Anne 3 Review Book

Reviewer: anonymous
Rating: 5
I loved all the movies..... The Anne 3 was good! Except that it was with the war and all. But at least Gil and Anne married. The Anne 2 was good...but too bad that they never made Anne say yes to Gil when he asked her to marry him the first time.....but do you know what......he didn't give up on her....Gil probably loved her the moment he saw Anne. Anne did love him....but she just didn't want to admit it. You know in the second movie where Anne goes on that trip with Mr.Harris and his daughter, Mrs.Harris and Mrs. Harris daughter..and Anne meets Gil by the bridge on the stormy day...well when Gil told her that he was getting married, Anne wasn't happy at all. And by the looks of Gil, he didn't sound happy either. That just connected a bit showing that they both werent' happy. And in Anne 3 I like when Anne finds Gil, and the most part that was sad was watching Anne struggling to find Gil. But she only looked for him because she cared to him and loved him with all his heart.I think Anne 3 was the most interesting. WELL KEEP IT UP...Hopefully there will be more movies coming...cause I JUST LOVE IT!!! They should show Anne having a baby and all. And then they can live happily ever after. My mom JUST LOVES those movies too. And is awaiting the next movie. PLEASE SAY THAT THERE WILL BE A NEW MOVIE!! Cause I don't know what I would do without it. Can you show the movies on T.V. following one after another???? I want to record the contunuing one. But make sure it's on the channel where there is no commercials. Cause THAT gets annoying! Thanxs! (07/11/01)

Reviewer: Aprile
Rating: 1
I was very disappointed in The Continuing Story. I would love to see more of the Anne series done, but do not know where it could go from film #3 that would take it back to the original story line. I was also disappointed that Sullivan allowed Megan Follows to appear so much older and matured (aged). She seemed lackluster compared to the previous portrayals. The costuming and scenery did not compare to moves one and two. All that I loved about Anne as Megan Follows portayed her, was diminished in the third film. I wish we could forget The Continuing Story and go back to the original story-line/script. (07/10/01)

Reviewer: Courtney
Rating: 5+
I loved it oh sooo much when does it come back on again? (07/10/01)

Reviewer: Amy
Rating: 1
I'm sorry but I hated the movie.... but only as Anne of Green gables. It isn't that it is a bad movie, it's just that it's a bad Anne movie. When a remake is made it is made because people loved the first (or first two) and want more. This was nothing the same and, I'm sure, disappointed all Anne fans. I know you have to expect people to grow up and mature but it is a movie and besides why does she have to leave her personality and character behind? That imagination is her, young or old. I have to say that if they had have changed the names of the characters... and not made it an Anne continuation... it would've been not bad. (07/08/01)

Reviewer: Kate
Rating: 2
Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story was a fine movie on its own. However, I just thought that it was not the kind of sequel that you would expect for the Anne movies. It was not the happy, imaginative girl from before. To me it was too dark and dramatic. I think that it would've been better if they had stuck to the books although I can see how difficult that would have been with age of actors and such. Still, I try to forget it is connected with the earlier stories and it is not so bad. :o) (07/08/01)

Reviewer: Noreen
Rating: 1
I fell in love with the story of Anne of Green Gables in 6th grade, when my teacher had us read the book, then watch the movie. I then bought both movies available, and read all eight books. The first two movies are excellent. Although Anne of Avonlea has major differences to the three books it is based on, the plot and story line are in the spirit and flow of L.M. Montgomery's books. The third movie takes off in a completely different direction from the books, adding new characters and completely ignoring the rest of the books in the series. I was highly disappointed in movie #3, and would love to see Kevin Sullivan use his talent to make a movie that would show the story that L.M. Montgomery intended. (07/05/01)

Reviewer: Ashleigh
Rating: 4
Anne of Green Gables the continuing story is a great movie, even though it doesn't follow the wonderful books by LMM, it is a great movie. Every time I watch it my favorite parts get better. Anne's spirit is very different. It may help if you think of it as a movie that is not about Anne, because if you think of it that way, it is much better. I really want them to make an Anne4 that follows the books. Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story is overall a very good movie, but you may be disappointed if you were looking foward to a movie about the books. (06/29/01)

Reviewer: Anne
Rating: 5
I love it just as much as I love the other two. One of my favorit parts is when she finds Gil, I just sit there and watch it over and over again, I love it! I know that its acting and all but I've never seen any movie untill the Anne of Green Gables series that when you watch the movie you can actualy almost feel the love. I gues my imationation is as bad as Anne's but sometimes if I close my eyes and concentraite really hard I can actually put myself in Anne's place, its really cool. I just wish there were people like Gilbert where I live, If you know what I mean, but i know the Lord will provide my Gilbert when its time1 :-D (06/28/01)

Reviewer: megan
Rating: 5
I can't understand why people thought this movie was so terrible. It was a great movie and you get to see how the characters grow up and mature. You can't expect someone to act like a child forever. I highly recommend this movie. It was beautifully done. (06/27/01)

Reviewer: Cheryl
Rating: 3
I was both happy and disappointed with Anne 3. I didn't like that it took place in the war. It made the movie seem dreary. I agree that it should have had more about Anne and Gilbert, but it showed us how much Anne loved Gil and that she would go to the ends of the earth to find him. I also agree with another fan, i too would like to see Anne and Diana get into some trouble as adults, maybe the children could be involved. (06/24/01)

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