Anne 3 Review Book

Reviewer: Sharon Fitzsimmons
Rating: 3.5
Very disappointed Gil & Anne's wedding night scene was cut. Didn't like the story content. Was hoping for more of the 2 of them together and having their own child, not someone else's. The acting, costumes, etc. were excellent. (08/25/2001)

Reviewer: Carolyne ..Ardmore, Ok
Disappointing, but I would have watched anything concerning Anne. Anything to do with Anne and Gil. I didn't think that Megan Follows looked or sounded like herself.Her voice and mannerism wasn't the same. I wouldn't have recognized her if she hadn't of been in that movie. I loved Anne's House of Dreams. Wish that it would have taken on that setting. LMM probably wouldn't have liked it, but would have been so proud of the other two. I still could never tire of the Anne movies. (08/24/2001)

Reviewer: Lisa
This is a decent movie... IF you've never read the books. I'm crazy about the Anne books, and I was so excited to hear about Anne 3. What a disappointment, though! When did Anne ever go to New York? Gilbert and Anne had six children by the time World War I happened. And who on earth is this Jack Garrison fellow? I don't think they should have even used the names of Montgomery's characters if they weren't going to at least loosely base the movie on the books. (08/23/2001)

Reviewer: Beth
very disappointed! what happened to house of dreams, ingleside? the continuing story doesn't continue the story at all! it doesn't follow the storyline in the books, diana is totally out of character and i don't remember green gables burning in the books! what happened to my beloved "anne series?" (08/23/2001)

Reviewer: Brooke
Rating: 10
I loved Anne 3. I think Gillbert is so cute. It was also an interesting movie. I hope they come out with Anne 4. (08/22/2001)

Reviewer: Lydia O'Brien
Rating: 6
I absolutely positively loved Anne the Continuing Story. I have never watched such a suspenseful movie in my life! My whole family loved it. I know it's not like the book but I loved how you told the storys of the people in the war. Thank you for making such a wonderful film. (08/21/2001)

Reviewer: Colin
Rating: 3
Mixed feelings about the third one...I don't quarrel so much with the presentation of Anne as a mature adult, missing the melodramatics and the like. People grow up and lose the superfluities of adolescence, after all. I was actually quite interested in Anne and Gil, and even Jack the writer, for the first half of the film, but once the spy plot got going the decline was underway. It was, however, still watchable until the final moments, where Anne's little blurbs about 1) always considering Dominiq to be hers and Jacks and 2)leaving GG behind and "building on the same foundation" had me running for the Gravol. Some very unfortunate writing and production. Mr. Crombie seems to have taken some acting classes, though, which would have been an even greater relief had he appeared for more than 20 minutes. Disappointing, but not a precipitous drop from The Sequel, which was highly overrated. The original remains the thing, a piece of brilliance. (08/20/2001)

Reviewer: Julie
Rating: 5
I loved it When Anne was walking down the ailse toward Gilbert, as she was gazing into his eyes it made me felt all warm and romantic inside and how much i want that some day. Also, it was wonderful seeing Anne Shirley marry Gilbert it got me thinking, Anne shirley once told Gilbert that she just wanted to be friends but now, she married him, and that scene made me cry!It was a wonderfull movie, and i will always cherish it! (08/18/2001)

Reviewer: Miranda
Rating: 3
I came into this movie expecting to love it as I had the first 2, but Mr. Sullivan made a very grave mistake. He placed a very out of character Anne into WWI. Every fan of the book series knows that WWI is Rilla's "war". I wanted Anne and her house o' dreams and I got barely anything with Anne and GIlbert together and no house o' dreams, no Four Winds! I hope that the next movie, if there is one, makes up for thte diappointment that this one was. (08/16/01)

Reviewer: Carla
Rating: 2
I really enjoyed this movie. I was, however, disapointed with the way everything had changed. I suppose that is to be expected since the movie came out about ten years too late. I think that it had been completed years earlier, it would be the masterpiece that everyone expected it to be. I was very disapointed that they couldn't cast the original Fred Wright as himself. I must admit that they guy they got to play him did a fine job. (08/14/01)

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