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Reviewer: M.J.E.Hofman
I'm living in the Netherlands, and I should like to see The Continuing Story. But when and where can I buy or hire this video (PAL-system)? Please let me know. (12/10/00)

Reviewer: Audrey
Rating: 5
This story was well-written and stole my heart. I had never seen or read any Anne books before, but this was great. Cameron Daddo was an excelent new character and inspired Anne. I'm glad they kept the same people. I laughed and I cried so many times. Anyone who has or hasn't seen or read any Anne books/movies will still enjoy this. I know I did. (12/10/00)

Reviewer: Michael
Rating: 2
I was totally disapointed at Anne 3.Tha Anne 1&2 were the best movies i had ever seen. But Anne 3 was a terrible second-rate Hollywood movie, not an Anne-movie.I can't belive my eyes,I can't believe this movie was made by Sullivan. Compared with Anne 1&2,Anne 3 bring us what? I will never watch it again! (12/09/00)

Reviewer: zoe parsons
I was very disappointed at the anne 3. Having waited for 10 years for a sequel, i couldn't believe they totally made up the story and didn't base it on the novels. The reason so many people watched the Anne films are that they are just like the stories, but i have to say the anne 3 had no loveable characters, no laughs, and no storyline , and most of all, bore no resemblance to the anne we know and love. (12/05/00)

Reviewer: Cheri H.
Rating: 3
If I had never read the books, I might have enjoyed the movie more. If you take the movie by itself, it's pretty entertaining, but I agree with some of the other "reviewers"...there is enough wonderful stuff in L.M. Montogomery's EIGHT books that Sullivan could have used to come up with a script for the third "Anne" installment! It was fun to see many of the characters from the first two movies, but I really wish they could have played themselves out the way they were in the books. (And if you want to get technical, the first two movies took a lot of liberites with plot-lines, as well!) I'd be willing to see a fourth movie, if it would follow the books. We can always use more of ANNE!

For those of you interested in getting the Anne movies, check out e-bay (just type, "Anne of Green Gables" under "search topics"). There is a retailer out of Canada that often puts the movies up for Dutch-auctions at a decent price. That's where I got my copies! (12/05/00)

Reviewer: Pa
Rating: 5
I have not seen it, because I have no access to it, but I'm sire it's a great movie!

I'm upset that I did not get to see it on PBS! If anyone knows where they sell it and when please contact me, by writing on here. Thanks a lot! (12/03/00)

Reviewer: Jodi Becker Kinner
Well, I wish I could share my thought about Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story, but I am unable to watch this videotape simply because it is not closed captioned. When I ordered videotape (I had waited 13 years for it to be produced) from PBS, I learned that it was not closed-captioned. I was very disappointed and had to return it back. I asked both PBS and Sullivan Entertainment if they could distribute it closed captioned in the near future. To my dismay, they are unwilling to do that. I have two previous tapes, Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea and they are closed-captioned. I donít understand why the vendor decided not to distribute in the Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story videotape with closed captions. I have been a big fan of the main character, Anne Shirley since I was thirteen years old. She inspired me to use my imagination and to enjoy learning. The truth is, I am a deaf adult and I also have learning disabilities. Almost half of my life, I wasnít interested in learning. My attitude towards school was negative until the age of thirteen. A friend of mine who later became Miss America, Heather Whitestone (we went to the same school together), encouraged me to read her favorite book called ďAnne of Green Gables.Ē I tried but I could not understand the reading. Instead, I watched the movie and fell in love with Anne Shirley. My desire to complete my education had begun. Because of Anneís example, I worked extremely hard to progress my academic work and I eventually succeeded. Now I have my masterís degree and hold a professional job. If I have never heard of the book or movie, I would have quit school and ended up working in a minimum wage job. In addition to my personal interest, you may not be aware that there are approximately 28 million deaf and hard of hearing consumers in the United States alone who are being discriminated against by not providing closed-caption access, not to mention the millions of others in Canada and the rest of the English-speaking world. Certainly the market demands closed-caption access, and it would be to your economic advantage. Why not provide it? Everyone deserves the right to be inspired by the quality entertainment PBS and Sullivan Entertainment provide, especially the Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story. If you support closed-captioned distribution, please contact & and ask them to distribute it closed captioned. Your support is greatly appreciated! Jodi Kinner, MSW (11/29/00)

Reviewer: Heather Lewis
Some may say that the film has little or nothing to do with the novels. They may be right, however, I did see a connection to the novels. Anne does marry Gilbert,but he doesn't go to war(in case anyone who reads this has never read the novels). Instead, it's their sons the the boys of Glen St. Mary that fight. One of Anne's sons is killed in WW1. Read the books especially "Rilla of Ingle- side",which is where I got the info. The movie is awesome, and has a great plot that even L.M.M. herself couldn't beat. (11/23/00)

Reviewer: Hwan Kim
Rating: 4
I rate this movie 4 (1 being highest) because I was very disappointed with the movie. It was NOTHING like what I expected it would be. First of all, the story line was kind of not in place(?). While watching the movie, I though to myself, why didn't Sullivan write the script (or whoever wrote the script) following L.M.Montgomery's story line? Why was the war even included? Second, I didn't think that the acting was very professional. The first and second movies of the Anne series was a lot better in many ways, including the quality of acting and performance, the story line, costumes, time settting, background set, the style of daily life, talking, etc. And third, I was also thinking that why is everyone in the movie (who many were also in the previous 2 movies) so skinny? I thought that if the actors had a little more weight, they would have looked a lot healthier, better, etc. Sometimes, they looked like walking sticks... Overall, I was not very satisfied with the 3rd movie. I wish it could've been better. But still, I would like to see a 4th movie! :) Hwan Kim (11/17/00)

Reviewer: Monica
Hi, I am sooo mad, I am one of the biggest ANNE fans, and I missed the showing of Anne3 on PBS because I was at camp. I wonder if PBS will show it again? I am soooo mad!!!! Anyway, I hope they start selling Anne3 in stores in the US in time for the holiday season. Does anyone know if they have stores selling anne3? Bye Monica :) (11/16/00)

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