Anne 3 Review Book

Reviewer: laura
Rating: D-
I was so dissapointed with this movie. Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea are my favorite movies and I couldn't wait to see this movie but I wish I hadn't. I couldn't believe how different this movie was from the book series. I don't recommend this movie at all. My advice is save yourself the dissapointment and don't watch it. (02/22/2002)

Reviewer: Chloe
Rating: 0
anne3 really sucked, and anne and gil are both ugly now, and they lost there poetic touch... they are not interesting anymore, like they used to be. cuz gil looks like a retard who despritely needs a lot of sex to survive. Geez, they really waited a long time to make anne3. anne was playing 20 years old, but she's like 35!! (02/21/2002)

Reviewer: Leisa
Why, when the remaining books have such wonderful stories would anyone film such a disappointing movie? LM Montgomery's Anne would never have turned into the wimpy Anne of this story. There is such potential in this series that hasnít yet to be touched. (02/19/2002)

Reviewer: sara
Rating: 1
i was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO disappointed in this movie. i have been waiting for months to watch it. i finally found the video and i was so disappointed. it seemed like one of those cheesy reunion shows that they do after a tv show has been off the air for like 10 years. it just wasnt the same anne. i was sad. (02/19/2002)

Reviewer: Isabella Spitelle
Rating: 5
I thought the movie was excellent. It portrayed Anne as a determined young woman who kept her dignity in time of war and personal turmoil. Megan Follows and Jonthan Crombie were excellent in their portrayal of the lead characters. I hope they continue to do more in other areas of theater or movies. (02/06/2002)

Reviewer: JM
Rating: 2
It was disappointing to see that Anne had lost her 'spark', as was the case with Anne & Gil's relationship, which I was looking so forward to seeing develop in Anne 3. Is it just me, or did Anne & Gil not seem to really like each other very much in this 3rd installment? At times they seemed like different people! Of course they have grown up since the last one, but what happened?

While the adventures were exciting, and of course there's nothing wrong with interpreting a different future for Anne & Gil, this interpretation should have stayed true to the SPIRIT of the characters. What a shame, it didn't do this at all.

Readers of the books would never have expected this. And at times it was like Gil was just a secondary, unimportant character. What a shame, what a LOST OPPORTUNITY.

The first two installments possessed much more charm, humour, gentlemess, poignancy, and it is such a shame these traits were lost. I hope that one day this might be made up to us fans by another chapter! Who else wants to see Anne & Gil growing up together as a married couple, having a family, having adventures TOGETHER? What a shame this opportunity was missed this time. (02/04/2002)

Reviewer: c jamison
Rating: 2
I was WAY disappointed!!!!! (02/03/2002)

Reviewer: Jennifer
Rating: 15
The movie was awesome. Some people make think I'm obsessed, but I watched the movie 3 times in a row!!!! (01/31/2002)

Reviewer: Bettina
Rating: 2
HIIIII!!!!!!! omg!! I am NOT happy about the third anne installment!!! I really wish it was based on the books, I defenently think that L.M Montgomery would have been mad if she found out that the story was entirely changed. WHY WOULD U DO THIS SULLIVAN?!?!?! I really want an anne 4 to come out, and plz... if it does, it BETTER have somethin' 2 do with the books!!! Anne fans would know what I mean!!! (01/31/2002)

Reviewer: Valerie
Rating: 4
I really loved the movie but it was nothing like the book, which was to be expected. But there's one thing that bothered me - there was no real "chemestry" like in the first 4 videos between Anne and Gilbert. I loved that about the first 4 movies. But overall, it was a job well done :) (01/29/2002)

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