Anne 3 Review Book

Reviewer Elena
Rating 3.5
Date March 24/00
I knew before seeing this movie that it would be different, so I prepared myself for dissapointment before I saw it. But after I saw it, I was very surprised how much it moved me. Generally I hate remakes or un-complimentary sequals, but I was able to accept this one without looking at the first two, partly because it was so diferent. I loved seeing the old cast again, and I think that Megan Follows really saved this one for me. She was able to stay Anne-ish, but with a diferent tiwst. I personally don't think LMM would be extremely thrilled about what's been done to her Anne, but as a movie I don't think it was too bad. Some moments were just beautiful.

Reviewer Rebecca Brister
Rating 1
Date 3/24/00
I haven't seen this movie but I don't anticipate it. Think about it people, Anne's sons went to war not Gilbert. I'lll watch it because I'm a major fan of Jonathan Crombie (Gil), but I probably won't watch it everyday. When does it come out on video? Email me back anybody, if you know.

Reviewer Mel
Email qc598
Rating 5
Date 24/03/00
This movie was amazing, I personally loved it no matter how it differed from the movie. The acting was wonderful. THe script and story were magnificant. I developed strong opinions towards the characters, very few films make you feel involved with the story and characters but this one did. It tied up the loose ends with Gil and Anne. This movie rocked!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer Glenda Roache
Rating 1
Date March 24, 2000
As an avid L.M. Montgomery fan, I have always loved the Anne books in particular. The first Anne of Green Gables was very well done, as was the second, once you accept the "poetic license" taken with the story lines. However, Anne of Green Gables: the Continuing Story strayed too far. First, there was too large of a time jump, going from corsets and bouffant hairstyles to almost a flapper look. I absolutely hated what they did to Diana Barry Wright, turning her into a virtual snob. Indeed, according to Montgomery's books, it was Anne's sons who went to war, not Gilbert, with one of them never to return. It was Anne's daughter, 'Rilla who ended up taking in an orphan baby, and none of these women would have presumed to hop a ship and head overseas to search for their husbands, sons, or anyone else in the middle of a war. Anne and Gilbert NEVER lived in New York, indeed they would never have considered such a thing.

Perhaps what I disliked the most about this one was the fact that by moving the time period forward, the characters and the story lost the innocence of the originals, the innocence and joy we all loved about the time, the stories and the characters.

To Sullivan Entertainment: Badly done!! The only hope that now remains is that the ending would be a perfect beginning to an Anne of Green Gables series, carrying on in Glen St. Margaret which was the original setting of the early days of Anne and Gilbert marriage (Anne's House of Dreams). Think about it.

Date 24.03.00
I would like to thank you for your site.
Can you help me when can i buy Anne3 in video ? I'm from france and i can't have news about it .Please tell me I'm desperate to know this sequel!!!!!!!

Reviewer Jennifer
Rating Undecided
Date March 23, 2000
I have spent some time reviewing the comments posted on this site and have enjoyed reading the opinions of others. When the movie aired on CBC, I prepared myself to be unfamiliar with the plot. According to what was previously reported through the media, I made a point of viewing the movie objectively. After watching the movie only once, I anticipate watching it again. The movie did move quickly and I strongly believe that if I was to watch the movie again, I would begin to feel more familiar with the story and gain the same personal attachment I have with Anne of Green Gables and The Sequel. In retrospect, I remember watching The Sequel several times before I really "knew" the story. At the time of its release, It's a Wonderful Life was viewed critically. Today, people may conclude that the audience of that day was not ready for this "classic". Therefore, I strongly encourage those viewers who did not enjoy the movie to watch it again. When the opportunity presents itself, I plan to make myself more familiar with the new direction Kevin Sullivan has taken Montgomery's most popular character. Remember, we have had ten years to "know" Anne but less than one month to understand The Continuing Story. I enjoy Kevin Sullivan's productions and look forward to seeing more of his work in the future.

Reviewer Jessica C
Rating 4
Date March 22, 2000
The movie was good but the only problem was that most of it was not in the books. World War I according to the books, is when Anne's children were all grown up.

Reviewer Jade
Rating 2
Date 03/22/2000
I am an American who was THRILLED to be lent a copy of the Anne tapes. I was in such anticipation of the third story - and had been hoping for it ever since I saw the end of the second one in 1987.

However, I was disappointed in Anne - The Continuing Story. I absolutely LOVED the first two Anne movies. I have them on tape - have watched them over and over - and would replace the tapes I have in a heartbeat if anything ever happened to them. But the third move strayed so far from the original Anne story that I have absolutely no desire to own it or to see it again. I watched it with a bunch of friends of mine - and we all agreed that we would have enjoyed it so much more if it had stuck to the original stories in LM Montgomery's books. I would have much rather seen Anne and Gilbert get married, have children, and have further adventures in Prince Edward Island. Maybe that's old fashioned - and not in step with current movie trends, but I really think that's what Anne fans love about the story. That it goes back to a simpler place and time.

I did - however - very much enjoy seeing the original cast again. It just was not what I was expecting.

Reviewer AnneCordelia
Rating 5
Date 3/22/00
I adored the movie! It was so good! It was great to see Megan and Jon again. Jack was an interesting character in the movie, he added depth to the movie.
Dominic was adorable!

Anne was an adult in this movie and Megan did a wonderful job protraying that. She still that same spirit and personality that I loved about her.

The movie was just wonderful over all!

Reviewer Russell Hugo
Rating 0
Date 3/21/00
Every review I have read has been mostly based on the comparison of it with the other two films. I agree with all of them that state "No comparison".
It is a terrible movie.
And I will avoid comparing it as much as possible. Lets look at it as a seperate film.

A: The Dialogue.
Incoherent. Bland. Did nothing but carry the characters from scene to scene. You can watch it on fast forward and fill in the blanks your self to what they are saying. You won't miss much. No more verbatim... too bad. It was tolerable for a fan of "Thompson Twins" lyrics. But translated on to the screen.

B: The Directing.
Sorry but I have to compare it with the other two. First, look at the camera\camera work. STALE... The entire feel of the film feels like a kids science show made for PBS in 1993. That overly contrasted and bright camera that they use for bad made for TV movies is another thing. Note the great timing of the first film especially: The sweeping pans of scenery, smooth fades taking their time but timed so well.
On to the...

C: Editing

Choppy... Imposible to follow. It was similar to a Sylvester McCoy episode of Docter Who with all the scenes cut midway. Problem: Anne is about to die. Solution presents itself in 5..4..3..2..1.. (Repeat every 10 minutes). But remember to give no more than 5! again 5! seconds to establish the shot. And FADE! Cut! next shot of train! Fade to Explosion! blood. mom. baby. guy. hospital. FADE! NEW YORK! room. bomb. CUT. COMMERCIAL. and repeat.

D: Plot: Now that I bring it up... it is alot like how Doctor Who plays out. The only difference is that they had YEARS of episodes to establish characters and scenarios. The real fun thing is, if we meet any new people in this movie. AND they say more than ONE LINE then they are sure to re-appear right after the writer thinks you have forgot them. This is what some call FUN and excitement. Toss in a little Macguyver luck... Diamonds in a nun suit. and genius, "A Giant Cannon" from a stove.
And so the PLOT progresses with scene after scene of boring dialogue, empty characters, pointless shots.
It was sickening to watch. An absolute disgrace. Because I couldn't stop thinking about how good the other two were. As every one before has probably said, It's the way the pace of the old thought,life, and speech are presented in the first two that make it a cult classic. It is one of the last true beautiful works(translations) of popular art(media).

E: Point
If I wanted plot twists, I would watch Twin Peaks.
I believe it was an insult to LM Montgomery for Mr. Sullivan to think that his company could write a new story without taking the time to do it proper.
For example, if you watch the pilot of Twin Peaks and the last episode you will see no or minor contridictions. But a completely different plot focus. Like a common soap opera the plot is on several levels. But unlike one, are all connected in completely different ways. Infinite character developement but written so that it works. The end of "Anne of Avonlea" is epic. I have rambled on way to much and I apologize if this is incoherent.

Anne 3 has less to offer than an "Iron Eagle 4" and "Disturbing Behavior".

But I still throw my hat in the ring with Sullivan for the first two films.

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