Anne 3 Review Book

Reviewer: ana
Rating: 3
I didnt even know that there was a 3rd part. Ive watched the first two like 100 times. I had gone shopping for a birthday present for someone else and I was in the movie section. When I saw the cover to the 3rd part I literally froze and my eyes welled up with tears. That might sound kind of corny but I literally cried. I quickly snatched up a copy raced home and even before the move started I was crying and then when the movie started I cried because I was so angry!!!! I hated the whole plot I wish it would have been more like the 1st and 2nd movies but oh well. I give it a 3 only because I got to see Anne and Gil together again. These have been my fav. movies since I was 11 and where I'm from hardly anyone knows what "Anne of Green Gables" is but I'm happy to say that I've gotten many people hooked on the movies. I really hope there is a part 4 and I pray that there would be a remake of 3 to kind of wipe out the one that I saw but oh well. Also "MY GOODNESS" we all waited "HOW LONG" to see Anne and Gil married, the wedding scene should have been longer, more romantic and elaborated. (11/20/2001)

Reviewer: kang-seungbin
Rating: good
It was a very touching story ąłął megan follows is very pretty. but I'm disturbed. (11/20/2001)

Reviewer: Patty
Rating: 4.5
I have not read any of the books, but I know that they are wonderful (word from my sister and my daughter). I loved the first two Anne movies and I enjoyed the third. I was pleased to see the strong bond and maturity of Anne and Gil and their undying love for each other. The romance shared between the two was very touching and it gives me hope that romance is still alive in the world and anyone can find a kindred spirit/soul mate. (11/19/2001)

Reviewer: Nellie
Rating: 1 1/2
I was very disapointed in this movie not at all like I had hoped. I did not like Jack at all!! she should have just let him jump off the building! (11/17/2001)

Reviewer: Trish
Rating: 4
Although I really enjoyed Anne3, I was still disappointed & still holding out that possibliy that an Anne4 might follow the original novels more closely regarding Anne & Gil's life after marriage as a small town doctor & wife with a growing family & interesting new friends & aquaintances. I really hope Sullivan has a good shake of himself & produces what the audiences wants instead of advendure novels 20yrs out of their correct time period. Anne & Gil's sons go to WW1 not Gil. (11/15/2001)

Reviewer: Caitin
Rating: 5
I personally happened to love the scene when they spotted each other over the crowds. I loved the movie! There are other comments about this movie that you may want to read over at (11/13/2001)

Reviewer: Leona
Rating: 2
the storyline was all wrong, and anne looks older than she should, it was a ok movie but i'd have liked it better if it had followed the storyline (11/13/2001)

Reviewer: soen-haeng kim
thank you for great movie! i do love anne of green gables! anne forever! (11/11/2001)

Reviewer: Kristie Kay
Anne 3 was great. I was a little dissapointed that it didn't follow the L.M. Montgomery stories, but it was still very well made. (11/10/2001)

Reviewer: KRistie
Rating: 4
It was very good/ I want an ANNE 4 (11/10/2001)

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