Anne 3 Review Book

Reviewer Sheri
Rating 3
Date March 7, 2000
I am still a little bit undecided on this one. However, I did enjoy the 2nd part more, despite the lack of GIL! This may be because I had a chance to sleep after the impact of the first night. It was a little bit surreal seeing these characters not looking or sounding like they did before. I really enjoyed the romance between Anne and Gil. I loved the way he looks at her! I though Diana was great. It didn't surprise me that she turned into a bit of a snobby lady. I widh they hadn't bothered with all the New York wasn't the least bit needed and it took away from our much needed time in Avonlea. And of course..the wedding should have been longer..with long flowery vows spoken between them. I am sorry to read so many bad reviews out there. I am sure the people involved would be very dissapointed with the fact that there seem to be so many people that HATE the movie...(see Forums!) Of course, this could be in part because the very disapointed people are expressing themselves more than those of us who are somewhere in the middle. I AM glad it was made and I do hope they make another one sooner than 12 years from now!

Reviewer Sianne
Rating 2.5
Date March 7, 2000
As a long time Anne of Green Gables fan I was somewhat disappointed in this movie. If I had been watching it without having ever read the Anne books, it may have been more convincing. It was a good story, but absolutely and completely untrue to the nature of the books and the character given to Anne by L.M. Montgomery. I am sure she would have "rolled over in her grave" if she saw what had happened to her stories. I have the feeling that Kevin Sullivan wrote the screenplay so that this "wartime" storyline would appeal to more audiences but in a way this is selling out the true genuineness and appeal of the rest of the Anne books. Having read the entire series numerous times there are many enchanting stories that he could have drawn on for this movie. My husband thought the first movie was great, the second one not so bad, but he thought this one was very boring. An excellent story could have been written that would have captured the true essence of her books, for instance the characters of Anne's children would have made an excellent background for a movie about Anne and Gilbert. For any of you who watched "Road to Avonlea" might remember the episode where Marilla dies. In that episode Gilbert comes back to Avonlea for her funeral saying that "Anne is nursing the little ones who are at home with the fever". Seeing as this was quite a few years ago already this movie doesn't follow chronologically. I guess Kevin Sullivan was hoping that people might forget.

Reviewer anonymous
I have a soft spot for rogues with depth (Rhett Butler being a case in point) so forgive me but I adored Jack. In fact, I thought the actor who played him had the meatiest role.

As for part 3 itself, it was incredibly horrendous.

It made no sense. The story - what the characters were doing, the contrived plot twists - it was melodrama that would have mortified even Lucy Montgomery. It was Harlequin crap. AND, it was inconsistent with what we were told in the Avonlea series.

And, yet, I'll be watching it over and over again because I love that rogue, Jack.

Reviewer Heather
Rating 0
Date mar072000
Absolutely horrible! I'm glad L.M. Montgomery was not around to see this! Was Anne lost in a time machine and we flew ahead in time 25 years? According to L.M. Montgomery's books, the First World War did not take place until Anne and Gilbert's youngest daughter, Rilla, was a teenager. They have totally missed the charm of Miss Montgomery's Anne books. This movie should have a different title, because it definitely was not Anne, and please do not say it was based on any of L.M. Montgomery's books because she never would have written anything so ridiculous. I have read and reread all of her books many times over the past 25 years, and I could find nothing in this movie that even remotely resembled the characters or plots of Anne of Windy Poplars, Anne's House of Dreams, Anne of Ingleside, Rainbow Valley, or Rilla of Ingleside. I am willing to concede that they did a great job on the first Anne of Green Gables intallment (definitely a 5 out of 5), and I could forgive them for the liberties which they took in the second installment (3.5 out of 5), but I could find nothing of L.M. Montgomery's beloved books in this movie. Go back to the drawing board and do it again! My condolences to the actors who were saddled with such a horrible project. Given such a ridiculous script, costumes, and direction, you all, once again, did a great job, and I look forward to seeing you perform in something much more worthy of your many talents.

Reviewer Kezia Johnson
Rating 4 and a half
Date March 7/00
I loved this movie. It touched me very much. I just love how hot Jonathan Crombie is. He was amazing in the new movie and in all the rest of the Anne movies. I hope you all enjoyed it. E-mail me if you would like to chat about it or anything.

Reviewer Nadine
Rating 3.5
Date March 7, 2000
I just finished wathing Anne 3. Don't Get me wrong, I loved it but I didn't find it very Anne like. Every once and a while you could catch a glipse of the old whimsical Anne but for the most part it was a little too dark for me. Gilbert wasn't in it enough and neither was Green Gables. I was a little disappointed with the ending as well. Anne and Gilbert should have stayed at Green Gables. I mean the rest of the film didn't stay with Lucy Maude Montgomery's books so why start at the end. I will still add these movies to my collection when they come out on video and watch them forever but I will probably watch the others more often. The storyline was good for the most part and I am so happy that Anne and Gil are together forever at last.

Reviewer Amanda
Rating 5
Date March 7, 2000
I thought Anne 3 was wonderful. I loved how Anne and Gilbert's relationship took a new depth. Also I was really excited about the prospect of Anne going to war because I wanted to see how she would react. At first I was disappointed with the way she was when she went to war but then I realized that she reacted in an Anne-like manner. She kept her faith and she didn't give up.
I also found throughout the movie we got an even better look at the kind of doctor Gilbert would be. When he was in New York we all new that Gilbert would always have the patients best interest in mind.
In Anne 2 I really disliked Morgan Harris because all I could think about was if Anne fell for him, Gilbert would be out of the picture. I felt the same way towards Jack Garrison but as the movie progressed I began to like him more.
I have to agree that the movie was slightly rushed but I think they did a pretty good job for a four hour movie.
I was disapointed with Diana at the beginning of the movie because of the way she seemed to care little of her children but when Fred went to war I think it helped her put things into perspective.
I think Anne has to remember that when she was a little girl she would have thought it would be romantic to be a war bride and in Anne 2 didn't she say she thought it would be nice to be a nun, but she didn't think she could qualify for that type of job!!!!

Reviewer Ruby
Rating 4.0
Date March 07, 2000
Well, I liked it...but I didn't LOVE it.If Anne 1+2 were 5 out of 5 then Anne 3 gets 4 out of 5. There were many plot inconsistancies and unbelievable stuff but what I liked was the characterizations in this film; Anne is still impetuous and rash in her actions...she is trying to grow up and be responsible but she still isn't afraid of taking risks and facing challenges. She is still very much OUR Anne in this movie. Gil, is shown in much more depth in this film; he has conflicts and decisions to make as an Adult. But he, like Anne, is still OUR Gil- charming and intelligent and has integrity- no wonder Anne loves him so! I also thought Diana was COMPLETELY in character in this film- she always said that one day if she were rich she would have jewels and clothes and a driver (see Anne the Sequel) and she did exactly what she said she would do with Aunt Josephine's inheritance. I thought it was interesting though how her money did not get in the way of her love for Anne (shows that Despite her new elevated status, she is still a kindred spirit and a true bosom friend to Anne). I also loved the characterization of Fred Wright- we never got to know him in the last film so it was interesting to get some insight into his character. I also liked how the ANNE-GIL relationship was juxtaposed with Diana/Fred's problems.
I, unlike many others, thought that Jack Garrison was just like Morgan Harris in Anne 2. He was a rich, arrogant guy who has a kid (that Anne loves) and tries to get between Anne and real originality in that character so I cant comment to much about him.
By far the best part of the film though, was the Anne/Gil moments! After 12 years of waiting, we saw them finally as a married couple- happy and together forever! (Loved all the smoochies!) That relationship development and the characterizations were, in my opinion, worth seeing and made the unrealistic elements of the film more forgivable. ANNE AND GILBERT FOREVER! :)
Who wants to see ANNE 4: THE married years!! :) I'm there!

Reviewer Amy Burtch
Rating 2.5
Date March 7, 2000
Anything to do with Anne of Green Gables will of course be something I want to watch. but I was disappointed by the complex war storyline and more disappointed by the fact that hard core fans such as myself waited months and months to see life for Anne and Gilbert to be blissful and it was just more conflict. I don't understand why Sullivan entertainment couldnt' have made a movie about Anne and Gilbert and their lives according to Montgomery's books. Any dedicated fan to the series would watch anything - I felt it was a good show but had so much more potential

Reviewer Christina
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Rating 5
Date March 7
I think that this was the best Anne of Green Gables yet. It was more growen up than the others and dealt with a real issue. I don't think that those that lived through WW1 would have agreed but I think that it was great.