Anne 3 Review Book

Reviewer: Sylvia
Rating: 4
It makes you fall in love with Anne & Gil and just hope for the best for both of them. I, too, was disappointed to not see the two communicating more. It was not at all like I expected it would be like. I expected more scenes with Anne & Gil together. I enjoyed the movie, but nevertheless expected much more from it. It is amazing that I am still in love with Gilbert, too! (08/01/00)

Reviewer: Pam
What a terrible, bitter, disappoitment! Where are Anne, Gil, Diana and Marilla!??? I hope you do not destroy the rest of LLM's books with a part IV! (08/01/00)

Reviewer: Becki
Rating: 2
I really liked the show until they brought in the other man and war. The only man for Anne is Gilbert from the start! I also missed Gilbert calling Anne "Carrots." That would have been so sweet somewhere between the guns and blood! The first two Anne movies are so dear to my heart because my Grandmother introduced them to me. Now I have introduced them to my 4 year old daughter. I wish they would make another and do it right this time and go by the books. I love Megan and Jonathan they are always great! Being that I am their ages I feel as if I am aging with them. :0) LOL! (08/01/00)

Reviewer: Jessa
Rating: 3
I was bitterly disappointed. Two of my favorite Anne movies were the first 2, but the third was an abomination. Sure the people were the same physically part of the time, but what happened to their personalities? Sure, they are adults, sure, people change, but not that much! (08/01/00)

Reviewer: Jennifer
Rating: 3
This movie was pretty good, but there were slight differences in it. I'm a little upset in the way Jonathan Crombie and Megan Follows portrayed Gilbert Blythe and Anne Shirley. They didn't act quite the same as in the other two films. But other than that, they did a great job portraying the war scenes and the horror of it all. That is really great acting. Thank you for your time and consideration. (08/01/00)

Reviewer: SharrieKay
There are a few things that really bother me about Anne III. Being a red head with a temper to match, I loved reading and watching Anne and all her adventures. I found someone with whom I identified. Watching Anne III I missed most the spirit Anne and Anne II possessed. But most of all, I was most disappointed that Anne did not make good on her promise that Garrison's publishing co. would publish a work of her own (under her own name of course) and that she gave up Green Gables. I began watching Anne III with a very open mind, knowing that what I would see would not be what LL Montgomery wrote, and the first half was not bad... I could even justify the lack of romance during the wedding as Anne's mind was not on the romance of it all but rather on the fact that her husband was shipping off. However, the second half left me empty and wishing Anne and Gilbert would once again become the characters with whom I identified and loved. (08/01/00)

Reviewer: Victoria Johnson
Rating: 2
While not completely unentertaining, Anne III was a dissapointing movie based on a remarkably substandard screenplay. I enjoy Megan Follows, Jonathan Crombie and Schuyler Grant, but this script was just not up to par. Ken Sullivan should remember why the first two Annes were so popular--he didn't mess too much with a good thing. And why on earth was this thing set in WWI?! Anyone familiar with Montgomery's work knows that Anne and Gilbert were a generation before World War I; the literary Blythes lost a son in the war. Surely the revision of time and setting weren't to allow a happily married Anne a little romantic dalliance and a few sips of whisky while playing spy? The point of Montgomery's works is that the longing for sensational romance is not as sweet as the romance and love to be found in everyday life--a good lesson for all of us to learn, and one that generations have found in Montgomery's works. I think that L.M. Montgomery's reaction to this thing would be very similar to Anne's reaction when her story was sold to the baking powder company--outrage and embarrassment (07/31/00)

Reviewer: Chris Robichaud
Rating: 4?
My heart literally hurts. I can't believe I've waited 12 long years for this to come out, YEARNED for it, and when it does, it's not at all like I imagined it would be. I love Anne 3, and I hate it. I love it because I was able once again to see Megan Follows and Jonathan Crombie as Anne and Gil again, and I hate it because Sullivan denied me, and every other fan out there, the pleasure of actually seeing them interact, talking, old times. We got about 45 minutes of Gil and the rest of Garrison. I found it bitterly sweet that she ran all over creation looking for Gil, and I have to admit their reunion was a tear jerker, but we all know that Anne would not have 'set so much as a toenail' on foreign land if it were just for that Garrison guy. The tender scenes between Anne and Jack were sickening. The tender scenes between Anne and Gil were non-existant. The last story left off dripping with hints that their life was about to begin and finally we'd see Anne happy, drowning in romance...we waited 12 years for it, and we were denied that! How could Sullivan say there was no story there? There was the makings of a beautiful love story, one that every girl who grew up with this story like I did has always yearned to see. Unfortunately, sadly, this didn't happen, and I feel deprived and betrayed. I say all these things, yet I enjoyed the movie because it was ANNE... maybe not true to her character, but it was Anne, and all the others, and I had to love it, just for that reason. I couldn't not love something with my childhood hero in it, it was like a family reunion. I only wish that Sullivan hadn't defaced the fairy tale that he began years ago. (07/31/00)

Reviewer: craig k
Rating: 2
ANNE III was a fairly good film for what it was - mostly a spy story. I wanted something much more like RILLA OF INGLESIDE in which Anne's sons go off to war, not Gilbert. I believe there is enough in RILLA and maybe some scenes from the earlier books for a film I would want to see again and again. I taped ANNE III, but probably will not show it to my grandchildred as I have with AGG and ANNE II. The part that came closest to LMM's writing was the last 10 minutes, especially when Anne picks up Dominic at the train station just as Matthew had picked her up. (07/31/00)

Reviewer: Elise
Rating: 1
Great Jehosephat!!! Kevin Sullivan should feel like Anne did when she saw that "Averil's Atonement" had been turned into a baking powder advertisement. If Lucy were alive today, I'm sure she would feel that way. He turned our Anne into a "Sunday Night Special." I felt as if KS was saying to the Anne fans, "Let's not dwell in the past, life goes on." Where was the music and scenery we all adore? When Anne walked into Green Gables for the first time again in years and we heard the lines from the previous movies, I wamted to cry, but Kevin didn't give me enough time. It was off to another scene. This was not Anne, Gil and Diana. This was Megan, Johnathan and Schuyler doing the best they could with the roles they had. They deserved better and so did we. I am "aching" to see our "old chums and kindred spirits." (07/31/00)

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