Anne 3 Review Book

Reviewer American Fan Who Loves Anne
Rating 5
Date March 17,2000
I am probably one of the few Americans to see Anne 3 (I took vacation to Canada just to see it. I couldn't wait for PBS), but I kind of picked up that Avonlea has officially joined Carmody. If you remember in the last season of Road to Avonlea, there was a big fuss over Avonlea joining Carmody. In Anne 3 I believe this union has occured. Recall when Anne and Gilbert saw Josie and Moody. Anne mentioned how good it was to see people her age in Avonlea and Moody states something about Carmody becoming a real booming town.

Reviewer Kay
Date 03-16-00
Hi fellow Anne of Green Gables fans! I am a huge fan of the Anne of Green Gables series. Unfortunately, I was not able to watch the 3rd series because I live in the United States. If there's anyone out there who taped the 3rd series, let me know. And if it's possible, please send me a copy. I'm willing to pay for shipping and the video itself. PLEASE LET ME KNOW if anyone is willing to sell a copy. Thanks!

Reviewer bev
Rating ?
Date 3/16/2000
Hello! I'm a devoted fan and I wasn't able to see the continuing story because I live in the U.S. Is there anybody out there who could PLEASE SEND me a copy of it, and I would be happy to pay for postage and handling and such, and for the actual video. thanks!
(please reply to sender)

Reviewer Tiffany
Date 03-16-00
Well I have not seen the movie yet and even after reading the negative remarks I am exsited to see it in July. I have been reading the reviews and my heart is breaking at some of the things people are saying. Anne and Gil's love was never apperant exsept for in the last 5 seconds of the last movie.
That is so not true. THeir love for eachother is not stated nor shown by kisses and hugs but you can see it there from the time he pulled her hair. THese are some of the scenes that love shown bright in.

1. The scene where the class is on a picnic and Anne looks at Dianna and dianna lookes at Anne and then Gill gives the most heart renching look at Anne.

2. The scene at the hotel when Anne gives the Highwayman and Gill stands up and aplauses her. The look in his eyes makes you want to hug him. also in that scene when Anne is having problems with her courage and she sees Gil and Jocie Pie sitting next to eachother you know it's pride and a touch of wanting to show her up in front of Gil that gets Anne started.

3. Does no one remember the scene at the end of the first movie when Gil gives up the school for her. the way they looked at eachother made the start of the second movie a disapointment because you had your hopes up that they would grow on those feeling more openly.

4. Almost the entire second movie was about Anne finding that what she really loved and cherished where the things dear to her in Avonlea including Gil. It took sickness and almost death to get her to figure it out. The hugging and kissing in the new movie should be nice but all it is is a public show of the affection that has always been there.

Reviewer KV
Rating 5
Date Mar. 15/00
I 100% love Anne3 mainly because I have waited so long to see the talented actors and actress. It shows Anne and Gilbert. I had no expectations for this and I give it "the best movie ever". Bye!

Reviewer Anne with an e
Date March 14, 2000
Matthew....Hawkprez at Anne3 said Patricia Hamilton was at Stratford or Shaw and she only had one day to give to the production. He said Sullivan wanted more of Rachel. I can no longer find his post that said this, the posts there disappear. I guess the forum gets too full. Anyway, he claims to work for Kevin Sullivan and have the inside scoop. I never read any comments that Patricia Hamilton made about Anne3. I did not know it was filmed at the same time as Happy Christmas....they sure took their time releasing Anne3.Didn't Happy Christmas come out quite some time ago? The reason I thought Anne saw Rachel at the Chalottetown post office was because Anne's student tells her there is some mail for her in Charlottetown and it looks like Anne just came from the post office when she sees her. Also, Anne's student (who looks about 21) calls her Miss Shirley..strange.

Reviewer Matthew
Rating 1
Date March 13, 2000
To Anne with an e, Patricia Hamilton performs at the Shaw Festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake and has for the past four years--not Stratford. Secondly, Anne3 was filmed around the same time as Happy Christmas Mrs. King in which Rachel Lynde is featured much more. Ms. Hamilton spend a number of weeks commuting to and from Toronto during that filming. Her comment last spring was she was only scheduled for a day's worth of work on Anne3 because Kevin Sullivan didn't want to focus on Avonlea but rather on the war.
Sullivan would have been wiser to feature Rachel a little more than a simple happen chance meeting on the street in Carmody (Charlottetown is a train ride and I can't see either Anne or Rachel taking the train to get the mail). The other real inconsistency with this film come to think of it was that Avonlea residents always got their mail at the General Store. But in this movie they have to travel into Carmody. Why? There are so many whys with this lousy film...

Reviewer Miranda Stanley
Rating 4
Date March 13, 2000
I would just like to say that I enjoyed the third installement of Anne of Green Gabels. The only problem that I had with the whole movie is that it didn't show enough of Ms. Montgomery's influences. We have been waiting for this movie since the end of the sequal, and I think that they didn't handle the wedding very well. I mean, come on, we knew that they were going to get married, but they could have spent a little more time on it. Thank your time.

Reviewer Elva Paraone
Rating 7
Date 14/3/2000
Loved the movie. Seeing all the main actors, Anne. Gil & Diana, eye catching costumes, lovely homes, music, so exciting.

Reviewer Salma & Sarah
Rating 3
Date March 13, 2000
We would just like to say that the "Continuing Story" could have been a lot better. Kevin Sullivan didn't have the same approach to the other Anne movies as Lucy Maud Montgomery did when writing it. There were many changes in her characters profile.
Firstly, Anne didn't have the same girly off-topic gibberish kind of chatter she did before. It was too much of a drastic change from her character in the other Anne movies.
Secondly, Anne shouldn't have had a little side romance with Jack Garrison, it seemed out of context. The true Anne would never cheat behind Gilbert's back after all they've been through together.
Third, we found it odd that there were more scenes about New York than there were of Green Gables. However, we do understand that Anne and Gil have grown up and need to move on with their lives, but there should have been more to it. It just ain't the same!
Lastly, we found the story to be more of a detective novel than a story of self realization. There wasn't much journey into herself as there was about the war and trying to figure out what's going on in the story and how to get out of the country.
The one thing that actually did enjoy was the fact that Gilbert's character had not changed, but the movie should have included him more. And the idea of having Anne and Gilbert adopt a child (just like when Anne was adopted) made a cute little connection to the other movies. Also, the connection of when Anne goes to the station to pick up Dominic just as the way Matthew goes to the station to pick up Anne. It was just too cute!
Overall the movie was (sorry to say) not up to our expectations. We know many of you don't wanna hear that, but sorry it's the truth! But watch it for yourself and maybe you'll feel differently.