To Megan: If you are reading this, I now know that these
are fraudulent letters. Isn't it terribly sad that people find
the need to masquerade as famous actors and get up the
hopes of innocent fans? I was very excited when I thought
you had signed my guestbook. I felt so honored. But then
I was crushed when I found out, months later, that it was
all a big hoax. Please write me or sign my guestbook (that
way you won't have to leave me your email address) and
let me know that you've seen these letters. I'd love to hear
your thoughts on the matter, if you have the time. Also, so
I know it's really you this time (isn't it so sad that I need to
ask you to prove yourself to me because some people just
take such joy in being deceitful?) please just say who told
you about these letters. Thank you. . . . . . . Yours, Dawn
PS: Feel free to visit the rest of my site!

Letter from Megan

Megan signed my guestbook:

Name: Megan Follows
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Favorite Parts: I loved them all!
Comments: Hi,
    I had heard of this site for sometime and how well put together it was. I meant to drop by and but just finally got around to it. It's very nice!
    It's still amazing to me how much folks still like the series and how it's grown since the 80's.
    Anyhow, I'm very happy everyone likes it as much as they do. I'm sure you'll like the new series just as much or more!
    Best from
    Meg Follows

This was so unbelievable to me, that I had to write her back:

    You wouldn't happen to be THE Megan Follows from the movie? I'm inclined to think not--I mean, you're a busy person, and I'm just a person with a webpage--someone who has too much time on her hands (at least during the summer when I update the page). But wow! if it is you, I am SOOOO honored that you visited and signed my guestbook. I can barely contain my happiness!
    Do you mind if I ask you some questions?? Basically, I was just wondering what you liked best about the new movie and, if anything, what you didn't particularly like. Also, I'd like to know what it is like working with Jonathan Crombie (I get more questions emailed to me about this and how to contact him than anything!).
    Well, like I said, I know you're busy, so if you can't answer the questions, I wouldn't mind. Though, would you please respond so I can gloat (big smile) about your visiting my website?? :)
    Thanks ever so much!

Megan wrote back to me!

Hi Dawn,
    Thanks so much for the nice note. I'm very happy that you've gotten something from some of the work I've done. I can't really ask for much more. I did sign the guestbook as well. I didn't think that it would result in the many emails I've gotten though!! Oh well.
    I really can't say what single part of the film I like the most. The whole production and being able to work with Sullivan again was an overall treat comparing the experience to when I was younger. I'll have to let you see it and not give anything away!
    Thanks again for the nice email.
    Best wishes,

I wrote to her again:

Dear Meg,
    If you want, I can take your email address off the guestbook so you don't continue to get flooded with email from people. Just let me know.
    PS: By the way, have I told you how honored I am that you visited my site? :)

And she wrote back again:

Hey Dawn,
    Yeah, it's probably a good idea that you take my email off there. I wasn't using my noggin when I did that! I thought I might get a couple from folks which might be nice. I've never really done this before, but wow... It's really flattering- I can't believe how many.
    Thanks again. You're very sweet. :)
    Best from Meg

Out of courtesy to Megan, I have deleted her email address. Please, do not write me to ask for it. Thank you.

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