Anne 3 Review Book

Reviewer: Melissa Anderson
Rating: 3
I thought that Anne of Green Gables:The Continuing Story had some moments. But I was a little disappointed. I loved the books that follow the movie, and i wish that Sullivan Entertaining would have also followed the books. Also Have you ever seen the Road to Avonlea series? I love it and highly recommend it. (12/31/2001)

Reviewer: friend
Rating: 2
i didnt like it..the whole point is to kinda follow the books which wasnt done at all...its ok just dont call it anne 3 the continuing story if it doesnt have squat to do with the books ya it anne the new version lol (12/31/2001)

Reviewer: shorty
Rating: 10
I Think the 3rd movie of anne and Gil was very good but I hope that they make a 4 one. I would like to see Anne and gil's kids. tey are very good actors I wish the best for both of them:) (12/31/2001)

Reviewer: me
I thought anne 3 was a brillantly done piece of work. The only thing that I was disappointed in was they didn't have the Anne music, but the music was great anyway.

I hope they do a 4th one about their life with a family.I have read many of the posts about this movie and i feel that sullivan did justice to the story I feel that he didn't have to follow the books. Colleen Dewhurst was a fantastic actor and to have someone else play her role of Marilla would be uncalled for, just like it would if someone else played Anne. Does it matter that the timeline is different to the books. Anne is a novel not a true story, where the dates have to be accurate like Titanic. Sullivan obviously changed the date in all three of the movies to the late 1800's early 1900s. I don't think it would hold the magic it would have held if it was their children going off to war.

How many movies have people seen that are nothing like the book. Take Danielle Steel books, virginia Andrews flowers in the attic and Beaches. They are nothing like the books.

In fact i think the movie is alot better than the anne books i have read, others may think differently. But I think the movie makes Anne of Green Gables what it is. Its the actors and sullivan who bought it to life and it wouldn't be the same if it wasn't. If there wasn't any of the movies would anyone know any different. The movie is magical, and it is always going to be magical for those who watch it.

So what that in the third one anne seemed not her self. You have to remember by the end of the 2nd one she would have to be at least 19, maybe nearly 20, making her 24, 25 in anne three, and three years go by in that movie, then another year before thaey get Dominic back. Also don't forget she went through the war and war always makes people look older than they are.

I don't want to keep going on but its only a movie and a brillant one at that and i don't think it needs to be picked apart. I think the author of the books would be pleased with what he did. We have to remember the quote anne said" its not what the world holds for you its what you bring to it'. Now i don't know if thay was added or if the author wrote it but look at it this way. Sullivan read the books and he bought anne to life the way he and others wanted it to happen regardless and he did justice not following the stories - the books have Marilla and we couldn't have her so he did the next best thing and that was to make up his own

I forgot to add Ks Made Anne her typical self running off with out thinking. I thought this was great and the ending was fantastic. it was just like anne to go to the ends of the earth to be with gil, regardless of what it might cost her. We have to use our imaginations isn't that what anne does and did in all the films. we have to let her grow up eventually. (12/30/2001)

Reviewer: mindy
Rating: 6
I have been an anne freek for ever since i could remember. I have watched the first two anne movies over and over, when i heard about the anne 3 video i just got soo excited! But after watching it a few times on pbs i realized that it wasnt done very well... o.k i'll put it this way it Sucked!! I know ks didnt want to make this one but he could have followed the books a little more and make it fit in with the avonlea series, couldnt he? I did however like some parts of it like when dominic runs to anne torwards the end of the movie i thought very touching. I just wish that ks would have made it a more realistic movie. (12/30/2001)

Reviewer: friend
Rating: 2
very disappointed....we've waited so long to see anne and gilbert married and the wedding wasnt even that gables seemed to be a thing of the past and forgotten..basically just a war movie...hopefully there will be an Anne 4...the only thing i liked was seeing the cast reunited and anne and gil happily together still and married...still it was a let down..i dont mean to be critical i was just hoping it to be just as good as the first 2 (12/29/2001)

Reviewer: Moi
Rating: 1
I am an Anne freak so don't worry about me. I loved the 1st one, the second one was okay but the 3rd one was APPALLING! Sullivan's cartoons are not good either. In my large group of Anne-with-an-E Fans/Friends none of us regard this s an Anne movie or the cartoons as Anne of Green Gables. On the plus side I did like the fashions in the movie. I hope Mr. Sullivan cleans up his act and sticks to authenticity.

And he made Anne an extremely lose moraled woman. And don't even get me started on Jack Garrison! Diana's wig looked terrible and he ruined the beauty of her marriage! The fact is true to the books Anne would have been born in 1865! I hope someday someone will make a completely true to the books Anne series. It would be sooo much better. (No, I don't just watch movies and critisze them. I have plenty of other hobbys.)And my final(You hope!) complaint is the music, The part where Anne walks into Green Gables should have had some classic Anne music but thats just another thing out of many they messed up. (12/27/2001)

Reviewer: Jessica
Rating: 10++++
I absolutely loved the continuing story. It didn't matter whether it followed the books or not, it was excellent! I am so glad that Anne & Gilbert finally got together, it's about time! (12/27/2001)

Reviewer: Jill Mitchell
Rating: 5
Execellent--love the period and the historical acquracy--costumes/set was awsome. (12/19/2001)

Reviewer: ME
Rating: 10
I don't know all of you guys but I loved every single movie that came out on Anne of Green Gables. This movie is nearly perfect....and note the *nearly perfect* part. What were they thinking when they made Anne 3!!!!!!! Ne ways hope the man who makes these movies does a better job in the future cause I'll be waiting to criticize the next movie he makes!!!!!!!!! (12/11/2001)

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