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Anne 3 Review Book

Reviewer: Rebekkah
Rating: 3
Anne 3 was enjoyable, although I didn't care for all of the bloodshed in the war, and when people were killed, etc. I think the very begining when Megan Follows is on the ship is good. And the ending, I think they should have killed the kid, or kept Jack alive. So that Anne didn't have to take care of the kid. And then, if they do Anne 4, it could start off kind of normally. (08/15/00)

Reviewer: Kate
Rating: 3
Iloved the original two and was quite anxious to see the third when it aired. It was wonderful to see much of the original cast, especially Anne and Gil. But, I must confess I was terribly disappointed in the story. It appeared to me that Sullivan sought to "spice it up" a bit and in doing so completely lost the point. I hardly recognized the Anne character in this one. I'd love to see a sequel that bore more resemblance to Montgomery's charming stories. (08/15/00)

Reviewer: Becky
Rating: 4
Well, it was not at all what I was expecting but it was still good. I think it got off on a rocky start with thw whole NY scenes that were unneccessary but the second half picked it up. I missed the home town charm but the action was a nice change. I just wish they spent more time on the Anne and Gil relationship. We wait for years for them to be together and we hardly see that in the movie. Definitely more of the wedding scene but other than that, beautiful directing and acting. (08/15/00)

Reviewer: Paula
Rating: 4
After my fourth viewing...this movie has really got me under it's spell. I'm a purist at heart, so can't help being alittle disappointed that the movie didn't follow the books. However, the feeling I get when Anne & Gil are reunited cannot be placed in words. I cannot imagine watching my husband, my kindred spirit, leave on a train without knowing if I would ever see him again. Megan & Jon captured that emotion so well in the wedding scene. Give the movie another try...forget the Avonlea we've grown to love "for alittle while". We can always return to the originals for safe and happy times. (08/15/00)

Reviewer: Les
Email: redsx7978
Rating: 5
I thought that this was the best movie yet! Both main characters were perfect and eveything was as I hoped it would be. It was great, and I hope they make another one soon. (08/15/00)

Reviewer: Mary
Rating: 3-4
I think that the new Anne movie was really exciting, I'm glad this one had more action in it. Although I did think that the wedding scene could have been better, and there was no humor to relieve all the tension in the movie. Other than that, I loved it considering that most movie sequels (well, the sequel to the other two) are usually dumb. (08/14/00)

Reviewer: Stefanie
Rating: 4
After reading through these comments one by one, I was quite disturbed. Those of you who don't know already, Colleen Dewhurst (Marilla) died in 1991 from cancer so, how could Marilla have been in the continuing story? I think it would be unbelievable if Sullivan replaced her with another actress. Nobody could fufill Marilla's role except Colleen. I thought the movie was great. Think of all the years that passed by. What were some of you thinking? Everything was going to stay the same? Come on. Some of you need to wake up. Megan is 31 and voices can deepen as a women gets older. If you notice Megan regains her Anne voice in a series of parts throughout the movie. Watch it again. Please do not watch it once and say I hate it. I said that at first, but my sister convinced me to watch it again. My second reaction was I loved it. I fell in love with Gilbert and Anne and I got buterflies in my stomach all over again. Those of you who were upset about the wedding scene, I can tell you I was disappointed in how it was described in L.M. Montgomery's Anne's House of Dreams. Lucy did not go in great detail and as a matter of fact, she did not spend that much time on it. I felt Sullivan put more into the wedding scene then Lucy made us believe. I do wish Anne's wedding grabed a scene from the wedding in the book. "...the first bride of Green Gables, slender and shining eyed, in the mist of her maiden veil, with her arms full of roses. Gilbert, waiting for her in the hall below, looked up at her with adoring eyes." I think the ceremony from the book plus the reception from the movie would have made an excellent wedding. We all have to consider Anne was thinking about Gil going off to war so she could not see the happiness that was going on before her. Gil had the war on his mind also. I enjoyed the movie overall. The Gil and Anne scenes were the best. Who said Anne did not get into scrapes? What do you call almost burning Green Gables, dressing as a nun and blowing up the side of the train? What about her temper? When she walks out of Windfield Publishing and when Jack comes up to her she says, "Your nothing but a bunch of Bibles." Then she hits Jack with her purse. She also slaps him for saying he is in love with her. One has to realize every single detail of this movie. For those who want to see anneish scenes, watch the movie again. You'll get more out of it the second time, I garrentee it. I loved it and will keep watching it from years to come. Please feel free to email me. I would love to correspond in greater detail on this subject. I do not care if you agree or disagree with me, but remember keep it Anneish. (08/14/00)

Reviewer: Dave
Rating: What was that!
Please Mr. Sullivan...don't leave us like this. Have Anne wake from a bad dream (this last film) and start all over again. You did so well before and we know you can do it again. This time you direct the film and bring back "Anne"! (08/13/00)

Reviewer: Meg Patterson
Rating: 2
I too enjoyed seeing the old gang all grown up but that is where my enjoyment ended. I loved the first two films and anxiously awaited the third installment...until I saw it. What happened to Anne? Where was the charm... the love of life...the...well, everything "Anne"? The first two were low on drama and high on character development but this one was just the opposite. I didn't grow to care about any of the new characters and Anne just seemed flat. And what was she doing tell Jack that she would always think of his son as theirs! She is married (finally) to Gil and she is telling another guy (and a jerk I might add)that she has unfulfilled dreams about him! Come on Mr. Sullian! If you wanted to create a new character- fine, but you should have left Anne alone rather than turning her into someone so dark, dull and unfaithful. (08/13/00)

Reviewer: Stephanie
Rating: 4
I was so excited to see a new Anne! I loved the first two and grew up watching them over and over and over! I liked the 3rd Anne- it was fun to see Anne so grown up. Gilbert looked a little strange to me- like he was always tired-granted he was at war most of the time but even when they weren't he just didn't look as good as he did in Anne of Avonlea. I almost thought the 3rd Anne moved along a little too quickly. It seemed to me that about another hour or so could have been added to make it more complete. Diana's character was so different! And it was sad to see what had happened to the beloved Green Gables! I sure hope there is a 4th Anne! (08/13/00)

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