Anne 3 Review Book

Reviewer: Suzie Kim
Rating: 2 (11/10/00)

Reviewer: Bonnie Larsen
Rating: 1
In my opinion, "Anne of Green Gables" and "Anne of Avonlea" are the two greatest movies ever produced. Thus, I waited with great anticipation to see this final installment of the Gables trilogy. I knew there was a possibility that I would be disappointed--my hopes dashed. After viewing the Continuing Story, I am left bewildered and confused. The characters look older (Gilbert and Anne are of a similar age as my husband and myself, so what do you expect?), and 13 years have passed since the last mini-series. Gilbert stayed true to his character, though, and exuded warmth, romance and likability once again. Megan Follows played Anne with a little too much sophistication for my liking, as though she was influenced by her other performances in the past 13 years. The best parts of the film were those that centered on Anne and Gilbertís engagement and their dillemma concerning Gilbertís involvement in the war. However, I thought the kissing was a little prolonged. The success of past Gable series is based on the simplicity of the story, the realness of the characters, their interpersonal relationships, and the great subtlety of romance instead of the display of affection. In this piece, the Kevin Sullivan strayed from the formula--filling the four hours with action, espionage and intrigue instead of conversation and thought-provoking situations. The action moved from Avonlea to the warfields of France and Germany, with Anne getting mixed up with spys and solving Dianaís marital woes. I would have been perfectly content to see Gilbert and Anne marry, set up house, have children and influence the lives of those around them. However, Kevin Sullivan felt differently. It seems that he merely used the "Anne of Green Gables" label to further a personal ambition to create a 90's action flick. I feel quite certain that it will not receive the critical acclaim and fan support as the previous two installments. If the final sequel had been produced two or three years after "Anne of Avonlea", I feel the producer and the actors would've found it easier to remain in character and to maintain the integrity of the first two unforgettable films. (11/07/00)

Reviewer: Christopher
Rating: 4
It would have been better if it wasn't a part of the "Anne" series. Mr. Sullivan should have stayed true to the original story; he is excellent at making a movie, not turning a lovable character into a war hero. None the less it was nice to see M. Follows & most of the original crew of fine actors... (10/26/00)

Reviewer: yvonne esch
Rating: 5
I realize this did not stay true to the books but it is good anyways. Who else good truely understand an orphan other than Anne who was an orphan herself? Everyone has their own opinion. Funny how those who hate want to be free to state theirs but want push it on everyone else. why call people stupid or any other names. if you dont want to see more of anne then just don,t watch any. Simple for allsmart people oreven us dummies :) You know the old saying opinions are like armpits, everybody has them and they stink. Just a few comments after reading back to august 12th Either way I WANT MORE ANNE AND GIL!

It was wonderful I didn't want it to end. Why call the last in a series The CONTINUING Story. (10/18/00)

Reviewer: Jessica
Rating: 5
I loved the film. It seemed just like our Anne to go into the battlefield after Gilbert. I laughed so hard when she fell on her face right after she first saw him. It was just like Anne! I know that everyone is allowed to have thier own opinion, but lets please try and be nice about it. (10/17/00)

Reviewer: Heather
Rating: 5
Although Anne 3 didn't go along with the other two movies, I thought that it was brilliantly done and I loved every minute of it. I watched the movie on PBS and have watched my copy many times too. I loved the fact that so many cast members returned. It was great to see so many of them back. The only thing I didn't like about this movie was that it still left the story uncomplete. What happened to them after they moved? Hopefully, an Anne 4 will answer this question for me. Other than that...I absolutely loved the movie and am anxiously awaiting it's arrival in American stores. It was a GREAT movie!!! (10/14/00)

Reviewer: Esther Yoder
Rating: 5
It's true, many people miss the peaceful funny stories of the first two movies. But I think it was absolutely EXCELLENT anyway! It was very tragic and suspensful. It was very good, and fit well with the other movies. Their characters haven't changed at all. I loved how they had so many characters that were played by the same people!(except Fred) It was awesome. (10/10/00)

Reviewer: H. O'Connor
Rating: 4.5
I now have the video and enjoy it, EXCEPT, in some scenes the "background" music overwhelms the dialogue, making it very difficult to hear what the characters are saying. In rewatching the videos of the two prior segments of the "Anne" trilogy, I found the music in them much less intrusive. (10/09/00)

Reviewer: Teresa
Like a previous reviewer I enjoyed the movie very much, just because it was about Anne! Of course I also would have loved it had they spend more time on PEI. Bottom line I don't care how the story line goes just give us more of Anne and PEI!!!!!!! (10/06/00)

Reviewer: Charlotte
I feel sad that there seems to be so many harsh words posted on this site regarding personal opinion on Anne 3. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but can we please be nice about it? As a one off movie, I guess the film is ok. However, to those of us who have grown up loving Anne movies, the obsecene way Sullivan changed story line and time frame spoiled the whole experience for me. I am surprised that Megan Follows signed up for this movie at all, did she not read of the Anne books at all, or indeed the script?. The producers obviously didn't care for the fans or we would have had a much better story line, keeping with the pure innocence and escapism provided in the first 2 movies. I agree that we forget this ridiculous movie was ever made and continue to pester for a movie we can enjoy. (10/01/00)

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