Anne 3 Review Book

Reviewer: sonya
Rating: 2.5
I bought the video here in Australia over the weekend and finally watched the final installment of this movie. I didn't know what to expect really after everything I have read about this movie. After I watched it I was left unfullfilled in some way it just wasn't like the other two movies. There really wasn't much warmth or humour like the other two. I will admit it was good seeing the actors together again but Gil was hardly in the film. And to think Anne would ever consider looking at another guy (Jack) was awful in the story line. I feel the movie should've stayed with the books and the same time period with more of the towns folk like seeing more of Mrs Lynd and more on Diana and Fred. Whatever happened to Minnie May diana's sister? Disappointed fan (01/16/00)

Reviewer: Liz
Rating: 5
I thought that the movie was incredibly romantic and wonderful! I loved how it revolved around her desperate search to find Gilbert... she was so close.. yet so far away. The set, the action, the characters are amazing! (01/13/00)

Reviewer: Karen Gordon
Rating: 2
I utterly adored the first 2 Anne films. I have read all 6 books countless times. I discovered Anne on Channel 4 (UK) one Christmas (probably around 1989) and consequently fell in love with Anne and her adventures which resulted in my adoration of the books. However I was bitterly disappointed to find the Continuing Story bared absolutley no resemblence to the books. I was looking forward to the story of her marriage to Gil and meeting her children. But alas we were given a predictable story with poor results. (11/01/01) (01/11/00)

Reviewer: E.S.Davis
Rating: 3
The story itself was good in it's own right , however it's not "Anne" & we have to remember that, we can't avoid it . I have given it a 3 because I enjoyed a well written story, if you egnore any connection with "Anne of Green gables" especiallly the very end which I personally have chosen to put out of my mind altogether (It just would'nt have happened, it did'nt therefore it should'nt have happened!) then it is a good story (01/09/00)

Reviewer: Edwige and Corinne
We are two friends french fans of the trilogy and as you, we were surprised at knowing that many things existed about Anne of Green Gables. We learnt that on Disney Chanel in USA, you have the chance to know "The road of Avonlea". If you want to write to us, don't hesit!!! We hope that you understand our english! Corinne and Edwige. (01/05/00)

Reviewer: Erin
Rating: 4
I think the story was great and the fact that most of the original actors returned is wonderful. I'd love to give it a five, but I was disappointed that it didn't follow the books. Also, the passage of time bothered me. I couldn't make it add up in my head. Still, the acting was wonderful, and it was good to finally see Anne and Gilbert get married. All I can do, then, is pray for an Anne4 that does follow the books and finishes out the whole saga. (01/05/00)

Reviewer: QB
Rating: -1
I absolutley loved the first two Anne movies and I thought the third one was horrible. It was filled with way too many storylines and useless action. The reason I loved the first two so much was because of their simplicity. I was extremely excited when I found out that thre was going to be a third one but I have to say that it was a huge disappointment. You could tell very obviously that it was not based on LM Montgomery's novels....In my mind, the third one did not even exist...I would much rather not even have seen the third one... (01/03/00)

Reviewer: Alli
Rating: 4
I liked it a lot, except for the fact that it didn't go along with the books at ALL!! I guess it would have been hard to follow the books after the second movie strayed from them horribly! But at least Anne and Gil FINALLY got married! The second movie left me thinking "What a horrible ending!", but I feel better knowing they did get married. All in all, I liked it, and I hope they make an Anne 4, showing Gil and Anne's married life! (12/31/00)

Reviewer: Allison
Rating: 4 1/2
I loved it! My little brother was making fun of me because I was worried Gil mightn't live. It was a great movie, although I would have enjoyed it better if I had seen the other 2 movies first. I hope they're going to make an Anne 4, because we have to see what happens next! (12/30/00)

Reviewer: Candice Higginbotham
Rating: 5
I Loved it!!!!! I thought it was really good...I was so on the edge of my seat when Anne was looking for Gil. It was great!!! (12/29/00)

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