Anne 3 Review Book

Reviewer: C Thornton
Rating: 5/5
Like many Anne followers, I have watched all the series, read the books and was wonderfully excited by the idea of the continuing story. With its highly flavoured, powerful and well structured story line, together with the phenomenal, heart warming portrayals of Anne and Gilbert by M Follows and J Crombie, I was left quite out of breath. It is not often that a person can say of a novel, "the movie is better", but this has been the case for every series of the Anne stories. The Continuing Story was more enjoyable than any of the books written about Anne's later life. I only hope that they have the ability to sustain a fourth series.

Hello, me again. I was just reading over what I had written earlier. I then read every one elses messages. I would like to take back my saying that Anne 3 was better than the books. That is not my oppinion as I feel they differ so much that an accurate comparison cannot be made. Part of me does agree with those who say why doesnt he stick closer to the books which are exciting in themselves. well, when it comes down to it, I do feel that the Anne 1&2 series compliment the books excellently and I enjoy watching them more than reading them, due to the perfect casting, scenery and wonderful editing and joining of the stories from the original books. I wont change my mind that I thought Anne three was brilliant though. The one thing I would like to say is, Jack never got in the way of Annes love for Gil. I dont believe that she every really thought that he was every dead. As she said her self, surely she would know. When Jack asked her to go back to the usa, she was simply vacant, she couldnt love anyone else as she does gil. She proved her love by running out to the front lines of world war one to bring him home. Also there was never a time change. With respect to the times, it worked well. You have to remember that Anne and Gil were in their Late twenties. (07/20/00)

Reviewer: Anne
Rating: 1
Where was Gilbert? Not nearly enough of that definition of cute! (07/17/00)

Reviewer: Heather
Rating: 4
At first i was a little uneasy about the whole thing. It had a certain distant in it. And i was worried that Jack would get in the way. But i ended up loving this movie as i do the rest of the Green Gables movies. It made me laugh and cry. It was really good and something new. (07/17/00)

Reviewer: Rebecca
Rating: 4-5
Anne 3 was terrific, but it did have a few problems: 1) They didn't have enough of Gil, 2) They shouldn't have included the romance with Jack and Anne -- you felt sorry for Jack but at the same time, Gil, 3)Anne wasn't herself and 4) well, they totally changed the time period! I guess this sounds like a lot of complaints. But it was really good, and I still can't figure out why people make such a big deal of it being bad. Guess it's cuz it doesn't follow the books. But oh well! It's our Anne!! Thanks, Kevin Sullivan, for your hard work!!! (07/15/00)

Reviewer: Katherine Kim
I want to watch this so badly!!! (07/15/00)

Reviewer: Mikiko Brown
I thought this story was awesome.but because I saw at the tv I would like to order the movie. because I know with tV they seemed to cut some of the staff. because it was on the tv. I thought was really intersting. I would love to see the next anne 4 if there is one....... anyhow I would like to order anne 3 the countinuing story..... and I also agree with rest of the people that they should based on the book and don't changed things. I thought it was great but also it was confusing also..... I think Jack should read the real anne of green gables books and at least try to based on the book. I hope the anne 4 if its coming up and I hope you will read the book and try to be closer to the book. I also One thing I was disappointed was not able to mallera's furnal. They should't changed things around..... (07/13/00)

Reviewer: Jennifer Wilson
Rating: 5
I thought the Continuing Story was great. It was nothing like the first 2 video's, although it is what I imagine Anne and Gilbert would of been like. I would love to see a fourth episode. (07/10/00)

Reviewer: Melanie Derrig
Rating: 1
I'm from Australia and recently watched Anne 3 after ordering it over the internet.I was very disappointed.There was no beautiful Hagood Hardy music in the background,it lacked the beautiful scenery,instead it had depressing war studio shots.There wasn't enough of Southern Ontario scenery and noscenery from PEI.Anne 3 was also not romantic due to the fact that it didn't follow the LM Montgomery novels.They should make an Anne 4 to make up for this one. (07/10/00)

Reviewer: Robyn
Rating: 1
I saw Anne 3 yesterday, and am still in shock. I have grown up loving the books and the first two films, and found this third episode most unsatisfactory. Why did Kevin Sullivan have to depart from the books so drastically? In my opinion L.M.Montgomery's books have plenty of storyline's which he would have done better to follow up, especially in 'Anne's House of Dreams.' In making Anne some kind of undercover agent scampering around Europe I felt the heart of the story was completely lost. The first two films were excellent, and I have watched them over and over again, but this is one I certainly won't be treasuring! The only good thing about it was seeing Anne and Gilbert together, but even these moments were few and far between, and why did that Jack Garrison have to get in the way? I think if this film was to work well it should not be a part of the Anne series at all. I don't think it has anything in common with the previous one's, where we could enjoy Anne's humour, wit and imagination. My only consolation is that I still have the books, and the first two films to enjoy. I intend to forget about this new one as soon as possible........! (07/09/00)

Reviewer: Sophie
Rating: 1
Hi to all the Anne Fans! I recently watched Anne 3 and I was so upset with it I nearly cried! Seriously! Has Kevin Sullivan ever read the Anne books? I don't think so. I have loved the Anne series for years and the first 2 films truly were "kindred spirits." As for Anne 3. Well, what can I say? Where is Anne's famous vitality, and sparkle? No dramatic inspirational phrases or infectious giggles. I HATE JACK GARRISON!!!! He gets in the way far too much. How could she even look remotely intersted at the offer to go back to the USA with him? Gilbert is soooo cute! Even with his receeding hairline he is the cutest! Anne and Gilberts life is given far too little notice in the film and is taken up with her running around France at one point with a nuns habit on and swigging from a little flask on the train with thoses two raucous es. Now I ask you, would Anne, the real Anne ever be caught doing such a thing? The books have such great storylines why on earth didn't they use them? The film could have done with far more Anne and Gil moments which were the only good thing about the film. They were what I waited all this time to see. I am just so disapointedas is my best friend Robyn.(Anne) Sophie (Diana) (07/08/00)

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