Anne 3 Review Book

Reviewer: Heather Tarvit
Rating: 4
All I have wanted over the past years was to see the wedding of Anne and Gilbert! I wanted to actully see Megan Fellow and Jonathan Crombie get married!! I am so happy that I now have that visual!! The only thing I did not like about the movie was that Anne and Gilbert were not in enough scenes together! I am so glad they finally made a new one and I can't wait till "Anne 4" (02/06/00)

Reviewer: Amber
Rating: 5
I loved the new movie and I love Jonathan Crombie AKA Gilbert. (02/04/00)

Reviewer: cho eun jung
Rating: 2
I love ann!! (02/01/00)

Reviewer: Heather
Rating: 5
I was disappointed that the plotline did not follow the story the way Lucy Maud Montgomery had written them. I was so happy however, to see Megan Follows and Jonathon Crombie back in the roles as Anne and Gilbert, that it made up for it. I loved this movie as much as the first ones. I missed Colleen Dewhurst but was glad they did not try to replace her with I am truly looking forward to another movie produced by Kevin Sullivan. I love his movies and I like how wholesome they are. They are a true escape from the trash on American television. I do hope that Kevin follows the books when he is writting for a fourth movie. Jem, Di, Nan, Walter, Rilla and all their friends are so precious that I hope they are not changed. I recommend all of these movies to anyone looking for a fantastic movie! (01/31/00)

Reviewer: Kaz
Rating: 5
What is wrong with all you people who were dissappointed in Anne 3??? It was excellent!! I watched it trwice in one day coz i thought it was so brilliant!!! I'm glad it didn't follow the storyline of the books because htey got a bit boring after Anne of The Island. Anne had changed so much and it focussed mainly on her children, which I didn't like. I didn't even finish Rainbow Valley or Rilla of Ingleside. In my opinion, Anne 1 was the best, Anne 3 was the second best and Anne 2 was the third best. The acting in all three was supurd, expecially by Megan Follows and the plots were brilliant! Kevin Sullivan did a truly marvelous job at making movies of the Anne of Green Gables trilogy!!!!! (01/29/00)

Reviewer: Kristy
Rating: 5
The whole Anne of Green Gables series was absolutely brilliant!!! I can't understand why so many people dislike Anne 3. It's just as marvelous as the others. It made me laugh, it made me cry and it made feel wonderful! Sure, the story doesn't resemble the books, but it was still a great movie, possibly one of the greatest movies ever made!!!!!!!!!!! (01/29/00)

Reviewer: Katherine
Rating: 10!
I absolutely loved this film. Even though it didn't follow along with the books it was still great. i would have preferd it though if Anne and Gil had had their own children.I would reccomend this film to anyone!!!!!!It is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (01/22/00)

Reviewer: Narina
Is the Australian version of Anne-3 cut? If so, please post which scenes. (01/22/00)

Reviewer: Brit
Rating: 3
We all know by now that the script of "Anne 3" doesn't follow the books. I guess what caught my eye was the sloppy editing and the way the story seemed to be rushed along. If Sullivan and his staff/crew had worked on the details a little more, the movie would have been quite good as a stand-alone story. There is time to get back on track with an Anne 4 centered on Anne and Gil's married life and family. As a life-long Anne fan, I hope along with the rest of you that Sullivan brings this to the screen! (01/21/00)

Reviewer: mandy
I felt some sad becouse the continuring story have some things about the war. Althought I felt sad, I still like the story that described Anne's emphatic. (01/20/00)

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