Our Stories of Anne

Name Jessica
Email bananastunkle@hotmail.com
Age 19
The credit must go to LMM! The character she created has sparkled long in my imagination, and has worked her way to my heart. Credit must also be given to Mr. Sullivan, for taking a truly Canadian story and keeping it so, and creating an incredible job of art - at least on the first two films. Last but not least, credit must be given to Megan Follows, a consummate actress who actually WAS Anne. Her interpretation was absolutely enchanting, and well deserving of Geminis, if not Academy Awards as well.

One knows that something is monumental in their life when it has changed them, and Anne has changed me for the better. Her magic gives me hope to believe in imagination, in determination, in spunk, in true love, and in kindred spirits. To Megan, Kevin Sullivan, to LMM . . . I am forever indebted to you, thank you.

Name Heidi Hodgson
Email heidi_hodgson@yahoo.com
Age 25
I saw Anne the first time in my fall break from school at the age of 12. I was going through a tough time personally. I was a victim of cruel teasing because of... you guessed it - my red hair! I never thought I would ever find a friend, a love, and my selfconfidence.

Then in the fall break the Danish TV aired the Anne of Green Gables for the first time. It has then been a tradition to air them both every 2 year since then. I instantly identified myself with Anne because of her problems with her red hair, her problems with not having a friend, and the problem of feeling that you wern´t needed. But Anne managed to find all the above. And that lit a fire in me. If she was to do it - so could I!

So I became my own little Anne - determined to get what I wanted. And I got it. I now have a selfconfidence, the love of my life, many bussomfriend and I really feel that I am needed......and I still have my red hair and am very proud of it today!

Thank you Anne for showing me the way.

Name Ami
Email Bean000420
Age 22
i first fell in love with anne and gil about 8 years ago when my very own kindred spirit introduced me to the series. I have watched the tapes over and over since :) i love annes strength and positive outlook on life. she has taught me so much about who i want to be. I never thought i was a romantic but since anne i can say that i get hopelessly gushy when it comes to romance hehe. my roommate (the kindred spirit i spoke of earlier) and i still watch anne together often (tissue at hand knowing it will be needed) anne is the most inspiring character i have ever seen. megan IS the only one to play anne... and gil!! (well, all i can say is I LOVE GIL)! hehe (sigh) i get teary just remembering the movies :) when i watch AGG and AOA, i lose myself and my day to day life to the twists and plots of annes WONDERFUL imagination. i cant wait to see anne 3 !!

Name Sara
Email SaraMcDowell@hotmail.com
Age 17
I have always loved Anne of Green Gables. I feel that Anne's life is in many ways a reflection of mine. By watching Megan Follows playing Anne and by reading Lucy's books I have become more confortable with my self and am able to be more helpful and outgoing towards others.

I have found many kindred spirits and even a real bosom friend who reminds me of Diana in many ways.

Anne has helped me in school and in life and I am thankful. For she has taught me how to be myself.

Name Esther Yoder
Email estheryoder
Age 16
The Anne stories have changed my life. I have learned how good people can be, and I learned how to deal with the people that annoy me. I also know what kind of Guy I want to marry, which narrows it down so that I doubt I'll find a Gilbertish type of guy. I love the stories of Anne. They're awesome! -*ESTHER YODER*

Name Christine
Email BioTeach@ny.freei.net
Age 23
How has Anne influenced my life? Wow, there is so much to say, I could probably write a book. When I first saw the "Anne of Green Gables" miniseries by Kevin Sullivan in 1985, I was positively enchanted! I wanted to be an exact replica of Anne. I wanted to look like her, dress like her, speak like her, act like her, and have as many kindred spirits as I could. When the 1987 sequal came out, I was so excited and again, totally taken with it. I, like many girls who love the Anne series, fell in love with Gilbert myself. Even now at 23, almost 24, I still love these movies and they impact me all the time. I was finally given the books by Lucy Maud Montgomery as a gift, and am reading them, although slowly. I find myself quoting Anne, almost on a daily basis...much to the chagrin of some of my friends who have not yet discovered the beauty of Anne. I could never see the movies too often. I use them as a total escape and release from reality. As Anne used to "slip into her window friend, Katie's world", I too, slip into Anne's world. To this day, even though I'm an "adult" I still want to be just like that "red-headed snippet". I even dyed my hair red when I turned 18!!(although, I realized I could not carry it off as well as Anne, and I'm back to blonde now! :-)

Name Melissa
Email todmelben@aol.com
Age 31
I first saw Anne of Green Gables in 1991 on OBP here in Portland. My husband and I were newly married. I immediately bought the videos (including Anne of Avonlea). These are the only movies I own that I can watch over and over again and never tire of them. Gilbert reminded me so much of my husband when we were dating. Whenever I need a good laugh, or a good cry, I know I can plug in an Anne video and have a great time. Now I have two boys. I'm hoping that at least one of them will someday enjoy the movies with me.

Name craig kellogg
Email kelloggc@frontiernet.net
Age 62
How has Anne, or better Lucy Maud Montgomery and Kevin Sullivan and his associates, influenced my life? I have read the eight ANNE novels, Kilmeny of the Orcard, Emily of New Moon, and intend to read all the LMM novels and more. I watch AVONLEA on Odyssey Channel whenever possible. (Actually watching one episode of this wonderful series led me to LMM and Anne.) I have searched the web for everything about Anne, LMM, Kevin Sullivan, and PEI. I have sent e-mail messages and letters to several kindred spirits. I have checked out the two Anne films from our local public library and seen them more than once. I dream of visiting PEI someday. While visiting my daughter and her husband in Charleston, SC last night, I ordered and enjoyed PEI mussels for the first time. I gave my granddaughter (an eleven year old chatterbox with a wonderful imagination) a journal containing quotes from AGG and drawings after Anne and Dianna. You might say that I am totally and helplessly smitten.

Name Maia
Email homngirl@yahoo.com
Age 18
I don't think that I;ve ever seen these Anne miniseries. I fell in love with the stories of Anne through the fabulous books: I could have murdered Anne when she first refused Gilbert, I fell in love with Gilbert myself, I laughed with Mrs. Rachel, I just fell in love with the characters and Anne's personality. the books greatly enriched my life, and so I am not looking forward to the possibility of Anne 3, as to me it should always be Anne's children who go to WW1.

Name Dawn
Email norsecode@yahoo.com
Age 25
I first discovered Anne when Kevin Sullivan's series aired on PBS in 1985. I fell in love with the movie at once and watched it often. After seeing the Sequel in 1987, my mother bought me the set (6) of books. It took me years to sit down and read them, but when I did, I was so happy to finally see Anne and Gil married!

My love for the Kevin Sullivan films are what prompted me to create this website three years ago. I've enjoyed every minute of work on it. More than that, I've enjoyed getting such positive feedback from those of you who visit this site. Thank you!

Anne has really had an effect on my life. I've made some very good friends (bosom buddies) over the years, especially in this past year through my AnneFans listserv. I've been repeatedly surprised by the overwhelming kindness of kindred spirits around the world who offer me so much (gifts, information for the site, words of encouragement, etc).

Thank you Lucy Maud Montgomery, Kevin Sullivan, and of course Anne... for without you, we would not be here.