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Anne 3 Review Book

Reviewer: The Bitterly Disappointed
Rating: 1
"Will anybody know how utterly wretched I am"....a line from Anne of Green Gables. I am hoping Mr. Sullivan is saying this to himself for having put out such a irresponsible and shameful movie and than labeling it Anne, The Continuing Story. Mr. Sullivan, repent...and make a new movie..this time capturing the true story line and "magic" from Lucy Maud Montgomery's novels. I loved seeing all of the Anne characters, but not enough scenes with our Beloved Anne and Gilbert. Also, I could point out all the inconsistences of this movie...but lets call it Anne's House of Horror....a bad dream made by a perhaps temporarily confused director. WAKE UP Mr. Sullivan...please make us another...going back to your original script making,like in Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonnlea. At least we have our books, and in the Anne fashion; We still have our imaginations and no one can take that from us. (07/31/00)

Reviewer: frances
Rating: 2
I was terribly disappointed by the latest Anne of Green Gables. It didn't make sense to me why Anne was so devoted at helping Jack when she kept saying she wanted to find her husband Gil. Sure, it seemed that if she was able to deliver Dominique to Jack, Jack would be able to help find her husband. But it turned out that Jack was no help at all. I seem to remember feeling that there was really something there between Gil and Anne from watching the first 2 Anne films. Near the end of the latest Anne film, Jack proposed to Anne that they and Dominique could get together and form a family. I don't remember Anne refusing. I was actually glad that Jack was killed and out of the way. I hope they will make a fourth Anne film and have a better script re-establishing Anne and Gil as lovers and kindred spirits. I plan to show my kids the first 2 Anne films when they're older, but the third one will be buried (burned?) forever. (07/31/00)

Reviewer: Kim
Rating: 5
I loved the movie! I agree that there wasn't much of Anne and Gilbert but during the times that they were on screen together, you can tell they mean the world to eachother. Alot of people are disapointed but WWI was very important back in Anne's time. What did you want to see? Her running around in Avonlea? You have to admit that Anne, Gilbert and Diana are GROWN UPS now. Okay, maybe Anne could have used a little spunk but she was more worried about Gil. They are grown ups. Not little kids. And they faced things and events and different people in the real world. Not their sheltered world in Avonlea. And they overcame it. (07/31/00)

Reviewer: Tim
Rating: 3
Well i know many have said it doesn't resemble any of the Anne books, i wouldn't know because i never read them but i can say that it didn't seem like an Anne movie either. Megan Follows was Excellent as ever as well as the rest of the cast, it was just to fast paced and focused on one thing the whole time World War 1 the originals were much slower paced and dealt with many different things in her life . I know she couldn't have childish adventures like she did when she was a kid but still there much more they could have done . I still liked seeing everyone again but it was not like i expected . (07/31/00)

Reviewer: dinah
A lousy waste of an evening. The pure beauty and innocence that endeared the 1st 2 movies to me was totally absent. Anne 3 is geared toward a completely different audience - not kindred spirits at all. Too much footage was given to all-time loser Fred Wright and worthless womanizer, Jack Garrison. And to think that Anne would have any room in her heart to be tender toward the jerk that plagiarized her work... what happened to her character that was so wonderfully developed in the first 2 movies? Her whole demeanor has altered for the worse. Etiquette and propriety were breached throughout the entire film. It seemed as though Megan Follows' glamorous Hollywood personality overrode Anne's, and I was watching the story of a completely different person with no resemblance to Anne whatsoever. The story line was ridiculous and very poorly written. I trust Sullivan Entertainment has more sense than to produce yet another episode. Maybe a better title would have been, "Anne of Green Gables: The Corrupted Story". (07/31/00)

Reviewer: Steph
Rating: 3
I think this movie was alright. It wasn't the best because it didn't follow the books. But viewers have to admit that the scenes with Gilbert and Anne were the best parts of the movie. I only wish that they will make another movie that follows the rest of the Anne books. There would be a lot of people who would want to see them. If Kevin Sullivan did't think they were dramatic enough I think he needs to read the rest of the series. Take for instance in Anne's House of Dreams, Anne gets married finally, meets interesting people including Captain Jim, Leslie Moore, and Ms. Cornelia, loses a baby, and has another baby that lives. In Anne of Ingleside, Anne has her last baby and worries that Gilbert does't love her anymore. If Mr. Sullivan wanted a war movie why didn't he just make a movie about the last Anne book in the series. That has drama and romance for him. Who ever said that the Anne books were not exciting and dramatic enough. I think that Megan Follows and Jonathon Crombie did an excellent job at acting. They couldn't help the script they were given. And whoever said that Megan and Jonathon were too old needs to watch those movies again! (07/31/00)

Reviewer: Cynthia
Rating: 3
It was so great to see Megan back as Anne. It was like visting with an old friend. THe script however, was a little bit over the top. The charm of Anne is the way her enthusiasm and determination change the lives of the people she comes in contact with. This movie had too many drmatic turns and convientient conincidences. Still,, I would love to see another episode. (07/31/00)

Reviewer: Maria Wark
Rating: 4
I liked it just because it was about Anne. It was a bit slow at the bigining, but got better. I liked the new Fred Wright a lot better then the old one. (07/31/00)

Reviewer: Damarys
Rating: 2
I was very excited when I heard that a third Anne film had been made, but was quite disappointed when I actually watched it. I have never read any of the actual novels, but this story is what I refer to as "side-tracked". I don't think the plot was interesting - I guess I was expecting more of a story involving Gil, Diana, and the town itself. (07/31/00)

Reviewer: Melissa Jurgensen
Rating: 5
I simply loved the movie! Although it was not based on the books I can imagine Anne putting herself in danger for her beloved Gilbert. I am hoping they will make an Anne IV that follows more along the books. I really want to see Anne and Gilbert starting their OWN family. (07/31/00)

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