Anne 3 Review Book

Reviewer: ERICA
Rating: 4
I thought the movie was very good. Even though the movie wasen't really based on the books I liked it. Everyone should understand that the actors probaly wanted to do other projects. I also think Both Meghan Follows and Jonathan Crombie don't look that old. In real life there both in there 30's, so what do you expect teenagers. I thought Kevin Sullivan took an interesting approach to continue the story, and I give him an A for his creativity.I thougt the acting was amazing. I am glad that they made this third movie. I hope they do a fourth. (04/05/2002)

Reviewer: Pam
Rating: 3
i loved the books on anne of green gables and the movies 1 & 2 but i was disappionted in anne 3. they shouldnt have waited so long to make anne 3 the characters got older and they had to cut colleen dewerst out. i was very disappionted in dianas and freds relationship and the fact that green gables had to be on fire. i would have liked it better if they had based the movie on the books. the movie was good and i would have liked it if they had different characters. (04/03/2002)

Reviewer: Kate
Rating: 4
As a movie, I would give this a 5. As an Anne film, I think Sullivan Entertainment needs to try harder. If what you are looking for is a heartwarming conclusion to the first two movies, look elsewhere. I really enjoyed the suspense that they incorporated, and I loved it, but don't be surprised if this movie isn't quite what you expect. (04/02/2002)

Reviewer: tanya lu.
Rating: ?
movie=bad, but with Gilbert anything is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't say anything bad about Gilbert aka Jonathon Crombie. His my dream husband (03/31/2002)

Reviewer: Michelle Lu.
Rating: ?
How dare you copy my inscription of my husband! (03/31/2002)

Reviewer: Tanya Lu.
Rating: 2.5555555555555
Hi I'm Michelle's big sister and I agree too!!!!!!!!!! Gilbert is indeed cute and quite handsome and Anne is well--- kinda ugly now. I hope to meet Jonathon Crombie in real life. The movie=bad but with Gilbert anything is good. (03/31/2002)

Reviewer: Michelle
Rating: 2.55555555555
In my opinion, all people that said that Gilbert wasn't cute anymore , HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!! That's my dream husband you're talking about (HAHA, i know your all laughing but watch if he reads your E-mail on the internet HE'LL SUE YOU! Dn't say that about him- PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (03/31/2002)

Reviewer: BUBUDANG
I want to read continueing story clift. (03/30/2002)

Reviewer: Laura
Rating: 2.5
It was good for a world war storyline, but i was pretty disappointed. I was interested in seeing Anne grow up in the real story, at Glen St Mary. The World War story is supposed to come in later with her kids! It would have been better set at the House of Dreams in Glen St Mary with the birth of HER children. (03/29/2002)

Reviewer: Joanna
Rating: 5
Anne of Green Gables the Continuing Story is the best mouvie I have ever seen.
I really want a fourth mouvie to appare to extend the wonderful Anne series. Megen Follows & Jonathan Crombie are (03/12/2002)

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