Anne 3 Review Book

Reviewer: Sidney
Rating: 2.5
First of all, it would be nice to see people spell check or put some proper punctuation their emails before sending in - would be much easier to read and enjoy! Imagine what articulate Anne would think! :) Secondly, I understand all of those who wrote in and said something was missing. The movie didn't suck the way most Hollywood movies do but the charm just was not there. Like others, the first thing I did once Part 3 was finished was to pop in tape #1 to get back the old feeling of Anne and Gilbert (and Diana). I felt a little sad after. And it's funny how many people mention their looks. They're not ugly, that's a bit harsh, but they just look....older. Different. I guess that's what happens in 17 years! Jack was hot but Gilbert is the best. Sigh.... :) My biggest disappointments were Diana and Fred, the house at the end going to D&F, the amount of time that the movie concentrates on the war, and the clarity issues regarding Jack and his M.O., the length of time everything took (marriage, how long she searched, etc.) and the lack of Anne's humour. She was kind of blah. Strong and independent but blah. Strangely enough, the one time I could detect old Anne was when she was covered in soot in the nun's outfit. She looked young and cute and bewildered. Like old Anne. So that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Long live Anne and Gilbert.... P.S. Isn't Colleen Dewherst dead in real life? (05/13/2002)

Reviewer: Brittany
Rating: 4.5
It was really good, but not when I compare it with Anne. I look at it as a movie in itself having nothing to do with the Anne books or other films. Its good! (05/02/2002)

Reviewer: Kim
Rating: 1
I thought that Anne 3 was a total letdown!!:( I was expecting a charming story with Anne and Gil and their kids. And what was up with the stuff between Anne and Garrison? YOU NEED to make a Anne 4 and follow the books. Make it a loving and heartwarming story. That's what Anne 1 and 2 were all about! (04/29/2002)

Reviewer: Bea
Rating: 1
I have mixed feelings about Anne 3. I loved seeing Megan and Jonathan again as Anne and Gil, but the story was all wrong. They should have tried to follow the books more. An as an American fan I was very offended by all the U.S. Bashing in the movie, that was not necessary. Why be so rude to America Kevin SUllivan, you have alot of Anne fans here. I hope they do a Anne 4 and I hope they do it right this time. (04/27/2002)

Reviewer: Mandy Straussberg
Email: n/a
Rating: 5+++
I LOVE Anne:The Continuing Story. It's my favorite movie! I watch the end over and over and over and over again! (04/27/2002)

Reviewer: Lori Soto
Rating: 1
I was so disappointed. My daughter and I just loved the first 2 Anne movies. We had not seen Anne 3 and were just so excited when we bought it. I just cried it was so awful. It didn't follow the book in any semblance. What a let down. I love the story of Anne and Gil. Please do a 4th about the children of Ingleside. (04/25/2002)

Reviewer: Jennifer
Rating: 2
I truly was disappointed with this one. It was nothing like the books. I really dont know what they were thinking when put together this one. The acting was well done as usuall but the story was all wrong. (04/12/2002)

Reviewer: Angie
Rating: 5
I thought that it was a beautiful ending to a beautiful story. Anne and Gilbert have been the ideal couple. Anne's love shines through in this movie. She proves her love to him. Which is what everyone wanted, but didn't really get in Anne of Avonlea. I can't say it's my favorite because I love them all. They did a truly superb job of this movie! (04/11/2002)

Reviewer: angela rader
Rating: 100
oh oh anne gilbert are you married do you have kids (04/07/2002)

Reviewer: Karen
Rating: 5
I was disappointed that it didn't follow LMM's books closer but was so happy to see the characters again that my disappointment took a back seat. (04/05/2002)

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