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Reviewer: joanna
Rating: 3
After having read this message board and the message board, I was fully prepared for the bizarre WW1 story line and other such disappointments. (I can't help it, I'm a spoiler junkie.) I must admit though, it wasn't as excruciating as I thought it would be to watch. So far, I've just seen part 1.

I missed the romantic language the most. Anne is so dramatic-I love that about her. She didn't have any really good quotable lines, i.e."the depths of despair". It was clear that the writers just could not find Montgomery's voice. (Yeah, I noticed Megan's voice too... it took a good 15 minutes to get accustomed to!)

Everything moved so quickly in this film. One scene to the next with not much transition and not much development. We had 1 minute of Rachel Lynde (shame!) running into Anne on the street, but was she at the wedding? Why not? (and did you notice she mentioned Davy Keith?) And why did she have to tell Anne about Fred? Speaking of Diana, I liked this wealthy/kind of self-absorbed Diana. I guess it was to enhance the unhappy Fred going off to war, but it was an acceptable change in the story for me.

I really liked the Anne and Gil scenes. These scenes could have been longer-much longer! (like I said, it moved so quickly.) I would have loved for them to have talked about what had been going on during the FIVE years it took them to finally get married. Also, loved the Diana/Gil scene when he tells her Fred left.

As a huge fan of the other two films, I was disappointed with this installment's lack of sensitivity, creativity, humor, and warmth that Sullivan nailed with Anne 1 and 2. But I still enjoyed it, faults and all. I was prepared for the non-Montgomery story line, and I think that helped me watching it.

Finally, in regards to the previous posts about Sullivan quoted as saying that "House of Dreams" wasn't dramatic enough--please. Leslie and her mysterious "husband", the humorous and endearing Captain Jim and his long lost love, the divine man-hating Miss Cornelia, Anne and Gil losing a child. It disappoints me that Sullivan, after all his work with the Annes and the Avonlea stories, would believe that we the fans would prefer espionage and war over Anne and Gil. And I thought he understood us. (07/29/00)

Reviewer: Peggy S.
Rating: 1
This was a cheap, made for tv movie (and a bad one at that!) with the same cast. I wish I never turned the tv on in the first place. The magic was gone. The fact that this story did not go with the books was bad enough, but this plot was so lame. The settings look so fake, the lack of music disturbing. Here is a classic example of letting well enough alone. I will stick with the first 2 series and forget what I witnessed last Sunday night. (07/29/00)

Reviewer: Cynie
Rating: 6
Some fans might think I'm a little crazy but I adored it. Maybe because I've seen only the first part of it but hey, why not? For such a long time, with the first two, my whole family wanted another one, so we were grateful when it came on PBS. I was so happy and thrilled that it was coming on and I didn't expect anything of it. But I was shouting the TV screen, "Look, they got Josie to come back and look there's Moody! There's Rachael Lynde!" The story was original and I enjoyed it. I haven't read the books so that might be why I liked it. I have no idea. I started crying when Anne went into Green Gables and all the memories came. It's just a beautiful set-up and Kevin Sullivan can't go wrong. (07/29/00)

Reviewer: Audrey Bruno
Rating: 2
It was not cute & innocent has the 2 prior. The other 2 had good christian principles but this one felt to Hollywood. I was disappointed that it did not follow the books (07/29/00)

Reviewer: Kristy
Rating: 3
So far I have seen the first half - the second half is due to air on Sunday July 30. I am a purist, and I grew up devouring the Anne books, so I am a bit dissapointed in the departure from the novels - I was looking forward to Four Winds and the birth of Anne's children. I can't believe that they said that there wasn't enough drama left in the novels - how about when Anne loses her first child? But, you can't not like the moview with Megan Follows and Jonathan Crombie returning. It is a pleasure to see that most of the original cast returned - and 13 years later, it is amazing that I still am in love with Gilbert! (07/29/00)

Reviewer: kenya
I live in Northern California and 'The Continuing Story' came on last Sunday at 9Pm. Does anyone know when the 2nd half will air? (07/29/00)

Reviewer: Sophie
Rating: 4
I loved the movie "Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story", but one thing bothered me, it was completely different from the novels. I read that they changed the story because the original was not interesting, but the basically changed allof it! Otherwise, it was great!!! (07/28/00)

Rating: 2,1/2
I already submitted a review, but I was thinking more along the acting, then the movie, therefore this review is on the movie. The story was completey different, the only resembelance to the movie is that war and the marriage, the rest is all different, for one thing Anne never sets foot in New York or in Europe!!! (07/28/00)

Reviewer: Gen
Rating: 1
I found this online article in a Canadian newsclip, The Ottawa Citizen. This is Kevin Sullivan's explanation of why he didn't keep to the books when doing Anne 3. "My biggest problem was that, after doing these other two mini series, I could not do a story where Anne and Gilbert just got married and had a family," says Kevin Sullivan. "There was no drama in that, yet that's what happened in the (subsequent books) that Montgomery had written. If you read them, they're sweet and homespun ... but there really wasn't a story." The Ottawa Citizen, Feb 26, 2000. How could Sullivan possibly think that there is "no drama or story" in Anne and Gilbert getting married, settling down, and having a family?!! And he's afraid that the story would be too "sweet and homespun"?!! So that's why he made Anne 3 into this war and gore spy movie - YUCK! Note to Mr. Sullivan: Please listen to the fans. We want the "real" Anne back. We want to see Prince Edward Island. We want the magic back. Please don't disappoint us again if you ever make Anne 4! (07/28/00)

Reviewer: Jennifer
Rating: 1
What happened to Megan's voice? She sounds all raspy. I was saddened by the lack of heart in this film. (07/28/00)

Reviewer: mindy wallace
I loved it, and have been waiting for it for a long time!!! (07/28/00)

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