Anne 3 Review Book

Reviewer: Kimberly Long
Rating: 5
I really liked the movie! My mom got me on the movies because they were her favorite. Now I'm hooked! They are my faveorute movies and books! (11/10/2001)

Reviewer: Brooke
Rating: 5
I think that 'Anne 3' was a great movie. Even if it doesn't follow the books, it was a good movie just for entertainment. I think the SHOULD make the mivies to the rest of the books though. (11/10/2001)

Reviewer: Michelle
Rating: 5 (stars?)
I loved the movie : ) I love all of the movies.. I did notice the storyline didn't relate to the original novels but I thought the story just made me laugh, cry and cry and smile and cry, hehe... I also LOVED how all of the characters remained the same.. except for Fred, I wasn't sure if that was the same guy. Gil is as hot as ever! And Megan always seems to make her character even more and more memorable : ) (11/10/2001)

Reviewer: Lan Anh Huynh
Rating: 2
The continuing Story wasn't as romantic as the first one eventhough there were many scenes with Anne and Gilbert. It wasn't as funny as the first one and many scenes of the war was boring. The story line wasn't as good as I've imagined. (11/09/2001)

Reviewer: lee mi yeon
Rating: 1
i'am a college student. i like anne very much. so i want to see this Anne 3. thank you. (11/07/2001)

Reviewer: anonymous
Rating: 4.5
I thought Anne 3 was very good. As an American I didn't like the America bashing that seems to be throughout, and I do wish they would have kept the wedding night scene in the movie. Other than that it was really great. (11/07/2001)

Reviewer: Korte Knoblauch
Rating: 10
I loved the movie! I have read all the books, and the movies are just as good, if not better. Even though the movie doesn't go with the rest of the series, it gives another view on what happens in her life and I love it just as much! We bought it and I watch it all the time! If you would like to talk about it, just e-mail me and I will talk about anything you want that has to do with Anne, or another book series! Bye! (11/04/2001)

Reviewer: Vanessa Garlock
Rating: 2
I LOVE the Anne films, I grew up on the films, and still throw them in once a week, and always hoped they would make a sequel to the first two--and somewhere Sullivan when horribly wrong! The film doesn't even fit the series--it moves about too much--location and story wise. And it is so somber. I loved the scenes in Avonlea, and I loved seeing the actors reprise their roles, but there was nothing in the movie even REMOTELY related to the first movies. Did Sullivan not remember that Anne was retiring from her jobs to write novels, and that at the end of Anne 2, Anne gets her work published? Did he forget that Anne would be in her 40s by the time WW1 started? Did he forget or not realize that Montgomery had several books dealing with Anne's life after Windy Poplars (or Kingsport in the film)? The answers are yes, yes, and yes! And the think Kevin Sullivan made a HUGE GHASTLY mistake when he didn't use the Montgomery books, and just relied on his own ego to write the script. Montgomery must be turning in her grave for this horrific rape given to her characters. I enjoy the first two Anne films immensely, and will continue watching them, but there is nothing in this one that makes me what to watch it again. (11/03/2001)

Reviewer: Dani
Rating: 3
I was very disappointed in this movie. If I forgot that this was an Anne movie I liked it, but it was too different from the books to suit me. I wish Kevin Sullivan would do another movie and base it on the books as LMM wrote them. You can't improve upon masterpieces!! (10/30/2001)

Reviewer: ali
Rating: 4
i think it is great (10/30/2001)

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