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Reviewer: Laurie
I adored the first and second Anne series, and when I heard a third was coming I was so excited. However, I was very disappointed. It does not follow the books at all, and takes place during WWI - which, for anyone who has read the books knows that by WWI Anne and Gilbert had grown children who went off to that war. Gilbert would have been too old. I am sticking with the books, and Anne 1 & 2. I would prefer to forget about #3. (03/21/00)

Reviewer: Celeste
Rating: N/A
I have been a great fan of the Anne books (and movies 1 & 2) since the 6th grade when we read the book and saw the movies. I was instantly hooked for life, the way Anne was and talked, etc. Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to watch Anne 3. Although I have read many disappointing reviews, I still wish to see this movie. I read a review a while back, that stated that Megan Follows herself, was not very happy with the way Anne was portrayed in Anne 3. According to the review, she stated that she was quite disappointed that Anne's headstrong attitude would not be present in this movie. The review also stated, that Megan insisted that Anne's attitude remain consistent to the previous movies. Supposedly, she had various head aches over the subject. No matter how disappointing this movie is to others, I believe that I will truly enjoy it, despite the changes and contortments it may contain. After all, let us all keep in mind, this is a movie dealing with our favorite character Anne!! I myself like many, many others, hope that there will in fact be an Anne 4. It would be absolutely grand, if another, more accurate, installment were made. So all-in-all I simply wish to say how much I truly love Lucy Maude Montgomery's Anne books, and hope that millions of young children not be deprived of reading such wonderful works of literature!! Celeste- 17 (03/16/00)

Reviewer: Stephanie Paul
Rating: 5
I love it!! It was the best. It may not follow the books, but It was still a very good movie. (03/09/00)

Reviewer: june baker
Rating: 4
my husband and i are HUGE anne fans, and were greatly anticipating the continuing story installment. we were extremely disappointed in the third anne. so much so, for awhile we had difficulty watching the first two without a bad taste in our mouths. first of all, i think that the acting, especially that of megan follows was decidely subpar. the storyline was fragmented and difficult to follow. anne's other "romantic interest" and ensuing guardianship of his child were big mistakes. AND THEN TO ADD INSULT TO INJURY, ANNE AND GILBERT NOT RETURNING TO LIVE AT GREEN GABLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL!!!!!!!!! (03/08/00)

Reviewer: Jean
Rating: 2
I have been an avid fan of Anne of Green Gables since it came out on the Disney Channel many years ago. As soon as I heard that there was a 3rd one I couldn't wait to see it. Well, I just finished watchinga and I'm really disappointed. Why is the vision so dark? Why is Anne so concentrated on all of these other factors more than Gilbert while the war is going on and she is searching for him? I was also offended on how Green Gables looked. I couldn't believe that happened. Why didn't they show the time in which Marilla passed? Help me understand!!! I hope that a 4th Anne video is done but a little more tastefully done! Good luck. (03/05/00)

Reviewer: TONIA

Reviewer: Cyndie
Rating: 3
Dude, have you lost your touch, Sullivan??? What happened to the cheery Anne? You need to clean this up and make an Anne 4. Perhaps this time you could stick to the book like the last two. The only reason why I gave it a 3 is cuz it had most of the original characters. Where the heck did that American dude come from? This is supposed to be about the Avonlea people. When I say that, I don't mean them dying during war or getting there arm cut off. I mean the way Lucy Maud Montgomery pictured it. Not some World War I crap!!! (03/01/00)

Reviewer: Z. Thorn
Rating: 1
"Darn it, Sullivan! We need more ratings!!!" I am guessing this is what Kevin has been hearing lately, that or else something else is askew. Why did these things start out good and end up tweaked? Hmm, all I can see is that when they really steered off course from the books, particularly the essential themes, the grace and elegance went ka-putt. I looked at the other two mini-series as a way to unwind and relax. This one? I had to have a back massage right afterward it was so tense! Don't we have enough tension in television these days?

I understand that in the scope of things, as going along on a time table from Anne 1, Anne 2, and the Road to Avonlea series, not forgetting "Happy Christmas, Miss King", the time is now WWI and Anne is not married to Gilbert already? Umm, okay, what about that episode when Marilla died and "Mrs. Anne Blythe" was pretty much a said and sturdy condition? I was certain that would confirm things. (But no...)

Now, if they wanted to create this rough and tough story I would have suggested they create weird flash back sequences that of course would not involve the real Colleen Dewhurst but perhaps misty images of her from Diana's wedding in Anne 2 or something, etcetera AND THEN have them married and since Rilla, Anne's youngest, is pretty much able to care for herself they can have this wacky WWI story. Not that I would really care much for that, but when my PBS rep went on about how great the consistency was during the pledge break I pictured thousands of fans having conniption fits. Consistency??? Lucy Maud Montgomery may not be rolling over in her grave or anything, but I might when I get there.

It was one of those lessons to me that even with the same actors the story can still grate on your nerves. In order to watch this movie I had to imagine that it was *really* "Anne in an Alternate Universe" and considering the lack of consistency both in the books AND on screen it truly felt as though I was watching an episode of Star Trek or something. I was waiting for Superman to reverse the course of the planet and then set it in correct motion again making everything right. Patrick Stewart popping out of a motor car while he asks his particularly pale and yellow eyed companion to tell him "What the Devil is going on".

As someone so eloquently put it: story good, putting characters in said story: bad. The old series made me pick up the books with an air of something refreshing, wholesome, and airy. Now I pick up the books with a feeling of spite and a thankful wave to the powers that be that *I* am not in the alternate universe that Megan-Anne and Johnathan-Gilbert are now trapped into, and neither are the books.

Well, I'm ready for Anne of Ingleside, or Anne's House of Dreams, but only if they can get it right this time. If they do I will try to flip some non existent switch in my head that Anne 3 was a nightmare from which I finally woke up. *sigh* (02/25/00)

Reviewer: Rachel
I was looking forward to Anne 3 for ages, only to be very disappointed when I finally saw it. For a start, they had a dull, inferior theme tune! Why didn't they keep the familiar, beloved tune? And the story wasn't nearly as gripping as the first two, which are absolute masterpieces. (02/25/00)

Reviewer: ellen
Rating: 2
I almost hated this third episode! What has happened to our cheeerful and happy Anne, even her before so glad and wonderfully laughing voice is so low now! I hope IŽd ever watched except those two episodes! (02/24/00)

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