Anne 3 Review Book

Reviewer: Wanting Anne 4
Rating: .75
Didn't like it at all!! If thousands of people write Kevin Sullivan an demand Anne 4 he cannot refuse such a vast audience. It may not hurt to write Megan Follows and encourage her too. So all you fans, write, write, write. (01/20/00)

Reviewer: Anne fanatic
Rating: .5
The only good part was the fact that Anne and Gilbert go married. I really don't like the baby, that was a bad idea. We need at least one more movie to make up for that horrible one. We must have Anne 4 & hopefully 5. (01/20/00)

Reviewer: Meg
Rating: 1.5
It was a decent movie but after reading all the books the plot was very disappointing. Anne should not get into such realistic trouble. To make it up to the adoring Anne public, Kevin Sullivan should definitly make at least one more Anne movie. I think they should end with Rilla of Ingleside. (01/20/00)

Reviewer: kAT
Rating: 1
Anne 3 was a dissapointing waste of time! Not only was there no Montgomery like story-line, but the acting and costuming was aweful! Furthermore, the movie depicted Anne as very self-centered and men revolving around her The only redeemable part of this movie was seeing all the characters again, a little more grown up, but even that had it's disappointments.

I would not recommend Anne 3 to anyone who loves the original. You will only be wasting time otherwise spent enjoying watching the old ones.

Excellent page, by the way. (01/19/00)

Reviewer: Joanne Atay
Rating: 2
Anne 3 was very mediocre and lacking all the charm of the books and the first two films. I wish they hadn't bothered make it. (01/18/00)

Reviewer: Tracy Roche
Rating: 5
Well what can I say apart from I LOVED IT, just the fact that it is another "Anne" movie had me in from the first. After seeing all the previous installments I was beside myself and couldn't wait to see "Anne" 3, sure it didn't follow or resemble the books (which I have read numerous times over) but I beleive it well and truly left room for an "Anne" 4 which would follow the books and depict Anne and Gil's married life and it would be this that would give some closure to their lives. Apart from the fact that I am an Aussie call me biased but I loved it having one of our own home grown actors in the form of Cameron Daddo it just made it that little bit more special for me. (01/17/00)

Reviewer: molly
Rating: 4
great movie!! (01/17/00)

Reviewer: Andrea
Rating: 1
Hello, I'm a big fan of Anne, but Anne 3 is not what I've aspectet. Alle the dreams and the romantic in the first two parts are missing in number three. The Story itself is okay, but this ist not the Anne know. I was very sad when I saw Anne 3. I hope you know what I mean. I come from Germany and my english is not so good. I can't tell everything I feel. There are som many words are missing. Have a nice day, Andrea (01/17/00)

Reviewer: Johanna
Rating: 4
Well...when i first heard that Anne 3 was coming out I was so excited. When I saw it even tho it did not have anything in common with the books I thought it was great!! The only thing I could say bad about it would be: Anne just didn't seem like our good ol' buddy Anne! It was almost like she was too serious, she didn't have the same flare for life that she did in the other two I know that it is a more serious topic and people are supposed to be grown up..but i would have loved to see Anne and Diana get into some of their old scraps...kinda like Lucy and Ethel!!! Megan Follow was absolutely brilliant and I give her all the props in the world...BEST WISHES to her and I hope to see an Anne IV just to see how the story keeps going!! Thanks for letting me ramble folks...and shall see you all across from the Lake of Shining Waters! :) (01/17/00)

Reviewer: Ellie
Rating: 4.5
Kindred spirts-at last another Anne movie and oh have we waited. After reading the reviews on this page, I was most worried about what I would think of the new Anne movie. Well, my kindred spirts I LOVED the new Anne movie. The main thing to remember is that it is indeed different to the books and with this in mind, while watching it you can really begin to see it as a really good story. The acting as always was very good and it was so great to see all our old Avonlee friends back again. I really would love it if there was a Anne4 which followed the books Anne's House of Dreams and Anne of Ingleside. (01/16/00)

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