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Reviewer: Tamara
Yeah, I totally agree with the majority of people here, Anne in "the continuing story" didn't have the same effect as all the other Anne movies. How can everyone be living in such a lovely place like Avonlea, and out of nowhere a war occurs and everyone seperates. It just doesn't seem right! Anne was an exciting, fun red haired girl, and I think I speak for lots of people here, we miss the old, real adventures of Anne. (04/10/00)

Reviewer: Melissa DeGolier
Rating: 4
I just watched the Anne movie. I really enjoyed seeing Anne and Gil together again. Yes, it was very different from the other movies, but to me it was still Anne. Just a very grown up Anne. It was also a movie set during the war and not the "Victorian" age. Some people say there was sexual tension between Anne and Fred. I just saw two good friends put together in a bad situation. I saw no sexual interest. I really liked the movie but in a different way than the other Anne movies. I hope they make another Anne movie. After all, at the end they said they were moving to Glen St. Mary and that is where LM Montgomery took them in the books. All in All, I thought it was great to see Anne again. Melissa (04/08/00)

Reviewer Becky
Rating 2
Date 4-3-00
Dear Readers/Reviewers:

I think that there is so much more depth to the books, it could possibly keep a mini-series going for quite a long time.

They should stick to the book. They do not need to re-write the books to make a movie. Make a different movie if you have to, call it something else, but when you make a movie of Anne of Green Gables, let it be about Anne of Green Gables! It needs no changing or embelishing. We fell in love with the books first. This is just another tragic love story that is not Anne of Green Gables.

Reviewer Amy
Rating 1.5
Date April 2nd
Well, to be honest, I was quite disappointed with Anne of Green Gables, the Continuing story.

After falling in love with the first two Anne movies, I found that the Continuing story lacked the beautiful scenes of Prince Edward Island, the "spunkiness" of Anne, the "wholesome" atmosphere, the music, and the presence of Matthew and Marilla (which I know that it couldn't be helped in the third movie).

I think that Kevin Sullivan should not have attempted the third movie, as like I said, was a great disappointment.

Reviewer Robyn
Rating 3
Date April 2 2000
When I watched it the first time, I was so busy complaining and growling about how different the Continuing Story was from the real books that I didn't absorb too much of it. The time period is all wrong, and the plot is terribly contrived. I was absolutely and utterly disgusted. I decided to watch the movie again and enjoy it as something completely unattached from the Anne books and the previous Anne movies. I found that, while the plot still seemed packed with action and seriously lacking in thought, the characters were quite enjoyable. Anne and Gilbert are well acted, and their relationship is wonderful to watch. If we could have seen this taking place on P.E.I. in the House of Dreams, the movie would have been excellent. I conluded that I liked the new movie, but thought that it had the potential to be much better.

Reviewer Chris
Rating 2
Date April 1st/00
Well I personally miss Anne's enthusiasm. It seems she
really had a positive outlook on every scrap she might have
found herself in. This was not the case in The Continuing Story.I would have enjoyed it more if it was centred around
her home instead of having her in so many other places.

Reviewer Sarah-Lynn
Rating 5
Date March 31, 2000
I loved the movie it was the best i ever saw!!! i was soo happy when i heard it was playing on TV and i loved ittt!!!!! I cant wait till it comes out in stores at the end of year2000!!! WOO HOO!

Reviewer -Jamie-
Rating 2
Date March 31, 2000
I personally hated Anne 3.
The first thing is, Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote nothing for it.
I think Sullivan shouldn't left the Anne story alone.
Of course Anne was this big war hero. I'm not saying anything bad about the Anne character, but she goes through SO much, when if she wans't even a nurse she'd never have been allowed into the battlefield.
Another thing is, Gilbert and the rest of the men's uniforms are war uniforms from World War Two.
Everyone says that I'm lying, but I basically major in history (even though i'm only in high school i take as many histories as I can) and they are the outfits the men wore during the second world war.
The plot was very, very pathetic. I mean, I could picture Keanu Reeves (think Speed) come in at any moment from the basically non stop action.
I found it SO dumb and I think Sullivan should've left the Anne sequel the way it was. If it was good enough for LMM, then it should be good enough for Sullivan

Reviewer Lise
Rating 2
Date March 29/00
I was disappointed. I have not watched the first two Anne films for a long time, but I don't remember either of them being as choppy as the third. Nor had the plot ever seemed so forced! Aside from some moving moments, I didn't feel that I was drawn into the story. And what did they do to Diana?!
From my point of view, the one major problem with "The Continuing Story" is that Sullivan was too ambitious...this movie is basically an attempt to combine all of the leftover Anne books into one concluding story, starting with Anne's House of Dreams all the way to Rilla of Ingleside. I could find something from every book that was thrown into this movie - Anne as a bride, as a friend, as a mother, the heorism of World War I, etc. This might have worked, but sadly the script was too rushed and as a result the movie was a frenzy of nothing.
However, getting re-acquainted with the characters and cast was worth watching the movie alone. After that, I went back and reread every one of the Anne books!

Reviewer Idle Wild
Rating 0
Date 3/26/00
I just would like to say that I hated this movie. I miss Anne and Gil and would like to see Sullivan do them in there House O'Dreams sitting next to there driftwood fire.

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