Anne 3 Review Book

Reviewer: kaylene
Email: Thureson
Rating: 5 out of 5
i think Anne of green gables are the best stories ever and i have grown up on them since i was born (and i'm 14) good job (07/28/2002)

Reviewer: sara
i thought that it lacked the original simplicity of plot mixed with complexity of character devolpment that accounted for much of the preceeding movies's success. it also felt as though the actors had forgotten how to play their characters. i saw only glimpses of the anne and gilbert i had known and loved from the old ones. it is one of those times when i wished i hadn't even seen it. (07/20/2002)

Reviewer: Michelle
Rating: 2
My sisters and I are big fans of Anne, but, as much as we love her, we were all disappointed with the third movie. It just didn't feel like Anne, being so dark and depressing. We wish they had gone along with the books instead of adding all this war business. (07/18/2002)

Reviewer: Madalyn
Rating: 4
Overall it was a good movie. But as said, it did not follow the books. Anne of Green Gables the Sequal does not really follow the books either, but was a good movie. You just have to let that go. (07/17/2002)

Reviewer: Elatia
Rating: 4
I thought it was actually a pretty good movie eventhough it deviated from Montgomery's books. This may sound sacreligious to many Anne fans, but I really only liked the first 3 books a lot. After Anne married in the books, she just banged out Gilbert's babies and didn't really do anything. Susan Baker and the children ruled the stories after that, and Anne was no longer a writer.

This movie keeps Anne as the main character and shows her inner strength wonderfully. I mean what other woman besides Anne Shirley would have the courage to go across the ocean in search of her missing beloved? (07/14/2002)

Reviewer: Hannah
Rating: 4
I gave it a four- not only because my favourite number is four- but because I thought it was a really good movie but I could have been better if it actually went by the books. Good story line! I loved it! Just saying, it could be soooo much better! (07/10/2002)

Reviewer: Angelfish
Rating: 5
I was surprised how different number three was from the rest. It was not nearly as innocent and fun-loving, nonetheless, I fell completely in love with it. true Anne and Gil did change in the way their roles but it was still completely romantic and sweet! I actually liked the added war aspects it gave the series a new depth which made room for more emotion. No matter what Anne, Gil, Diana,and "Green Gables will always have a place in my heart..." (07/08/2002)

Reviewer: Emily
Rating: 3
I love all the Anne movies and am a HUGE fan of the books! I own all 3 Anne movies and watch them constantly. However the third movie dissappoints me very much. Anne seems out of character and a "kindred spirit" no longer. Recently I read a riview of Anne three and it was exactly what I thought of it. "Instead of 'Anne of the Island' and 'Anne's House of Dreams' we get 'Anne of the Big Apple' and 'Anne shirley...Secret Agent'! Over all I think Maud would be a little upset to see her beloved characters placed where thy aren't supposed to be. (07/08/2002)

Reviewer: estefania
I don't know what to think, that's why I wanna know about it :-) thanks!!! (07/04/2002)

Reviewer: Pamela Duffy
Rating: 10
I thought the characters were nicely played. But I thought the war scenes were very sad. I enjoyed the movie. (07/02/2002)

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