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Reviewer: Katelin
Rating: 1
I was VERY dissapointed with the 3rd Anne movie. i cannot beleive that that sullivan man would ruin such AMAZING works like that. i havent even read all of the books and yet i know that this movie was a camplete insult to Anne and L.M. Montgomery. take my advice : Forget the Movie ( except the first 2 ) and READ THE BOOK!!! (07/27/01)

Reviewer: Bethany
Rating: 2
i thought that it was a good try but they completly ruined the story of Anne . the timeline was all off and the story just didn't seem to fit the " Anne" characteristics . it was a good movie but I don't think that it worked. they should have just kept with "Anne of Green Gables" and "Anne of Avonlea" (07/27/01)

Reviewer: Bella
I first watched Annes I and II when they were released in the late 80's and have always imaged what would have happened to her and Gil. I was fortunate enough to travel to Canada this year, whereupon I purchased the whole series of Montgomery books. I feel that the movie is sacrilage! Not only is it a total derivation from the book , but the acting and story lines are very very poor. I am happy to have seen the movie (although not so happy that I shelled out the money to purchase it!). I believe that true fans will want to see the movie - but most (especially those who have read the books) will be bitterly disappointed with the outcome. (07/26/01)

Reviewer: Kristin
Rating: 3-
My best friend and I adore the Anne series, and the first to Anne movies. We were, however, very hesitant in seeing the latest one. We heard the bad reviews, and were afraid it might spoil the other two. But, we couldn't help ourselves, and one night we sat and watched it. True, it was noce to see all the same people, and Gil and Anne finnaly together, but there were so many things that didn't fit. Anne and Dianna hardly seemed like the bossum friends they once had been, Anne and Gilbert had a very unromantic wedding, and if you have ever read the Anne series, it's just bothersome to watch the last movie since it's about the war. There's no Walter or Jem or Susan exc. I think if the movie would have stayed with it's time and followed along more with the books, I would have liked it better. (07/26/01)

Reviewer: candice
Rating: 5
i thought anne of green gables the continuing story was excellent!! but the backround music didn't seem to be it,it more sounded like it was from wind at my back,i thought it should have been from the earlier anne of green gables movies which would make it the same and give the movie watchers the same feeling that gave them in the 1st and the sequel,i also thought the atmosphere was the best it made it so real,being that i love reading and watching war stories!!! i hope to become such a fabulous actress as megan follows someday. thanks for reading! sincerely, candice (07/25/01)

Reviewer: Rachel
Rating: 1
reading the other reviews on this page make it plain to me that the people who liked Anne 3 are almost always people who haven't read the books and who know Anne only from the movies. Anne 3 was cliched, poorly produced and filmed (that awful flat dyed hair! Those awful clothes! The terrible banal dialogue! The transformation of Anne into a whinging, self absorbed woman without a trace of the poetry and charm that she has in the books! The unexplained age of Anne and Gil - the actors were both clearly in their mid to late 30s)Yes, it was lovely to see Gil again (he and Diana at least bore some resemblance to the book characters) and yes the scene where Anne and Gil find each other after the war is moving, but only because it was practically the only scene that had any emotional truth in it. The rest was rubbish. People, if you love Anne and Gil and want to know what happens to them, READ THE BOOKS. That's where those characters live and breathe. Anne 3 was about different people altogether. . Read the books. Read the books. Read the books. Discover Leslie and Owen and Jem and Walter and Rilla and Kenneth - they are just as delightful as Anne and Gil. Don't ask Kevin Sullivan for an Anne 4 which, if Anne 3 is any guide, would probably have Anne and Gil watching the first moon landing whilst still supposedly in their twenties. (07/25/01)

Reviewer: amanda
Rating: e
very very good (07/24/01)

Reviewer: Miss Stacy
Email: read@book
Rating: 1
If you want to know what happened to Anne, READ THE BOOKS. The best movie screen in the world exists in the middle of your imagination, right in the middle of your mind. Read the books and let your imagination show you a movie 1000 times better than any Sullivan production. Obviously Sullivan has no imagination since he couldn't even script an Anne that resembled ANYTHING we remember of her from the first 2 movies. Anne 3 is horrible, absolute rubbish. (07/24/01)

Reviewer: Mrs. Lynde
Email: gossip@blahblah
Rating: 1
Sullivan shot himself in the foot by using plots from the books for _Road to Avonlea_. When he went to make Anne 3, there was nothing left from the LMM books to use. Except for the wedding scene from Anne's House of Dreams. That is the most beautiful piece of writing in all the books, and I *know* Sullivan could have given Anne that wedding, but he chose not to. Megan Follows was a fool to take this role. Jodie Foster turned down Hannibal for good reason, and Follows should have turned Sullivan down too. Did you know that Sullivan bought the rights to LMM's books *before* he even read one word of any of the books? Then when he read the first book he said, "there's no plot here, how can I make a movie that appeals to adults and kids?" I hope Sullivan is American because I will be forever ashamed to be a Canadian if I find out he's Canadian. (07/24/01)

Reviewer: Josie Pye
Email: badmovie@badmovie
Rating: 1
historically inaccurate - re: WWI events and medicine
chornologically inaccurate - re: Anne's children were in the war
Characters inaccurate - re: Anne is not funny, charming, nor caring. Her temptation with Garrison is WRONG WRONG WRONG
Wardrobe is inaccurate- re: Anne does not belong in "modern" clothing.
I give this movie zero stars. Kevin Sullivan has been influenced by:
American Money- setting parts of it in New York to appeal to Americans
Sensationalism- the spy thing
Sex- Anne's temptation to attract a wider audience
While Sullivan tries to appeal to as broad an audience as possible, he manages to appeal to NO ONE. This movie has no family values, and is shamefully disappointing on the Anne/Gilbert romantic front. And what an insult to think that Anne's first child would be adopted! This movie should have been about Rilla, and that is all I have to say about that. (07/24/01)

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