Anne 3 Review Book

Reviewer Viola
Rating 4
Date March 13, 2000
Anne 3 was actually not too bad. In terms of the storyline, it cannot be denied that it was offtrack, but after a careful read of all of the Anne books would indicate that some of the details in this latest movie were not far off. For instance, this movie had many similarities to Rilla of Ingleside in the sense that the backdrop of the story is WWI. Gilbert actually had a lot in common with Walter because he was given the white feather business, and he was also pressured into conscripting. Anne in the movie, I felt, would have been quite true to LMM's Anne if LMM had set all of the Anne books by two decades. The book-Anne, as we all know, is ambitious and courageous; her twins Nan and Di were also ambitious young women who wanted to sign up as a VAD during the war, and they were only prevented from doing so because all of their brothers had gone to fight on the war front. Thus, that the movie-Anne would become a VAD was not in the least out-of-character.

Dominic, I suppose, replaced the war baby, Jims, that Rilla takes care of in the novel. Dominic, of course, leads to his father, Jack Garrison.

The addition of Jack Garrison was perhaps the biggest flaw in the movie. I disliked the fact that the movie over-emphasized USA's involvement in the first world war. In fact, Canada played a much larger and more important role in WWI, both on and off the battlefields, than the states. The latter joined only near the end of the war. In the movie, the script misleads people into thinking that the states brought about the end of WWI, which is not historically accurate.

I must also comment on Anne and Gilbert's wedding. Yes, it was short, but let us not forget that Lucy Maud Montgomery never intended to write a romance novel out of Anne and Gilbert. LMM did make sure that her readers knew the sort of unrequited love the to protagonists felt for each other, but it was certainly not the only focus in her Anne books. Even in Anne's House of Dreams, the actual wedding ceremony is short- it is the rest of the novel that establishes the strength of Anne and Gilbert's love.

Reviewer W. Ian Walker
Rating 4
Date March 12, 2000
Dear Fellow "Anne" Lovers:

In reference to other comments on the "Anne 3," I enjoyed the deeper character/plot development about Anne and Gilbert's devotion and careers on and off PEI. The efforts to capture WW 1, were outstanding and being a history buff on Canadian events during this time period, I was extremely intrigued by the third film.

Having read "Anne's House of Dream's" many years ago, I was rather dissapointed in Anne and Gilbert's wedding, which I felt was rather rushed and not as important and meaningful as it is in the novel. I have not read the later books about "Rilla" and would very much like to see a new film about the "Blythe Family" as Anne and Gilbert raise their family and grow old gracefuly!! Bravo once again to SULLIVAN FILMS!!

Reviewer Audrey
Rating 3
Date March 11, 2000
I loved Laura's comment below on picturing the movie as though Anne were dreaming it all. I was thinking that too, and how perhaps Sullivan could correct his past mistakes by titling Anne 3 "The Continuing Story -Anne's Romantically Frightening Dream", and then producing another movie titled "The TRUE Continuing Story". A story of Anne and Gil raising a family at Green Gables..... sigh....

Reviewer Laura
Rating 3
Date March 10/00
For all you LMM fans who are upset with the changes made to Anne's life in the new movie...Think of the movie in this way: Anne is happily married to Gilbert and living Glen St. Mary with her six kids and Susan Baker, et al. She has just sent her sons off to war when she falls into a deep sleep and dreams about what might have happened had she and Gilbert been married as the beginning of the Great War. And so the Continuing Story begins...

Reviewer Pearl
Rating 5
Date March 11, 2000
I love all of "Anne" movies. Each one has its own flavour that protraits the different stage of Anne (and with Gilbert). Compared to the first 2 moviies, Actors in Anne3, who were also in Anne1&2, are with much-mature-acting skill.
I am waiting for DVD version and hope it would have "behind the sceen" or/and "actors interview"(something like that).

Reviewer Sara
Rating 3
Date March 10,2000
I adored Anne of Green Gables. I thought the first two movies were excellent and charming, and I could always imagine the story in my head after the movies were finished. After watching Anne3 I was horrified. Waiting forever for the movie to finally come out on tv, and my dream was shattered. It took me three days to get over the disappointment of my beloved Anne not having a beautiful wedding with Gilbert. All of the characters that I loved were either dead or in the movie for only a few seconds.
The part that I really hated was that Anne was not herself. She wasn't dreamly and caring and anneish like she usually is.
Diana was obnoxious and Fred was comming on to Anne, Diana would have been crushed. In the third movie when Anne sees Rachel, Rachel mentions Davy, but Davy was never mentioned in the other movies so how were we supposed to know who he was without reading the LMM books.

The movie had no plot and it went by to quickly. I think that Sullivan should do it over again with a few pointers from the Anne fans.

I do love however, Anne and Gilbert together again. He has become so hansom. But I think that they should have kept Green Gables for themselves.

Reviewer Michelle
Rating 5
Date March 10, 2000
Most of the reviews I read have been negative and I disagree with them. I have read the books and I liked the story in "The Continuing Story" better than in the books. I thought it was more interesting. I agree with the fact that this movie didn't have the same light hearted, innocent and fun quality about it like in the other movies but i still enjoyed it immensely! I thought it was cool to see Gilbert and Anne hugging and kissing,etc. it finally showed how much they are in love. I liked the character of Jack Garrison. Even though I'm glad Anne and Gilbert ended up together, I found myself at times almost wanting Anne to marry Jack! Even though I was very sad and cried, I believe it was good Jack died. If he hadn't things would be really awkward for Gil, Anne, and Jack. Also, Anne would never have gotten Dominic and I htink that was my most favorite part of the movie! It was such a happy and cute moment and it made cry! Like other people have said I would really enjoy a fourth movie, I thought the ending was more incomplete than the ending of "Anne of Avonlea".

Reviewer Edwin Carpenter
Rating 5 (5 being excellent)
Date 3-10-2000
I live in Michigan and have enjoyed the previous installments of "Anne." I rate this one right up there with the first two. They gave us a more "adult" story with the war and the drama in this one. Anne and Gilbert are no longer kids. The acting, music, and story are gripping in my opinion. Megan Follows was always a great actress and still is and I noticed how Jonathan Crombie seems to have increased incredibly in his acting ability. Favorite scenes: When Anne finds Gil finally, when Dominic arrives in Green Gables, and the wedding reception and train scene when Gilbert leaves. Also, when Anne first re-enters the house Gilbert bought for her. The memories are great! Watch this one. I only know the stories from the first couple of books but Lucy Maude Montgomery, in my opinion, would be pleased with what Mr. Sullivan has achieved. Bravo!

Reviewer Anne with an e
Date March 9, 2000
Hello everyone. I just wanted to put my two cents in about a couple of things that I want to say after reading all the stuff on several message boards and forums.

1. Patricia Hamilton had such a quick scene as Rachel Lynde because she was busy performing in Stratford. Apparently Sullivan wanted her to do more. I got the feeling when Anne ran into her after the post office(which I believe was in Charlottetown) that this was not the first time she had seen her. Rachel seemed to be only surprised she hadn't seen Anne in a long time. Time has certainly passed since the much rushed wedding.

2. I never thought there was anything untoward in Anne and Fred's relationship. This is the husband of her bosom friend and he obviously needed caring for after what he has been through. They bonded during this trying time.

3. The diamonds were in the nun's habit that she got form the locker.

4. Mr. and Mrs. Blythe did not remain at Green Gables in their adult life, so it makes sense that they leave it behind to go to Glen St. Mary......hopefully, Sullivan WILL make a film about this time!

5. I think Anne had alcohol and Gil a cigarette simply to relive their stress.... I imagine I would do the same and I don't drink or smoke!

6. While Dominic may not remember Anne exactly, I am sure he would have had a safe feeling with her and felt he could trust her..She was with him for a long time. I think I saw him get bigger.

There is more to say, but I will stop now. Thank you for indulging me.

By the way this does not mean I LOVED the movie, but I liked it more than some people that is for sure!

Reviewer Kristen N.
Rating 3
Date March 9, 2000
I admit I was disappointed with The Continuing Story. It was too much change to handle all at once. Anne and Gil's relationship was not the same as it used to be. Before, we waited through two Anne films- 7 hours just to see that one sweet kiss in the end... and the was just as good as the kiss- you can see Gil's happiness of simply having Anne in his arms. But in Anne 3 they're always in each others arms, and it no longer seems like such a big deal. Another thing that I missed (along with the beautiful PEI landscapes), was the light-hearted "Anne" theme music- you know... the soft instrumental pieces... and the old victorian costumes- they were much more "romantic" than the rigid suits the characters wear in Anne 3.

But despite all the faults, I think we all have to admit it was at least worth watching. We've only anticipated its release for how many months now? And although most reviews have been negative, I think we can all ALSO admit that we'd be sure to watch an "Anne 4" in a heartbeat.