Anne 3 Review Book

Reviewer: elaine
Rating: 1
Even though i haven't seen anne 3 i have seen them (anne1&2) in 6th grade i didn't really pay attention to the movie but they just aired it like last night and last week on pbs so now i like it i like when gibert and anne fall in love. In pictures i saw gilbert looks too old and anne does too there voice sure has changed. When i read the plot to anne 3 it said she was in her 20s but she and gilbert look older than 20 they should of looked like when they were in the anne2 but they both probably aged before they aired the movie. i can't believe Megan is 33 and Johnathan is 35 wow it's been a long time that's really old. (06/12/00)

Reviewer: Eileen
Rating: 2
I was so disappointed. It was completely lacking in the charm of the first two movies. The war angle was completely depressing and went on forever. The new characters were mostly unlikeable and uninteresting. In one scene as a feeble attempt to get a laugh, they had Anne trip over something as she walked up to her old house. Is that supposed to pass for comedy? The original Anne was funny because she got herself into these ridiculous situations, and if she tripped and fell running after a cow in a muddy cabbage patch, it was funny because there was a story behind it and a buildup to that fall, and because Gil was there to see her make a fool of herself. They forgot everything that people loved about these characters and the stories, and it seems like they just slapped this thing together. (06/11/00)

Reviewer: sophie
upsetting, frustrating and hideous. utter pants. what was our dear herorine doing rolling aroud in muddy trenches 20yrs in the future clutching this poor child? an absolute insult to montgomery and with none of the magic of prince edward island. even anne had lost much of her charm which i had thought was eternal. (06/09/00)

Reviewer: maria
Rating: 5
ofcause I loved it! I am just sorry that I did not get it on tape, so I can see it over and over again. (06/08/00)

Reviewer: sarah
Rating: cannot
I was so disappointed I almost cried. What about the house of dreams, Captain Jim, the sweetness and gentleness that has been Sullivans Anne? Methinks someone wanted to tap into a new market "A new generation of Anne Viewers who like violence and bollocks"....I can hear him even now. (06/08/00)

Reviewer: S.C.
Rating: 1
I watched this with a bunch of dedicated Anne fans and to say we were disappoined is an understatement. We're in Australia and the movie was sent from America by friends. We knew it was going to be bad as soon as we saw Cameron Daddo's name on screen (Jack Garrison). Having an Aussie actor in there is just wrong. In the last week I've re-watched all three movies, and it brings home how sadly lacking the third one is. I won't watch it again because it detracts from the first two, which are so beautiful and moving. (05/28/00)

Reviewer: Spider
Rating: 3
After my little sister got me hooked on the Anne movies, I was psyched about the third movie coming out. Then I found it to be pretty average. It was great in some parts but that greatness was very inconsistent. This was more of an action movie. Even though the story was good, the characters are totally different than they were the previous movies. And personally, I would've liked Bruce McCulloch to reprise his role as Fred Wright, because he's da man! (05/27/00)

Reviewer: ab
Rating: 4
it was good but it kinda dragged with all the war seens (05/19/00)

Reviewer: Kristine Pedersen
Rating: 10000000000000000000000000000000000
verry very very very very very very good thats all what i can say
I think that Anne of Green Gables the continuing story is verry good its a pitty that they don't have that in our library (05/17/00)

Reviewer: Donna Lee Hartshorn
Rating: 7
I believe I waited so long for the sequel & built it up so much in my own mind that when I finally was able to see it based on my already too high expectations was dissapointed that there was more war scenes than romance which hey I'm a woman that's what we live for. Sorry I had to give it only a seven. If it was not a sequel but a first showing of Ann I would have probably given it a 10 (05/15/00)

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