all three parts of the story! So really, we don't miss out over hear at all! Is it possible that the author of that got confused with the pauses for commercial breaks? Anyway - I am enjoying all the Anne sites, and learning more about what everyone has to say. To all kindred spirits - have a good weekend! (04/07/00)
I just wanted to say that I had a few Brits tell me that those scenes were missing. They weren't cut from the televistion airing, but they were cut from the video. Apparently, the people who made the videos wanted the movie to fit on one tape, so they did some heavy editing. Those lucky enough to have taped it off the telly had a fuller version. But now, as I say on the website, there IS a full version available. --Dawn

Name: Sarah Zeldman
Email: sbzeldman@aol.com
Age: 25
I do have red hair, and always hated it because it made me stand out. When I was about 13 (I think) a teacher of mine recommended "Anne" at least in part because of the "carrots" part. I devoured it. Then the movie came out soon after. I loved it. Later that year, I went back to my theater camp, "Stagedoor Manor" for my second summer. (All and all, between three sessions the camp put on 21 productions a summer) Anne was continually in my mind and heart, and I longed to play her, but what were the chances of them doing the play "Anne of Green Gables" that summer? And I was nothing special as an actress, so what were the chances of me getting the part if they did it? But, like I said, Anne was always in my mind and heart. I had taken to wearing very romantic clothing - straw hats, long skirts, poet shirts etc. And that is what I was wearing that first day of camp when we were all auditioning for our roles. Little did I know that they WERE planning to do "Anne of Green Gables" that summer and when the director saw me she said "That's my Anne!" And so, I got to BE "Anne" that summer. It was my first lead role and something I will never forget. I do have one question for Anne fans out there. Like I said, I love the clothes from that era. Does anyone know of any good sources for "Anne-style" clothes (but I'll skip the puffed sleves :) Thanks! Sarah (04/04/00)

Name Leslie
Email k6tomas@cs.com
Age 16
I watched Anne when it was a series,and ever since. I've read the Anne stories, and been touched by them. Someday, I would like to visit Canada and see the Green Gables home, and see the play in Charlottetown. What I want most, is a poster of Megan Follows and Jonathin Crombie in their movie of Anne of Green Gables. I absolutely love the movie, and even have the soundtrack, piano music, key chain, and screensaver. Do they have the movie on DVD? Thanks for listening, and if you could write and let me know if there are any Anne posters or accessories.

Name Crystal
Email ctrumper@trentu.ca
Age 20
Anne has been such a centre point of my life for as long as I can remember, both the books and the movies. I treasure them all. My best friend is also a huge Anne fan and the two of us have spent countless hours watching and remembering the movies. We compare our friendship to the one of Anne and Diana's to the point where those are our nicknames for each other. There is no other word to descibe it but Kindred Spirits, and we live by that.

Name Becki
Age 32
I was introduced to Anne of Green Gables through my late Grandma in about 1990. She and I would sit for hours and rewatch the tapes. It was one the most memorable times that I have with my grandma. Now that I have a 4 year old daughter I have introduced her to Anne and we share this with the same love my Grandma and I once did.

Name A Kindred Spirit
Age 25
I was so inspired by Anne and all of her scrapes that I even wanted to dye my hair red, just so I could complain about it! And Dawn...you have to check out books 7 and 8 of the series. They go into her children's lives, and yes, they get into as many scrapes (if not more) than their mother. Enjoy!!

Name Lacey Dawn Lichvar
Email Cinderella_412@hotmail.com
Age 16
I can't find words to express how I feel about Anne. When I look at pictures from the movie, I get so emotional. I almost cry. "Anne" is something that is sacrad to my heart.

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