Our Stories of Anne

Name Elena of Dawning Star
Email kindred_spirit@iloveanne.co.uk
Age 16
Anne of Green Gables has always been a part of my life. I can't remember a time when I didn't know the books or the movie. I've even read it in French! I love reading all of LMM's books. They are truly for those of the Race that knows Joseph... Thank you so much for creating this site. I think that Megan Follows is a wonderful actress and a perfect Anne.

Name Evie
Age 17
Anne of Green Gables is one of the best stories on paper and on film. I love reading/watching Anne's experiences over and over, and I'm not the kind of person who normally reads/watches something more than once.
P.S.- Thanks for this great website! It's a lot of fun.

Name Jennifer Rodriguez
Age 21
these movies and books changed my life forever!!!!!! I feel like I am part of it all...........

Name annegirl
Email twinklelight@yahoo.com
Age 21
anne is one of the few books i still read after 10 times!!:D
it has been following me since i was a kid and i cant stop watch the movies and reading all the books (i read all of LMM books too..so good!!).Gilbert is my prince charming ever since i first read him..if i was anne i wouldve said yes the first time!! who can refuse his charm?!?!;)oh i wish he did exist!!!! hihih
anne will always be in my life and its a way of getting off of reality...gosh please make other anne movies (like anne4) or LMM movies!

Name christine
Age 20
like the fellow below wrote, i too am smitten! i was about 8 when i started, and i'm glad to say that they haven't lost their magic. i'm really glad that the books and movies exist. i think its part of my genetic make-up to love them. i really have grown up with them, so i can say that they've partly made me who i am.

Name A dreamer
Age 19
When I was little my sister introduced me to a set of books that would forever change my view on reading, and writting. After reading the fantastic novels by L.M.M. I fell in love with the main Character Anne, she has touched my life with so much meaning that my dream is that some day I could bring a character in to the world as loveley as Anne, and who has touched so many hearts. Friends have often asked me as to why I would like or love a book that was written so long ago, All I say is read them you will see for your self. The ones that have agreeed with me right away. I like to think of my self as a real life Anne, I have red hair, Ilove to write, and I am in love with my best friend. Anne is and will always be my favorite character, and that will never change.
Anne's number one fan.

Name lilea
Email skeeter@1.net
Age 23
Hello, I to have fallen in love with Anne of Green Gables. I first saw the movie when I was 13 years old, I watched it with my mother, on PBS. It is one of the best memories that I have of speding time with her,I could only imagin what it would have been like to grow-up during that time period, and in Avonlea.

Name Sarah Holmes
Email greg.holmes e sympatico.ca
Age Age 7
I have seen some of the Anne of Green Gable moovies.I want
to see the rest of Anne of green gables. I bet it's a
good ending. I was wandering if you could make a 5th one.
so can at least send me the starting of the 4th moovie.
if you can then send it once you get this.ok?
Did you like the Anne of green gables moovie?
Because i just wanted to know because if you liked it
then i'll probobly like it too!
From sarah.

Name Viola
Age 17
I first read the Anne books when I was eleven. I loved them back then. I still love the Anne books, and I love all the characters that LMM painted so vividly in her Anne books. I can't say that I love Gilbert Blythe, because I don't, but he does represent the sort of idealistic hero that most girls would go crazy for. I don't think I would actually look for any Annes or Gils in my life, because it really is all fictional, but in the imaginery world, it is all very well. I appreciate the Anne books now, more for their literary value and poetic quality, than for entertainment value.

Name Bethany
Email treblig10@yahoo.com
Age 18
I first saw the Anne movies when I was really little...and I hated them! I felt so bad for Anne when she fell off the roof and found the mouse in the pudding. My mom named my middle name after Anne (with an E of course) and I was always mad because I didn't like Anne! But then I was forced to watch them a few years ago...and I discovered that I LOVE Anne! :-) I love Gilbert...he's the perfect guy. I used to think there couldn't ever be anyone like him (he's so sweet even when Anne is a jerk), but my mom kept telling me that the guy you end up marrying is "your" Gilbert. And now I know a guy who really is as sweet as Gilbert, and I hope I marry him someday. :-)