Anne 3 Review Book

Reviewer: Alicia
Rating: 4.75
I loved it. Sure it was different from the first two, but it certainly wasn't BAD in my opinion. The flashbacks and then the whole Matthew picking up Anne then Anne picking up Dominic at the train station thing were really great! Some people say Anne wan't acting Anneish?!?! Hello? She slapped Jack, dressed up as a nun, was incredibly stubborn and determined and went out to the war front to find her beloved husband among many other things! I stand behind my solid 4.75 out of 5. (08/19/00)

Reviewer: Kris Tamerius
Rating: 1
I absolutely adore Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea, and was breathlessly awaiting the arrival of Anne the Continuing Story only to be horribly disappointed. First of all, I could hardly find any resemblance of the former Anne in this Anne. In the first two Anne's, she is larger than life, inspiring, optimistic, spunky, and in love with words which she displays by her regular and wide use of them. The only quality that remained in this Anne was her stubborness which by itself did not make for a very attractive character. I think Follows is a fine actress, but this script was obviously out of someone else's head and not L.M. Montgomery's. I thought there was too little of Gil and too little of Prince Edward Island, and too much kissing between Anne and Gil which formerly would have been expressed with gazing into each other's eye and speaking lines of poetry. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say I wish that either there had been no Anne3, or the writers would have stuck more to Montgomery's true character and less to their new ideas. (08/19/00)

Reviewer: Maria
Rating: 5
People with any intelligence will realise that this film is a masterpiece. Sullivan is to be congratulated. It's time for you young girls out there to stop whining that you didn't see enough of Gilbert and see past your silly teenage crushes. Life is made up of more than romance. If the film was just about lovey-dovey-ness and no real conflict and suffering it would have been boring. Learn to be more grown up and give credit where it is due. (08/18/00)

Reviewer: Jo
Rating: 1
Okay, when I first heard of Anne 3, I nearly, like most of you,peed my pants. More Gilbert parts!! Oh my, what was a girl to do? After waiting many many months, finally it was shown in the US. Ten seconds into the movie I wanted to cry! This was nothing like the Anne books! I was devestated at the creative liberties Sullivan had taken. All I longed to see was Anne and Gil in domestic bliss!! I wanted to see them in their house of dreams raising their little ones, but we were all robbed. Robbed I tell you!! Anne 3 was a waste of time and I hated it. The only redemable aspect to this film were the Gilbert parts and there weren't nearly enough. (08/18/00)

Reviewer: Stefanie
For those who read my email may have discovered the error on my part. Anne did not blow up the side of the train, she blew up the side of a shed her and Elssie were in. My fault. I thought it was the train. (08/17/00)

Reviewer: Beth
Rating: --5
I was SOOOOOOOOOOOO disapointed. A bunch of my friends and I get together and watch the Anne movies (the real ones) every now and then. It's tradition. We all love the first ones and most of us didn't like this one at all. This was NOT an Anne movie. Call it the Betty, Sue, Joe, wahtever movie if you want but do NOT try to pass it off as an Anne movie. (08/17/00)

Reviewer: Amanda
Rating: 5
I loved the movie!! I liked it better than the 2nd Anne movie (Anne of Avonlea). (08/17/00)

Reviewer: Elis
Rating: 2.5
I think it broke my heart a little to see this prodcution. I was expecting WWI as well as some other major changes. But, I was also expecting the humor and wit, even in times of strife, that we saw in the previous adventures. This seemed to be an abbreviation of a story. The events of New York, the wedding, the European front, the London apartment, and the bizarre trek with the baby are presented before us quickly and matter of fact. Even during a war, I expected the character development, humorous exchanges, and hilarious adventures of the past. Important details seemed to be left out, like Anne and Gil's relationship. On the other hand, there were plenty of scenes and relationships- such as the entire London escapade, which seemed pointless and a little drawn out. Though it was a little painful to watch at times, I was touched by the reuniting of Anne and Gil. I also realize that after the buildup of the last two productions, they needed to introduce a new element to keep us interested in their relationship. Overall I was disapointed with the saga, but I found myself on the edge of my seat until I saw them safe back in Avonlea. (08/16/00)

Reviewer: Elizabeth
Rating: 1.5
It wasn't an Anne story!!! The only Anne part of the movie was the last three minutes at the end. I wish that they had taken the story about fifteen years later into the future, and continued the story with Anne, Gilbert, and their children. They could have Followed L.M. Montgumery's stories about them, and it would have been much better. I think that that would have gone over better with Anne fans!
I am happy to debate, discuss, or agree with your assessment of this movie. (08/16/00)

Reviewer: anonymous
Rating: 3
i thought that anne 3 was much more interesting than the previous two. However, I agree that there were not enough scenes between Anne and Gilbert. I found that the character of Jack was likable as well as interesting. The character of Anne was not unfaithful, she never romantically kissed him, and all she wanted to do was to find her husband. Too many scenes were cut, and not enough were between the two main characters, however, in this movie I did not need to fast forward it as much as the first two. (08/15/00)

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