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Reviewer: Renee B.
Rating: 3
Comparing to the past Anne movies, Anne III was absolutely terrible. Even by itself, the movie is bland and B-O-R-I-N-G!! The script didn't suit L. M. Montgomery's style of writing at ALL, the scenes seemed choppy and cut short, and lots of things were overdone or blown out of proportion. I think the actors and actresses did their best in being the adult version of each character, but the plot distorted any effort on that part.
1. What the heck did they do to Diana? What happened to the sweet, caring woman who married roly-poly Fred Wright? People do change, I know, but that was seriously overdone, and is not mentioned anywhere in the books.
2. As impulsive and heedless as Anne can be, first, she's supposed to be grown-up, and second, no one, and I mean NO ONE dashes off for the war trenches to find anyone. Your chances of sucessfully finding someone are so slim (what are you going to do, ask for directions?), and you put your life and the life of the person you're trying to save in grave danger.
3. Not really important, but the costumes look strangely fake. And Anne's wedding dress is as far from Anne as you can get! It looks like a white tank top with a skirt, not the feminine, fancy style of dress Anne has repeatedly craved.

Good points:
a) you can tell there's a deep love between Anne + Gilbert.
b) there are still undertones of the Anne, Gilbert, Diana (and everyone else) that we all love, thanks to the great ability of the cast.
c) it had at least SOME stuff from the books...

Overall summary: It was rushed, dragged on, and could be defined as "just another movie". You won't want to see it twice. (04/17/00)

Reviewer: Tiffany
Rating: 5
I thought it was good (04/15/00)

Reviewer: Shannon Smythe
Rating: 5
This movies was absolutely gripping. It had everything! Suspense, intrigue, romance,etc.. I feel like I know Anne and Gilbert personally from having watch the first two movies so many times. To watch their relationship in full force was powerful. They had an amazing love and respect and unity about them. They both eased right back into their roles. The storyline was fantastic. I laughed, cried, sat on the edge of my seat, everything! The horrors of the war were made a lot more real to me because I felt I could identify with Anne and Gilbert. I absolutely loved the movie and can't wait to watch it again. Anne and Gilbert are most definitely my two favorite movie characters. I could watch movies about there life without end! (04/15/00)

Reviewer: Meredith
Rating: 4
Thte movie was pretty good, except for the fact that it didn't follow the plot line of the books. Also, some parts were unrealistic, like there's no way that a woman would travel to the war trenches to find her husband. Other then those little things, the movie was enjoyable. (04/15/00)

Reviewer: Anne-marie Sherman
I haven't seen it either, but I am looking forward to it!! Megan,and Jonathan are such great actors. I can't wait to see the movie. It's coming to the USA in July!!! On PBS. So I guess I'll see you there Kindered spirits. Love,Anne-Marie (04/15/00)

Reviewer: lak
I thought the movie was great. Although it did not follow the books, it did bring some great actors/actresses back together. How can you not like Megan Follows as Anne? (04/14/00)

Reviewer: Melissa Downes
Haven't seen it yet. Am dying to...PLEASE PLEASE make it available to those of us down in Texas. :) (04/14/00)

Reviewer: Anja
well, I can't give a rating, cause I couldn't watch the long awaited sequel I'm from Germany and it's not so sure, whether the sequel will at all be shown in German TV Judging by your statement, it was not the Anne we all dreamed of, but it was still Anne in some way - I'd just love to see it and can't hardly wait till the Video comes out for sale, which will be sur eenough sooner than the broadcast in German TV. If someone has a copy and would copy it again and send it to me.., that would be a dream (not only on kindred spirits base, of course...) take care, Anja (04/13/00)

Reviewer: Vanessa
Rating: 2
While the acting was fine and I was very pleased to see many of the same actors in the miniseries, I was very disappointed in the story. I have been waiting for years for continuation of the Anne story, as they are my favorite books, and was delighted to hear that one was finally being made. But for all the effort of getting the same actors, why do a story nothing like the books? I was very displeased with the final product and I wish that Mr. Sullivan had stuck to the story. The only thing similar to the books were the names. (04/13/00)

Reviewer: Mags
Rating: 4.5
I watched this sequal with an open mind and I wasn't disapointed. I wasn't going to write my review until, or even voice an opinion until someone stated that "Gilbert and the rest of the men's uniforms are war uniforms from World War Two. Everyone says that I'm lying, but I basically major in history and they are the outfits the men wore during the second world war." I don't want to sound rude, or mean, but you are mistaken my dear, they are in fact WW1 uniforms. I too love history particulary 20th century wars, even my father has said that the mens uniforms are from WW1, I admit that Gilberts does look like the American Air Forces Officers uniform on WW2 but only by colour and hat(if even). If you still don't believe me, check this link out

Now for my review... I only discovered Anne a year and a half ago, but in that time I have aquired both Sullivan Versions of the movies, all 8 of the books (well I'm lying here, I got them in Grade 5, but remained on my shelf un-read and un-used), right now I'm reading for the first time Rainbow Valley, I have no idea why but I always read the second book, first book, last book, then the rest of the series, if the series is longer than 4 books, don't ask why, but I do, do that.

Akk off topic
-Some say Anne wasn't Anne-ish ~ people do change with time, take a look at your self are you the same you you were 8 years ago?? I don't think so, even I am constantly re-creating my self, new clothes, new personalitly, new hair cut, sometimes ever a new hair colour.
-It wasn't consistante with RtA ~ RtA started in 1903, the second Anne movie ended in 1910, hmm lets see it would be easier I find if you ignored the Anne plot line and started over from scratch, sticking to the books.

If you are an american who will see the new mini-series in July, if you go into it with an open mind you won't be disapointed, it was only those, with a few exceptions, who said that they would hate it because it had nothing to do with Anne's House Dreams, from the very beginning that were disapointed. (04/10/00)

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